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Here’s everything Google unveiled at its Made by Google event

The Google Gods smiled upon us

Despite Google’s mild trolling to expect the unexpected at the Made by Google event, everything that was on show was actually leaked well in advance. Still, they had us going for a while. 

Here’s everything that Google unveiled tonight.

Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL

Google has released phones every year since 2010, and since 2011 they have been announced in September, October or November. So it was no surprise that the widely leaked Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL were here and… everything was as expected. 

The Pixel 3 is a 5.5in device with a 2:1 display, while the Pixel 3 XL is a 6.3in beast with a large notch. On the inside, both will pack Snapdragon 845 processors and 4GB of RAM, and both feature substantial improvements to the camera. 

You can read more about the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL here.

Pixel Slate

Google tablets aren’t anything new, as anyone who owns a Pixel C will know. But the Pixel Slate is something different altogether: the first tablet to run the same Chrome OS that Chromebooks run, rather than the slightly awkward fit of stretching Android to tablet form.
The Pixel Slate looks like a very fast tablet indeed, and with configurations available including an Intel Core i7 processor, this looks like it will be a very capable alternative to the iPad Pro or Surface Pro.
Read more about the Pixel Slate here.  

Google Home Hub

Google’s answer to Amazon’s Echo Show is the Home Hub: a 7in touchscreen device with Google Assistant that will answer your questions not just with voice, but with pictures and video too.

The big advantage over the Echo Show? It will support YouTube, which currently isn’t part of the Echo’s capabilities due to a long-standing and not at all immature dispute with Amazon.

You can read more about it here.

Missing in Action at the Made by Google 2018 event… 

Pixel Watch

For a while, an official Google wearable looked a nailed-on certainty. But now Google has officially revealed that a Pixel Watch is not a 2018 product.
“To think of a one-size-fits-all watch, I don’t think we’re there yet,” said Google’s Miles Barr in an interview with Tom’s Guide. “Our focus is on our partners for now.”

Pixelbook 2

With all the attention on the Pixel Slate, we thought there was a good chance that Google would be refreshing the Pixelbook with new innards. Sadly, that turned out to be unfounded.

Pixel Buds 2

We weren’t crazy about the first-generation Pixel Buds when we got our hands and ears on them last year, but we have high hopes that Google will fix the niggles with a second generation.
But unfortunately, that generation wasn’t revealed tonight.

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