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20th Anniversary Edition PS4 goes on sale for £19.94

Limited numbers available for a knock-down price for one day only

Sony is selling a very limited stock of its 20th Anniversary PlayStation 4 consoles for just £19.94. The console, which is clad in the same battleship gray livery as the original PlayStation, was announced last week. 

Sony has set up a special pop-up store on the Bethnal Green Road in East London to sell the decidedly cut-price consoles, but chances are they will have been snapped up already. The company is only selling 94 of the consoles at the discounted price, which will be on sale for today (10 December) only. The company requires buyers to bring along a piece of original PlayStation memorabilia and to say the special password that’s mentioned in the tortuous promotional video embedded below. 

If you’re not lucky enough to get your hands on the cut-price models, Sony will be selling another 50 of the consoles at full price (£400) from the London store for each of the next two days. Online orders for the 20th Anniversary Edition PS4 will open on Monday, although given there are only 12,300 of them to go around the entire world, you may wish to warm up your fingers for repeated bashing of the F5 button come Monday morning.

The 20th Anniversary edition may look old school, but the components inside are the same as a standard PlayStation 4. The accompanying controllers have also been equipped with the analogue sticks and touchpad that weren’t part of the original PlayStation specification. 

PS 4 Anniversary Edition

It’s been a tough couple of weeks for Sony, which has come under repeated attacks from hackers. North Korean “sympathisers” allegedly hacked into the network of the company’s movie studio, in protest at a forthcoming film which depicts an assassination attempt on the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un. The hackers managed to get their hands on unreleased films and sensitive financial data, such as how much Sony pays its movie stars.

Earlier this week, the company’s PlayStation Network was taken down, in a seemingly unrelated attack by the hacking group Lizard Squad, which had last week taken out Microsoft’s Xbox Live. 

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