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Best windbreak 2023: Improve your camping trips, caravan holidays and beach getaways from £9

Want to take your camping and beach trips to the next level? We’ve got you covered with our pick of the best windbreaks for every occasion

When you think of a windbreak, you might be imagining colourful, stripy tarp on a beach. The best windbreaks nowadays, however, are more than simple beach accessories. They not only offer protection from everything the elements throw at you, but can make your camp/beach site seem much more homely. Ultimately, windbreaks can make the difference between a successful camping trip and a wet, windy and miserable outing.

There are windbreaks out there for every budget and occasion. Whether you want a large barrier to encircle your camping area, a smaller windbreak to shield a few people or even a tiny one to protect your fire and equipment, there’s a windbreak out there for you.

For this reason, choosing the best windbreak is perhaps more complicated than it once was. Fear not, because we’ve sifted through all the options to bring you a round-up of the best windbreaks to suit every type of outdoor outing and budget.

The best windbreaks: At a glance

  • Best windbreak to use at the beach: Vinsani Windbreak | Buy now
  • Best budget camping windbreak: Quechua Camping Windbreak | Buy now
  • Best windbreak for family camping: Lixada Windbreak | Buy now
  • Best windbreak for protecting a campfire or stove: H&S 10 Plates Foldable Outdoor Windshield | Buy now

How to choose the best windbreak for you

How big does my windbreak need to be?

The ideal windbreak for you depends on your planned camping setup. If you usually go with a large family, or multiple families, and you know you’ll have a decent amount of space to set up camp, then it’s worth investing in one of the larger options.

If you have a small family or intend on moving sites frequently during your trips, then a large windbreak may be too much hassle, so you could opt for a more convenient medium-sized model instead. You can also get highly portable windbreaks that pack down into a backpack. These are the ideal choice for bikers, hikers or anyone who prefers to pack as little weight as possible.

Beyond that, there are even mini-windbreaks out there designed to shield your stove or campfire from the elements, making cooking and boiling the kettle much easier on blustery days.

Will I need to buy guy ropes separately?

Another important factor to take into consideration is guy ropes. The space your windbreak takes up won’t just be the windbreak itself – it will need room for the guy ropes as well.

Almost all camping windbreaks require guy ropes, which should come with the windbreak. Beach windbreaks tend not to use them, as they’re not designed to provide shelter from any severe weather.

Guy ropes take up space and can be a nuisance to navigate around, so bear that in mind when looking for your windbreak. If you want to get rid of the guy ropes altogether, then there are premium semi-permanent windbreaks available that don’t need ropes to stay up.

What fabrics are used in windbreaks?

Many windbreaks nowadays are made using plastic or polyester fabrics, which is often a practical and cheap option. If you want a windbreak with a traditional look, then canvas is your best bet. Bear in mind, though, that canvas tends to be heavier and harder to dry than alternative fabrics.

Are the pole materials important?

The three most common pole materials you’ll find are aluminium, steel and wood.

Wood is the heaviest option and often goes well with more traditional windbreaks. More recently, air poles have emerged as a popular option, which usually makes for easier construction and negates the possibility of anything snapping. A pump will be required for air poles, but these are often not included with the windbreak, so bear that extra cost in mind.

How much should I spend on a windbreak?

Decent camping windbreaks begin at around the £30 mark. If you want a larger model with a bit more to it, then that’ll cost you closer to £100. Meanwhile, premium offerings that offer fantastic protection and a few added style points can be found for around £150-£300. If you’re after a smaller windbreak designed to protect your fire/stove, then that’ll make a smaller dent in your wallet, as many of these are under £10.

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The best windbreaks to buy in 2023

1. Quechua Camping Windbreak: Best budget camping windbreak

Price: £30 | Buy now from Decathlon

If you’re after an affordable and reliable windbreak for your camping trips, then this model from Quechua could be the one for you. Measuring 145cm in height and 400cm in length, this windbreak can comfortably provide shelter to multiple people in light to moderate winds, making it ideal for cosy trips with your family or a handful of friends.

To assemble the windbreak, all you need to do is set it up using the three poles, guy ropes and pegs. This is an incredibly easy process, so if you find yourself having to move and disassemble the windbreak for any reason, this shouldn’t prove to be too much of a hassle.

This windbreak may not have some of the bells and whistles that you get with pricier offerings, but at such an affordable price, it’s hard to complain. It’s worth noting that pegs aren’t included with the Quechua Camping Windbreak but you can buy some reliable and cheap ones here.

Key specs — Dimensions (folded): Not given; Dimensions (open): 145cm x 400cm (H x L; depth not given); Weight: Not given; Panel material: Polyester; Pole material: Stainless steel

Buy now from Decathlon

2. Vinsani Windbreak: Best windbreak to use at the beach

Price: From £17 | Buy now from Amazon

This windbreak from Vinsani is a great option if you want something for casual use at the beach. It has the kind of classic, colourful design that’s synonymous with seaside holidays but it’s not all style over substance, as the tarp fabric provides ample cover from sea breezes and the sturdy wooden poles will have no problem sticking in the sand.

What’s more, the windbreak comes in seven different sizes of varying height and length, the longest of which is 610cm, so you can set up an expansive area of cover if you so wish. We wouldn’t recommend it for Himalayan trekking by any means – it’s not quite that robust – but if you want some privacy and peace on the beach, then Vinsani has you covered.

Key specs — Dimensions (folded): Not given; Dimensions (open): 120cm–150cm x 224cm–610cm (H x L; depth not given); Weight: Not given; Panel material: Tarpaulin; Pole material: wood

3. Lixada Windbreak: Best windbreak for family camping

Price: £69 | Buy now from Amazon

We think this Lixada windbreak could be the cherry on the cake for family camping trips everywhere. Its Oxford fabric panels provide excellent protection, and at over 4m in length, plenty of people can fit behind it along with perhaps a table and chairs. What’s more, it has transparent PVC windows so you can admire the surrounding nature – and keep an eye on the kids if required.

The windbreak comes with pegs and guy ropes, so there’s no need to buy any required accessories separately. A neat feature we love is the inclusion of 12 hangers inside the windbreak on which you can hang up your clothes and equipment, helping to keep your camping space neat and tidy.

Key specs — Dimensions (folded): 10cm x 50cm x 12cm (H x L x D) ; Dimensions (open): 130cm x 440cm (H x L; depth not given); Weight: 2.6kg; Panel material: Oxford fabric; Pole material: Steel

4. H&S 10 Plates Foldable Outdoor Windshield: Best windbreak for protecting a campfire or stove

Price: £9 | Buy now from Amazon

Sometimes, it’s not just friends and family that need shelter from the elements; our all-important stoves and campfires need protection too. That’s where this foldable outdoor windshield from H&S comes in. It’s made of ten lightweight aluminium panels that are hinged together, so the windbreak can be shaped to fit around stoves and fires of a variety of shapes and sizes. The windbreak will help to keep your fire shielded from pesky gusts of wind, allowing you to heat dinner or boil the kettle with ease.

Even if the weather is perfect and your cooker or fire doesn’t need cover to stay lit, the windscreen will still come in handy by speeding up the cooking process. It does this by focusing the fire’s heat, thereby making the cooker much more efficient.

Key specs — Dimensions (folded): 24cm x 8.5cm x 1.5cm (H x L x D); Dimensions (open): 24cm x 83.5cm x 0.2cm (H x L x D); Weight: 250g; Panel material: Aluminium; Pole material: N/A

5. Robens Outback Windscreen: Best Premium Windbreak

Price: £230 | Buy now from Camping WorldIf you’re looking for high-end protection from the wind, this model from reliable camping and outdoors brand Robens is well worth considering. Though it may be on the pricey side, its sturdiness and quality should make it a solid investment for avid campers or anyone who regularly hits up the beach. Made up of steel poles and high-quality poly cotton, and standing at 1.4m tall and 5m wide, it offers both excellent protection from the wind, as well as privacy for your camp or patch of sand. It also has some handy adjustability, with a split pole sleeve allowing you to create a 27cm gap under your windbreak, if you need to create airflow in warmer conditions.

Key specs — Dimensions (packed): 65 x 13 cm; Dimensions (open): 143cm x 500cm (H x L); Weight: 6.7kg; Panel material: Poly-Cotton; Pole material: Steel

Buy now from Camping World

6. Sport-Brella Umbrella: Best windbreak for portability

Price: £70 | Buy now from Amazon

If you want a windbreak but don’t fancy lugging around a big bag (perhaps you’re a keen biker or an adventurous hiker) then this Sport-Brella Umbrella might be for you. It packs down into a small, lightweight bag and can easily slide into a rucksack, saving you space for important gear. What’s more, with a simple umbrella mechanism, it couldn’t be easier to assemble and disassemble, which is ideal if you need to set it up in a rush or intend on setting up camp in various locations throughout the day.

It may be light to carry, but don’t be fooled, the Sport-Brella’s polyester cover still provides a respectable amount of shelter. What’s more, with UPF50+ UV protection, it gives solid protection against the sun as well as the wind.

Key specs— Dimensions (folded): (H) x (L) x (D) 4cm x 54cm x 4cm; Dimensions (open): (H) x (L) x (D) 137cm x 122cm x 13cm; Weight: 4kg; Panel material: Polyester; Pole material: Steel

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