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Buy the new Switch Lite and get a free copy of the new Zelda game

Two new products for £50 off

Happy Nintendo Switch Lite launch day! The new system is a cut-down but adorable version of the best-selling Switch console, which sells for £80 less than the original machine at a tempting £199.99.
But hold your fire because Currys/PC World is making that price even more tempting by throwing in a free copy of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. Not the original 1993 version, you understand, but a brand-new remake for Switch, which is also out today. You can get both for £199.99, a saving of £50, with your pick of Switch colour, too: green, yellow or grey.
Nintendo isn’t making any official bundles so this is as good as it gets. And Zelda is getting excellent reviews, currently averaging a massive 88% on Metacritic. The lowest score is 75% and that seems to mostly critique the fact it feels a bit dated in parts – which isn’t really surprising for a game that’s 26 years old. 
But what about the Switch Lite hardware? Well, we’ll have a full review soon, but I can give you the pros and cons of getting this over the original hardware. First off, it’s for handheld play only: there’s no dock and it won’t work with any you connect it to, meaning no big-screen play. Secondly, the Joy-Cons are attached and can’t be removed. That means some of their fancier features – rumble, motion, IR and so on – have been scrapped, which in turns means that some games just won’t work on the Lite.
In its favour: the price and a new longer-lasting battery thanks to a more energy-efficient chipset. That’s quite important if handheld play is your main thing. Newer regular Switch consoles share the chipset, but it’s worth bearing in mind if your alternative is scouring the pre-owned market.
In any case, the Switch is a great platform with a growing library of excellent games that’s well worth getting on board with. If you prefer the look of the Switch Lite, this is about as good a deal as you’re going to get on launch day.  
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