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D-Link MyPocket 3G HSDPA Router DIR-457 review

Our Rating :
Price when reviewed : £143
inc VAT

Although it has a decent set of features, the MyPocket is far more expensive than the competition, and we can't recommend it.


802.11g, 0x N/A Ethernet ports

The D-Link MyPocket is a 3G wireless router the size of a smartphone. Sliding off the back cover, you find a SIM card slot, a microSD card slot and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts for a couple of hours when using 3G, and for just over four when used simply as a wireless router. It can also be used as a simple 3G dongle, and the contents of the memory card can be shared across your network.

D-Link MyPocket 3G HSDPA Router DIR-457

Setting up the MyPocket is reasonably simple. There’s a Quick Start guide on the CD, which you’ll need to read to find out that the connection manager software only installs correctly when the MyPocket is in modem mode. Once installed, the software lets you choose from a huge list of pre-configured connection profiles, so you don’t have to know your 3G carrier’s details.

You can also simply connect to the MyPocket via wireless, accessing the setup web page at Both wizard and manual setup are available, and the wizard again lets you choose your country and then your ISP – most major UK carriers are listed. Wireless support is the key feature for portable routers. Using it you can access the internet on the move from any wireless device, such as an iPod Touch.

3G speeds are highly dependent on your carrier and location; but with a maximum bandwidth of 3.6Mbit/s (using HSDPA) it isn’t ideal for downloading files or streaming video. As 3G speeds are so limited, wireless speed isn’t an issue if you’re only accessing the internet, which means the lack of support for 802.11n isn’t a big deal. Using 802.11g is more than sufficient, with 4.7Mbit/s even at a range of 10m.

The wireless connection supports Wireless Protected Setup (WPS) and provides basic Quality of Service capability using WiFi Multimedia (WMM), which prioritises voice and video over other wireless traffic. You can also reserve up to 20 DHCP client slots, which is more than enough. Port forwarding rules and general filters, based on MAC address or IP, are also limited to 20 each, and there’s support for a DMZ, multicast streaming and UPnP.

D-Link MyPocket 3G HSDPA Router DIR-457 ports

Support for Dynamic DNS is included, using either D-Link’s own service or the popular DynDNS service, both of which are free. You can also specify an IP address from which you can connect remotely. These are useful if you use the MyPocket as your main router at home, although you’d need to leave it plugged in to a power socket.

It’s the price that lets the MyPocket down: while it has a full set of features and works well, it’s a lot more expensive than similar devices. Edimax’s 3G-6210n (What’s New, Shopper 267) costs almost half the price, has faster WiFi, and has a LAN port as well, so you can use a wired network (say in a hotel) to save on 3G costs.

Basic Specifications

Rating **
Modem type 3G
802.11b support yes
802.11g support yes
Draft 802.11n support no
Draft 802.11n 5GHz support no
Stated speed 54Mbit/s


128-bit WEP yes
WPA2 yes
Firewall yes
MAC address filtering yes
DMZ yes


Size 13x109x64mm
Antennas 3
Internal/external antennas internal
Upgradeable antenna no
Number of WAN ports 0
Ethernet ports 0
Ethernet connection speed N/A
Other ports none
Wall mountable no
Power consumption on N/A

Other Features

Dynamic DNS yes
Universal Plug and Play support yes
DHCP server yes
MAC spoofing no
Port forwarding yes
WDS Support no
USB device support no
QoS yes

Buying Information

Price £143
Warranty two years RTB

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