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How to clean a hot tub: Keep your tub spick and span with these top tips

If you want your hot tub to remain immaculate and stand the test of time, it’s crucial to follow some simple steps to keep it clean.

There’s a lot to be said for a hot tub – the tranquillity and relaxation of your own backyard spa. There’s no denying it’s a commodity that epitomises personal leisure, but if you want your tub to last, it’s essential to keep it squeaky clean, removing any built-up bacteria and ensuring the pipes are clear.

Here, we’ll help you understand what your hot tub needs to keep it impeccably clean and in full working order for years to come.

Quick hot tub maintenance safety tips

  • Use cleaning products specifically suited for hot tubs
  • Follow your manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Protect your skin and eyes from cleaning chemicals by wearing gloves and goggles
  • Always turn your hot tub off at the mains before draining

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How and when should I clean my hot tub?

Every part of your hot tub needs a thorough clean at one point or another. It largely depends on how often you use it, the products you use and your current maintenance routine. As an overall guideline, however, we recommend sticking to the following:

After each use:

  • Clean the shell to remove water lines using a clean damp cloth
  • Check and rebalance the pH and sanitiser levels

We recommend cleaning your hot tub with specially designed solutions, such as Pro-Kleen. General household cleaning products are very seldom pH neutral and will potentially damage the shell or contaminate the water.

Test your water using a pH test strip. The target range you need to hit is between 7.2 and 7.8. If the results fall outside of this bracket, follow these steps to safely rebalance your water.

Determine how far off the water is in relation to the ideal target range. Turn the pumps on with the air valves closed to start circulating the water. Use a hot-tub-specific product such as Pro-Kleen pH and measure out the recommended amount for rebalancing. Add the solution to the water and allow it to circulate for 10-15 minutes. Turn the pumps off and let the water settle completely before retesting. If the pH levels are still out, repeat the steps as needed.

If you have to run these steps multiple times by adding large amounts of chemicals to rebalance, it may be worth draining and refilling your tub.

Weekly tasks:

  • Clean the filter
  • Check and rebalance the pH and sanitiser levels
  • Shock dose the water

How to clean your filter: Begin by spraying down the outside of your filter with water; a standard garden hose should be sufficient in removing residue. We don’t recommend using a brush in any circumstances, as this can inadvertently cause dirt to become further embedded in the filter.

Next, scrub the inside of your filter to remove any build-up of bacteria and mould. Be sure to check your manufacturer’s recommended cleaning solution, but products such as Pro Kleen Filter Cartridge Cleaner will do the job. Finally, disinfect your filter in a chlorine solution to remove any leftover grime and bacteria.

Shocking your tub as part of your weekly routine will help keep your water clean, clear and safe for use. Shocking your hot tub requires adding a higher than usual dose of oxidiser chemicals to the water. If your water has started to smell or become murky, then using a shock treatment will help reduce bacteria levels and remove any other impurities.

Every three months:

Be sure to flush the lines in your tub before draining. Hot tubs run at a temperature favourable to mould and bacteria, where they can build up over time within the pipes and interior. Replacing the water without flushing the lines can run the risk of contaminating the new water.

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After cleaning the inner shell of your hot tub, thoroughly rinse it out and wipe dry with a towel. Remaining residue from cleaning products can affect the chemical balance when refilling, increasing the chance of bacteria or mould returning down the line.

Always turn your hot tub off at the mains before draining. Forgetting to do so can damage the pump motor and filter. To empty your tub, find the drain valve at the bottom or just inside the opening hatch. If this isn’t applicable, you can also use a submersible pump.


  • We recommend servicing your hot tub annually to ensure long-lasting functionality

A yearly service will help to spot any early warning signs that a specific part of the tub might need replacing. It’s like servicing a car: it might be running okay but getting it serviced will allow it to run better for longer. On average, a hot tub service including a deep clean will cost around £225. Paying out for a yearly service is a helpful way to avoid costly and unwanted repair bills in the future.

Cleaning your hot tub regularly is a surefire way of keeping it in the best working condition. Although it can seem a cumbersome process, it’s a habit worth getting into. Regular maintenance will not only give you a hygienic, well-functioning hot tub, it will also save you money on repairs and replacements down the line.

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