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Google Pixelbook 2 release date and specs: Everything you need to know

The Pixelbook 2 may make an appearance for upcoming Google event on 15 October

The launch of Google’s next-generation Chromebook is imminent. Last year’s Pixelbook may have been the torchbearer for Chrome OS-powered laptops, but its successor, the Pixelbook 2, is expected to seriously up the ante.

Evidence suggested that Google would pull back the curtains on its latest Chromebook device at the same time as the Pixel 3 unveiling during a special launch event on 9 October but unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. However, Google has scheduled a hardware event on 15 October where the Pixelbook 2 may be set to make an appearance.

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Still, that’s not stopping me from writing about it. I’ve gathered all the leaks, rumours and internet rumblings about the Pixelbook 2 in one handy place. Read on, and you’ll be able to show off to your fellow tech-loving friends your vast well-researched Pixelbook 2 knowledge before the laptop shows up in shops. Or, in this case, IF it shows up in shops.

Google Pixelbook 2: Everything you need to know

Google Pixelbook 2 UK release date: When will it launch?

The Google Pixelbook 2 was slated to launch in an official capacity during the Silicon Valley-based firm’s “Made by Google” event on 9 October. Starting at 4pm BST, Google unleashed all the juicy details about its upcoming products, including the Pixel 3, Pixel Slate tablet, Home Hub smart speaker and a new Chromecast media streamer. But, alas, the mention of a Pixelbook successor was notably absent.

As such, the existence of a Pixelbook 2 is currently in the air. When do we expect it to launch? Well, who knows at this point but we’re betting on Google’s next event to get a glimpse of the brand new Chromebook.

Google Pixelbook 2 UK price: How much will it cost?

Last year, the Pixelbook launched for £999, with the priciest configuration ripping £1,700 from your wallet. There’s no indication as to the price we can expect the Pixelbook 2 to launch, although given the updated internals we might be forced to fork out a slightly higher premium for one.

Google Pixelbook 2 specs and design: What’s inside and what will it look like?

The updated Pixelbook is expected to look very similar to its predecessor. That’s by no means a bad thing: one of the best things about last year’s device was its premium design, and Google looks to be slightly tweaking its award-winning formula.

Designed as a 2-in-1 device, the Pixelbook 2 will be used as either a tablet or laptop, simply by spinning the screen around 360 degrees. Its screen-bordering bezels have supposedly been shaved down quite a bit this time around, and a touch-sensitive display is also returning with support for Google’s bundled stylus.

As for the insides, we don’t know too much about what’s running the show, either. Updated processors are a given, but would they be coming from Intel’s camp or, a tad more leftfield, might we see new mobile CPUs from Qualcomm powering the laptop instead?

Regardless, it’s clear that the Pixelbook 2, like its predecessor, will offer a serious performance improvement over other Chromebooks on the market. That’s what you get for paying such a high price.

Elsewhere, I think fingerprint unlocking is a high possibility, given the heavy reliance when it came to security on last year’s Pixelbook. We might also see facial-recognition unlocking for the first time, with the addition of IR cameras above the screen. A 4G LTE-equipped model would also be most welcome.

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