D-Link MyPocket 3G HSDPA Router DIR-457 review

Barry de la Rosa
11 Nov 2010
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Although it has a decent set of features, the MyPocket is far more expensive than the competition, and we can't recommend it.



802.11g, 0x N/A Ethernet ports

The D-Link MyPocket is a 3G wireless router the size of a smartphone. Sliding off the back cover, you find a SIM card slot, a microSD card slot and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts for a couple of hours when using 3G, and for just over four when used simply as a wireless router. It can also be used as a simple 3G dongle, and the contents of the memory card can be shared across your network.

D-Link MyPocket 3G HSDPA Router DIR-457

Setting up the MyPocket is reasonably simple. There's a Quick Start guide on the CD, which you’ll need to read to find out that the connection manager software only installs correctly when the MyPocket is in modem mode. Once installed, the software lets you choose from a huge list of pre-configured connection profiles, so you don't have to know your 3G carrier's details.

You can also simply connect to the MyPocket via wireless, accessing the setup web page at Both wizard and manual setup are available, and the wizard again lets you choose your country and then your ISP - most major UK carriers are listed. Wireless support is the key feature for portable routers. Using it you can access the internet on the move from any wireless device, such as an iPod Touch.