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Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine review

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Brilliant heist-themed fun, especially for sofa-sharing gamers

Monaco: What’s Yours Is Mine is a heist game, where up to four players, each with a special skill, must work together to bypass fiendish security systems and make off with the loot. One glance at and you can tell it falls into the category of ‘Indie Game’. A labour of love created by a very small team, it was winning awards as far back as 2010 but has only just become available as a finished, purchasable product.

Its graphics are simplistic and abstract in ways, but see it in motion and it’s certainly not a dull-looking game with a great style all of its own. Each level, viewed from above, is rendered like a floor plan of the building with the rooms labelled – as if the crooks were planning their caper. When any player moves into line of sight of a room it bursts into vibrant colour and detail. With four players moving around it can be quite confusing at first, but you soon get used to it.

Monaco: What's Yours is Mine

Line of sight is key in Monaco

You also quickly learn what parts of the level you can interact with. Using anything is done by simply pressing your character up against it – be it a door you want to unlock, a bush you want to hide in or a computer you want to hack. Once done a small clock appears to show how long it will take, so keep an eye for patrolling guards while you work.

Monaco: What's Yours is Mine

The multi-storied levels are expansive and imaginative

There’s a wide range of characters, all with unique skills. For example: the Locksmith can pick locks quicker, the Cleaner can knock out guards by creeping up behind them (keeping quiet is very important, so you can’t sprint about everywhere) and The Gentleman can disguise himself so as to slip by guards, along as he does so quickly and unobtrusively.

Monaco: What's Yours is Mine

Here’s a simple corridor with a patrolling guard – if he turned around suddenly it would be too late to hide in one of those bushes

The great thing is that all the levels have multiple ways they can be completed, using any combination of characters. You can play by yourself even, but it’s best with one or two extra friends playing together – we used Xbox controllers. With the full complement of four you need to be very disciplined as it’s a lot of people to co-ordinate and keep hidden. Set off an alarm and guards and dogs will come running to take you down.

Monaco: What's Yours is Mine

The Lookout’s special ability allows you to see the guards’ position anywhere on the level

Playing alone is just a little dull in comparison, so solo crooks shouldn’t consider it a must-have, though there’s certainly fun to be had still; it can also be played online, but even with voice communications it’s hard to co-ordinate a plan effectively. However, if you have a friend or two to play it with Monaco is unmissable entertainment and you should buy it straight away. It’s available for the bargain price of just $15 directly from



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