Best ottoman beds 2022: The smart solution to bedroom storage

Zoe Philimore
4 Aug 2022

Keep your bedroom clutter-free and stylish with these ottoman beds

If space is at a premium in your bedroom (show us someone who wouldn’t like more storage) then getting yourself the best ottoman bed is a smart solution. The hidden storage under the mattress is an efficient and discreet use of space.

Of course, there are other under-bed storage solutions available: wheely boxes or vacuum-packed bags, for instance. But ottoman beds keep everything dust-free and you can see what’s there at a glance; no more slippers lost to the under-bed abyss.

Below is our roundup of the best ottoman beds available, chosen to suit a range of budgets and styles. We’ve also provided a short buying guide to help answer all of your questions, and to make choosing and buying your next bed a dream.

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Best ottoman beds: At a glance

How to choose the best ottoman bed for you

When choosing an ottoman bed, there are a few key things you’ll want to consider before taking the plunge, such as size, style and usability. We’ve covered all of these things, so read on.

What size ottoman bed is best?

As with any other large piece of furniture, you need to measure up the space you have before deciding. If you’ve got acres of room in your bedroom (perhaps not literally…) then get the largest bed you can afford. More space generally means a better night’s sleep.

Remember to measure for the frame, not the mattress size. Many beds, especially ottoman beds, are significantly bigger than standard mattress sizes. You don’t want to have measured for the mattress and find the bed frame doesn’t fit in your room.

Also, make sure you have enough space to open and shut your ottoman – and that you have the strength, too. A larger bed will require more space and more strength. However, ottomans require less clearance space to access the storage than divan bases with drawers. Although many ottoman beds work on hydraulics, to help with the lifting, there will also be a mattress to factor in.

What’s the best base for an ottoman bed?

Ottoman beds have a non-slip base for the mattress to sit on to stop it sliding about. This base can be sprung-slatted, or a boarded mattress base.

You’ll tend to find sprung-slatted bases are more affordable, while boarded bases are for more premium ottoman beds.

Boarded mattress bases are stronger and therefore longer lasting and offer a greater degree of support while you sleep. Look for boarded bases that have ventilation to prevent overheating while you snooze. Sprung slats, on the other hand, are curved slightly and will give a little when you lie on them. This can make your mattress feel a little less firm.

What are the different types of ottoman beds?

It’s an obvious one, but make sure the type of ottoman bed you get fits with the rest of your décor. There are a huge range of styles, from plush fabric bedsteads to wooden-framed ottoman beds.

A divan ottoman bed comes in two blocks, so will have a divider down the middle. These tend to have boarded bases, and are broadly more durable – and expensive. They also don’t have huge surrounds, so are good for smaller spaces.

Bedstead ottomans come in a huge range of styles, so there’s more choice of looks with this type. Because of this they also vary widely in price and construction.

Some bedstead ottomans will have board bases, some slatted, some reinforced slatted. They also may not have a floor under the storage, or might have a fabric floor that can’t take too much weight.

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The best ottoman beds you can buy in 2022

1. Brook + Wilde Signature Ottoman Bed: The best premium ottoman bed

Price: £2,748 | Buy from Brook + Wilde

Sleep expert Brook + Wilde has a range of ottoman beds, but The Signature looks brilliant and, if you go for a double or king, you can lift each side independently. The boarded mattress base is fitted with four gas struts for easy lifting, and the floor of the storage is sturdy, so you can store even heavier items. Also welcome is the option to customise the headboard with a range of upholstered choices – or leave the headboard off entirely if you have one from elsewhere you’d rather use. As a classy touch, assembly and delivery are included in the cost, so those hidden extras won’t be popping up at checkout. Hurrah!

Key specs – Sizes: Single, double, king and super king; Headboard height: 136cm; Guarantee: 10 years

Buy from Brook + Wilde

2. Dunelm End Opening Ottoman Bed: The best ottoman bed under £500

Price: From £400 | Buy from Dunelm

Coming in two colours, this ottoman bed is nice and neutral, so it should fit into most décors. There’s a solid boarded mattress base for extra support and a longer lifespan, and the handle cutouts and four gas struts make it easy to lift. There are two separate compartments in the storage, so you can be a bit more organised – or make sure your partner isn’t encroaching on your space. Note that this amazing price doesn’t include a headboard, so you’ll need to source one elsewhere.

Key specs – Sizes: Single, double, king and super king; Headboard height: N/A; Guarantee: 1 year

Buy from Dunelm

3. Cory Ottoman Storage Bed: The best bedstead-style ottoman bed

Price: £1,425 | Buy from

It was hard to choose our favourite out of the eight colours this bed comes in, but Teal won out in the end. The padded rectangular headboard has a 1920s feel to it, and the upholstered edging feels really premium. There’s a slatted base on this ottoman bed frame, which means it’s perhaps a bit less stable than others in this roundup. However, there’s plenty of open storage in the base as it isn’t divided in two. We like that this meant we weren’t limited by what we put into it.

Key specs – Sizes: Double, king and super king; Headboard height: 130cm; Guarantee: 10 years

Buy from

4. Dreams Wilson Upholstered Ottoman Bed Frame: Best for small spaces

Price: £499 | Buy from Dreams

This sprung-slatted ottoman bed opens from the side, which is handy for smaller rooms. It also means there’s a footboard on the gorgeous sleigh-style bed frame, the pared-back design of which we love. Despite the aforementioned footboard, the bed feels contemporary and sleek. Worth bearing in mind, though, is the fabric bottom to the internal storage, which means you may be better storing very heavy items elsewhere. There are three muted tones to choose from in the hardwearing fabric on this bed frame.

Key specs – Sizes: Single, small double, double, king; Headboard height: 107cm; Guarantee: 1 year

Buy from Dreams

5. Bensons for Beds Ezra Ottoman bed frame: best wooden Ottoman bed

Price: £600 | Buy from Bensons for Beds

Available in a neutral ash or an inky charcoal grey, we were immediately drawn to the Scandi aesthetics of this Ottoman bed. The vast majority of Ottoman beds are upholstered, but if that’s not your style then we think we’ve found your ideal solution. OK, the base is sprung-slatted style, which is a bit less robust than we’d like. But there is a huge amount of storage space in this bed, as there’s no partition down the middle. This is also fully boarded, rather than fabric based, so you can store heavier items in there.

Key specs – Sizes: double, king, super king; Headboard height: 120cm; Guarantee: 5 years

Buy from Bensons for Beds

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