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Best outdoor egg chair 2023: Hanging and static seats for your garden

Chic and comfy, this garden furniture is having its moment in the sun

In the warmer months, your garden can become like an extra room of your house, and there’s plenty of furniture out there to make it as comfortable as your living room. As well as garden rugs and garden sofas, the outdoor egg chair has become a must-have for outdoor spaces.

These cool, contemporary chairs have a bit of a swinging sixties vibe to them. Most of them are woven from rattan and usually come with comfy cushions to make the seat perfect for a sundowner cocktail, or to curl up with a good book. But with so many on the market, what makes for a good egg chair? And what do you need to think about when choosing the right one for you? Fear not, folks – we’ve got you covered.

Best outdoor egg chair: At a glance

How to choose the best outdoor egg chair for you

What are the different types of egg chairs?

Egg chairs can either be static, with legs like a normal chair, or they can hang from a frame. Some people prefer swinging egg chairs as they have more of a sixties aesthetic, and the gentle motion can be very soothing. Most hanging egg chairs come with a metal frame that the chair hangs from, but you can also find swinging egg chairs that you can attach to a (very sturdy) tree branch.

Static egg chairs are like a semi-enclosed wicker chair, more often than not made from rattan. These are more stable, and much easier to get into and out of, but they don’t carry quite the same look as the hanging chairs.

Most egg chairs can only comfortably seat one person, but there are a few on the market that are wider and can fit two people at once. These look slightly more like a swinging bench, but still have the enclosed dome roof above the seat. They’re also great for laying out flat, if you don’t want to share.

What should I think about when buying an egg chair?

First up, you will need to find a chair that’s going to fit your garden. They can be quite large pieces of furniture, so measure your space and find one that’s going to fit in the area you’ve decided to put it. 

You might want just a single seater, especially if you prefer some solitude in the great outdoors. However, if you want to sit and chat with friends and family, a double seater might be a better option.

Look for chairs that have UV protection, so the colour on the frame won’t fade in the sunlight. There are also different coloured frames available – grey and beige being the most common – so go for one that’s going to match your style in the garden, and any other furniture you may have out there. Also, if the chair comes with cushions, remember to check the details as most recommend you should bring the cushions in during bad weather.

How we tested outdoor egg chairs

At Expert Reviews, we personally test all the products that feature in our roundups to deliver the most complete picture we can about a product. For outdoor egg chairs, this means a thorough assessment of the quality of the product – including its frame, the stand and any cushions – for durability against the elements. In addition, we consider how a chair looks, since it’s likely to be a focal point in your outside space. To make it on to our list, the egg chairs were required to offer a comfortable seat for extended periods of time.

During testing, all the egg chairs were put together on site to provide an idea of their structure. Once placed outdoors, we note how well they withstand all weathers, and if there are any signs of weak areas. As mentioned, we sit in the egg chairs for extended periods of time, noting the depth and width of each seat, while also recruiting other testers of different heights to ensure the egg chairs are comfortable for all body shapes.

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The best outdoor egg chairs you can buy in 2023

1. VonHaus Natural Rattan Single Swing Chair: Best natural-finish egg chair

Price: £270 | Buy now from VonHausIf you’re after a pared-back Scandi look in your garden, this natural-finish egg chair is a great option. We liked that the frame on the chair wasn’t too fussy, as it meant it didn’t obstruct our flower beds behind it. The chair itself is fairly small – a tall tester couldn’t sit up in it – but if you’re under 5ft 8in you should be fine.

The removable cushions are a neutral colour, which means the chair blends into your garden beautifully, and plush enough for a good few hours of comfortable reclining – we were impressed. VonHaus has built it to last, with caps over all the metal joints in the frame to protect it from rust.

Key details – Dimensions (HDW): 185 x 97 x 91cm; Colours: Natural rattan and beige; black

Buy now from VonHaus

2. GoodHome Apolima Brown Rattan-effect Egg Chair: Best static egg chair

Price: £395 | Buy now from B&QEveryone who tried this B&Q chair made appreciative noises, and we tested it with some very discerning family members. The seat is very deep – great for those who want to curl up in a cocoon to relax – and the ceiling is very high, so even the tallest of users will be able to enjoy it without being cramped.

The cushions are plush and deep, so we were still comfy even after extended periods of sitting. And they’re a very dark grey – almost black – which might get a little hot during very warm weather, although sadly, this wasn’t something we experienced during our springtime testing. However, they are easy to wipe clean and they contrast nicely with the natural-looking rattan-effect frame.

Key details – Dimensions (HDW): 151 x 110 x 114cm; Colours: Natural rattan and dark cushions; steel grey

Buy now from B&Q

3. Maze Ascot Rattan Double Hanging Chair: Best two-seater egg chair

Price: £699 | Buy now from Maze Living This sturdy two-seat egg chair is very comfortable, with arm cushions and plush seat and back cushions, too. Perhaps surprisingly for a two-seater, the whole thing – including the frame – doesn’t take up too much space. The seating isn’t huge, though, so it’s probably best suited for people who don’t mind sitting quite close together. The stand feels robust and able to take the weight of two adults.

We liked that we could lie down and completely unwind in peace on this chair if we were solo. The whole unit is in shades of grey, which makes it look modern and sophisticated rather than rustic, and Maze Living’s Ascot range includes dining sets, sun loungers, a daybed and more, if you want to kit out your whole garden to match.

Key details – Dimensions (HDW): 188 x 119 x 133cm; Colour: Grey

Buy now from Maze Living

4. Gardenwize Chysalis Hanging Egg Chair: Best budget egg chair

Price: £220 | Buy now from Robert DyasThis egg chair is ideal if you’re short on garden space, or want the flexibility of bringing the chair inside but don’t want some huge, hulking thing dominating your living room. It’s also very fairly priced, and the lowest price point on our list. We would say there’s not loads of headroom – our 6ft tester couldn’t sit fully back in the seat – but it’s still nice and wide, making it very comfy, helped by the quite thick removable cushions that wrap around you like a cocoon.

This Gardenwize egg chair from Robert Dyas certainly seems sturdy and well made, despite the price tag, and it still looked fab after weathering the worst that the British spring could throw at it.

Key details – Dimensions (HDW): 215 x 95 x 73cm; Colours: Black and dark grey

Buy now from Robert Dyas