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Best facial epilator 2023: For a smooth, fuzz-free visage

Banish even the tiniest of hairs on your face for weeks at a time with the best facial epilators on the market

An often overlooked device when it comes to hair removal, an epilator extracts each hair right from the root with minimum pain. And when it comes to DIY hair removal, an epilator should be top of your list. Yes, shaving is cheap and pain-free, but it requires frequent maintenance, while waxing at home is not only fiddly, it’s painful, too. An epilator may seem an expensive purchase initially, but it will easily prove its worth in the long term, proving more cost-effective than wax appointments at regular intervals.

And the best thing about epilators? They’re kind to even the most sensitive of skins. Although the process of hair removal might be similar to waxing, in that hair is being pulled out from its root, epilation doesn’t pull on the skin, meaning there’s no irritation, rash or burning sensation. What’s more, an epilator can grab even the smallest of hairs (we’re talking the size of a grain of sand), so you don’t need to wait for hair to reach an optimum length before removing it. Ah, the convenience.

Below, we’ve put a range of facial epilators through their paces to bring you our favourites. From an all-singing, multipurpose epilator built for self-care evenings to a precision hair remover perfect for on-the-go use, we’ve got you covered. But first, read on to discover a bit more about epilation and how to pick the perfect epilator for your needs.

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Best facial epilator 2023: At a glance

How to choose the best facial epilator for you

What are the benefits of epilating?

There are plenty of benefits of choosing epilation as your go-to method of hair removal, the main one being that it’s a godsend for sensitive skin. A good face epilator is designed to pull only the hair, not the skin, resulting in minimal irritation. The recommendation is to epilate in the bath, or just afterwards, to ensure the pores are open for easier hair removal.

In addition, an epilator expertly grabs even the shortest of hairs – those that a standard wax may miss. In fact, Braun’s FaceSpa Pro 911 can catch hair as small as a grain of sand (0.5mm) – no more in-between days or waiting around for the hair to grow before you can get to work.

Removing hair with an epilator ensures your hair regrowth is less noticeable, too, since hair grows back with softer, narrower tips as opposed to hairs cut by a razor that tend to be blunt and more visible. The result? Silky, hair-free skin that you won’t be able to stop touching.

Will using a facial epilator hurt?

There is a little bit of pain when using an epilating device. Having said that, many users say that, with time, they can’t feel a thing. It’s also less painful than traditional waxing; but it’s normal to feel some discomfort initially, since the device grips and pulls hairs from the root. Pain usually becomes more manageable with every use.

What features should I look for in a good facial epilator?

  • Wet and dry use – Ensure that the facial epilator you choose is waterproof, so you can use it in the bath or shower for ultimate ease in your beauty routine.
  • Suitability for the face – A standard epilator made for the legs, for example, will often be too big and powerful for the delicate contours of your face, so double-check that it’s suitable.
  • Extra features – Some facial epilators come with different face attachments to really elevate your skincare routine, while others may come with a handy travel pouch and cleaning brush. Have a think about the features and extras that will be useful to you, so you can choose the perfect epilator for you.

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The best facial epilator you can buy in 2023

1. Braun FaceSpa Pro 911 Facial Epilator: Best facial epilator overall

Price: £130 | Buy now from Lookfantastic

The Braun FaceSpa Pro 911 is the crème de la crème of facial epilators. Sporting an impressive epilator attachment with ten micro openings to capture even the finest hairs, it also arrives with two additional attachments to elevate your self-care ritual. The first is a sensitive cleansing brush to help buff away dead skin cells and dirt, and the second is a MicroVibration toning head to tighten and tone skin. The epilator head works quickly and precisely, removing hairs that are up to four times shorter than would be possible with wax.

A rechargeable model, the FaceSpa Pro 911 offers different speed and intensity settings to personalise your pruning. Usefully, there’s a 20-second treatment timer that beeps to inform you to move on to another spot – this ensures you don’t focus too long on one section, which could make the skin sensitive. The small precision head is great for removing hair from the upper lip area and around the eyebrows, and with 200 epilation movements per second, you’ll be able to tackle each side of your face and all of those awkward-to-reach areas in no time at all.

It expertly removes thicker hairs as well as peach fuzz, leaving skin extra smooth for improved makeup and skincare application afterwards. Some customers found it left their skin slightly red after use, so you may have to take this into consideration if you’ll be heading out later that day. It might be on the pricey side, but it’s a worthy investment for facial hair removal in the long run.

Key specs – Power type: Chargeable; Speed options: Two

Buy now from Lookfantastic

2. No!No! Genius: Best multipurpose facial epilator

Price: £35 | Buy now from Very

If you really want to get the most bang for your buck, and you like to flit between epilation and dermaplaning, then the stylish No!No! Genius will be a huge hit. With its focus on glowing skin, the device comes with four different attachments: a cleansing brush, massage brush, an epilator and a shaving head. You start by using the cleansing brush to buff away dead skin. Next, you boost oxygen flow with the massage head and then, finally, choose either to epilate or shave for a hair-free, radiant finish.

The epilator head features nine built-in tweezers to tackle those pesky strays, promising zero nicks, ingrown hairs or inflamed skin. We love the low price and the fact that it can be used on more delicate areas of the body, including the bikini line and armpits. Initial use saw some people find it a little painful, but after a few uses it didn’t cause any discomfort at all. All in all, this is an excellent multi-purpose hair removal tool that will even look great on your bathroom shelf.

Key specs – Power type: Corded or cordless; Speed options: One

Buy now from Very

3. Flend Facial Epilator: Best facial epilator for travel

Price: £18 | Buy now from Amazon

A nifty device that epilates hair from the most sensitive areas of your body, including the bikini line, underarms, arms, legs and upper lip, this battery-operated gadget is designed to be used anywhere, anytime. It has a built-in LED light to ensure you don’t miss any hairs, and it’s easy to clean after every use, arriving with a cleaning brush in the box.

The Flend Facial Epilator comes in at a terrific price, with customers raving about how easy and effective it is to use in tricky-to-reach delicate areas. For power, it requires two triple-A batteries, but this wasn’t an issue for customers since these tended to last for a long time. Some reviewers found that their skin was red after use, so a good aftercare routine with a gentle and fragrance-free moisturiser will be key.

Key specs – Power type: Battery-operated; Speed options: One

4. Braun Face Mini Hair Remover FS1000: Best facial epilator alternative for sensitive skin

Price: £27 | Buy now from Argos

While not an epilator, in that it doesn’t remove the hair from the root, the portable and easy-to-use Braun Face Mini Hair Remover is a superb and pain-free alternative. Unlike an epilator, the device cuts hair close to skin level, leaving your face smooth, consistent and free of peach fuzz. It has a built-in light to spot super-fine hairs for a seamless removal process.

An ultra-compact and lightweight design makes it super-handy for use when you’re travelling, and you can even keep it in your handbag for touch-ups. Those with sensitive skin loved the fact that hair removal was completely free of pain and irritation. Some wished it was USB chargeable; however, they mentioned that the batteries last for ages.

Key specs – Power type: Battery-operated; Speed options: One

Buy now from Argos

5. Tweezerman Facial Hair Remover: Best manual facial epilator

Price: £21 | Buy now from Boots

This is a handy tool that effortlessly removes unwanted hairs on the neck, chin, cheeks and upper lip – and without the need for batteries or charging. Similar to an electric epilator, this gadget grabs hair and pulls it from the root, leaving a smooth and fuzz-free finish. To use it, you simply place the flat bit across your face (on the desired area for hair removal) and turn the knobs inwards. It can take a little while to get the hang of it, but rest-assured it will quickly become a breeze to use.

We were impressed by the results and can confirm that this is a great hair removal method for the face that doesn’t involve sticky wax or chemicals. It’s pretty cost-effective, too, and you won’t ever have to worry about it running out of power. Customers loved the ease with which it was possible to remove upper-lip hair, and highlighted how pain is no more than you’d expect from threading.

Key specs – Power type: Manual; Speed options: N/A

Buy now from Boots

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