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The best hair straighteners we’ve tested in 2024: Tame frizzy hair in a flash

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Looking for smooth, sleek, straight hair? These are the best hair straighteners available right now, according to our tests

Straight hair will never go out of fashion, neither will the best hair straighteners you can use to achieve it. GHD and Cloud Nine are the dominant names in this market, but an ever-growing number of brands promise super-sleek, frizz-free straightening.

Thankfully, we’ve tested a wide range of hair straighteners to help you find a suitable option, no matter your budget. Modern hair straighteners boast adjustable heat settings and protective technology that’s designed to reduce damage. The most versatile models can even create a range of styles from poker-straight to loose curls and beachy waves.

If you know what kind of straightener you’re looking for, keep reading to see our tried and tested recommendations. Alternatively, if you need some more guidance, click below to read our in-depth buying guide.

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Best hair straighteners: At a glance

Best overallGHD Platinum Plus Styler (~£229)Check price at Amazon
Best budgetRemington Shine Therapy (~£29)Check price at Amazon
Best mid-rangeNicky Clarke Hair Therapy (~£48)Check price at Amazon
Best cordlessBaByliss 9000 Cordless (~£180)Check price at Boots

How we test hair straighteners

At Expert Reviews, we know that hands-on testing delivers the best and most complete information about a product. As such, we personally test all the hair straighteners we review, using each model as recommended on dry hair. Where applicable, we assess the various heat settings and, where straighteners are recommended for a particular hair type or use, we test on that hair type to ensure we’re making an accurate recommendation.

best hair straightener an image showing how we test hair straighteners. Woman's hand holding the straighteners in front of an orange background

As well as recording the time it takes each tool to heat up to 180ºC from cold, we also measure how quickly we’re able to straighten a full head of hair, noting the length and texture of the hair on which we’re testing. We then evaluate the overall ease of use of the straightening tool and how it feels in the hand. Battery life is also timed, if applicable in cordless models.

We then provide information on the finish and feel of the hair after straightening, how well straightened styles last over the course of a typical day of wear – and, finally, confirm the weight and dimensions of the tool.

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The best hair straighteners to buy in 2024, according to our tests

1. GHD Platinum Plus Styler: Best hair straighteners overall

Price when reviewed: £229 | Check price at Amazon

GHD Platinum Plus Styler product image

  • Great for: Smooth, shiny, healthy results
  • Keep in mind: More expensive than other models

The Platinum Plus is GHD’s premium offering, with floating ceramic plates designed to deliver optimum heat for your hair type. They styler maintains that optimum temperature using intelligent heat technology that measures and adjusts it constantly while styling. The result is even heat across the plates that won’t scorch the hair, leaving hair looking glossy and feeling healthy.

During our tests, the smooth gliding plates and even heat distribution allowed us to achieve smooth straight sections of hair in one pass. Furthermore, we found that the wishbone-shaped hinge reduced the risk of catching or snagging hair as we styled. The Platinum Plus straightened our reviewer’s curly hair in around half the time of other straightening tools, producing shinier tresses with less breakage.

We also rate how the GHD Platinum Plus Styler looks. Available in both white and black, there’s also a limited-edition colour – alluring Jade.

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Key specs – Plates: 2.7cm ceramic plates; Maximum temperature: 185°C; Voltage: Universal; Cord length: 2.7m swivel cord; Automatic shut-off time: 30 minutes; Warranty: 2 years

2. Remington Shine Therapy Straighteners: Best budget hair straighteners

Price when reviewed: £29 | Check price at AmazonRemington Shine Therapy Straighteners product image

  • Great for: Shiny results
  • Keep in mind: Basic build quality

If sleek and shiny tresses are your go-to look, you’ll need straighteners that can easily create a poker-straight style without damaging the health of your hair. These Remington straighteners use ceramic plates infused with conditioning properties, such as Moroccan argan oil and vitamin E, to keep your hair looking and feeling its very best.

When we tested the Remington straighteners, its floating plates ensured an even pressure and grip on the hair, which helped us to glide the tool down the hair sections smoothly. This is impressive considering the Shine Therapy’s pocket-friendly price point.

There are nine heat settings, which made it easy for us to select the correct heat for our hair type and texture. We also found it easy to switch between the various temperatures, meaning you can use a recommended 180°C for the bulk of the hair and a cooler setting for the thinner, more fragile front sections. The straighteners heat up in just 15 seconds and feature automatic switch-off after one hour.

Key specs – Plates: Ceramic plates enriched with micro conditioners; Heat settings: 9; Maximum temperature: 230°C; Cord length: Swivel cord; Automatic shut-off time: One hour; Warranty: 180 days

3. Nicky Clarke Hair Therapy Straighteners: Best mid-range hair straighteners

Price when reviewed: £48 | Check price at Amazon

Nicky Clarke Hair Therapy Straighteners product image

  • Great for: Tourmaline plates for healthy results
  • Keep in mind: Highest temperatures can cause damage

Hairdresser Nicky Clarke has a range of hair styling tools that deliver great results while being reasonably pocket-friendly. These straighteners are no exception. We really like that the plates are ceramic and coated with tourmaline. In our tests, this ensured a smooth glide through the hair and also left it soft and shiny.

There are eight heat settings from 160ºC to 230ºC and we thought the LED display was crystal clear to read. A simple touch button allowed us to easily switch between higher heat settings for thicker sections of hair and cooler settings for the finer hair around the front of the head.

The Hair Therapy straighteners heated up in 60 seconds and had a decent-length 3m swivel cord, which made it super-easy to manoeuvre the tool around the head to reach any tricky parts of the hair. The straighteners worked well on all hair types, including long and thick hair and offered excellent results for the price.

Key specs – Plates: ceramic/tourmaline; Heat settings: 8; Maximum temperature: 230ºC; Cord length: 3m; Automatic shut-off time: 60 minutes; Warranty: 1 year

4. BaByliss 9000 Cordless Straighteners: Best cordless hair straighteners

Price when reviewed: £100 | Check price at Boots

BaByliss 9000 Cordless Straighteners product image with carry case

  • Great for: Cordless operation, full-size
  • Keep in mind: 30 minute battery life can be limiting

The BaByliss 9000 is a cordless straightening tool with floating ceramic plates that glide over the hair. In our tests, we found it made light work of straightening all hair types and textures, while the slim, curved body of the tool was perfect for creating straightener curls. Since the tool is cordless, we found it super-easy to wrap the hair around at any angle around the head, without getting into a tangle.

These straighteners offer three heat settings – 160°C, 180°C and 200°C – and heat up within seconds, so you won’t waste any charge in the heat-up time. The battery takes three hours to charge for 30 minutes of use, which will be sufficient to style most types and lengths of hair. We found the floating ceramic plates heat up evenly during use and it’s easy to operate using a single button that controls both power and heat selection.

We also like that these are ideal for styling on the go, thanks to a handy heat-resistant travel bag. So, if you’re in the market for a cordless straightening tool that can handle both straight and curly styles with ease, the Babyliss 9000 is our recommendation.

Key specs – Plates: Floating ceramic; Heat settings: Three temperature control options; Maximum temperature: 200°C; Voltage: Universal; Cord length (charging cable): 1m; Automatic shut-off time: 15 minutes; Warranty: 2 years

5. Cloud Nine Contouring Iron Pro: Best hair straighteners for curly and straight styles

Price when reviewed: £299 | Check price at Boots

cloud nine contouring iron review image with carry case

  • Great for: Creating multiple styles with ease
  • Keep in mind: Expensive

Hair straighteners aren’t just good for straight styles – they can also be used to curl hair if you use the right technique. However, it’s incredibly difficult for some people to master the art of straightener curls and that’s where the Cloud Nine Contouring Iron Pro comes in.

We really rate this innovative design, which has two interlocking curved plates to help to guide the hair into big bouncy curls with a simple turn away from the face. This shape, paired with the floating plates, meant that our hair moved beautifully through the iron, without any snagging or pulling. The iron can also be used to achieve perfectly straight looks – just drag it straight down without turning it.

The Contouring Iron also has an impressive temperature range, with 11 temperature settings between 100°C and 200°C. There’s also a “Revive” mode, which fixes the temperature at 150°C but uses micro-vibrations in the plates during styling to help create longer-lasting styles with low heat. This is a step up from the Cloud Nine Original Iron, featured below, and worked remarkably well in our testing. There’s no getting around the fact that this is an expensive curling iron, but it’s the perfect all-in-one styler for those willing to splash out.

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Key specs – Plates: Floating; Maximum temperature: 200ºC; Voltage: 100-240V; Cord length: 3m; Automatic shut-off time: 30 minutes; Warranty: 3 years

6. GHD Unplugged: Best hair straighteners for travel

Price when reviewed: £299 | Check price at LookFantasticghd Unplugged hair straighteners product image

  • Great for: USB-C charging, travel friendly size
  • Keep in mind: Smaller plates, 20-minute battery life

While cordless straighteners have been around for a few years, we think the ghd Unplugged takes the convenience of rechargeable hair straighteners a step further. Size-wise, it’s just 22cm long and weighs 300g, which is substantially lighter than the Dyson Corrale at 561g. This makes it much easier to toss into a bag and carry around with you.

Thanks to its compact size, the heated plates here are slightly narrower than average but the floating spring mounts adjust to the contours of your hair, allowing the straighteners to effortlessly glide over hair without any tugging or snagging. In our tests, this reduced the time it took to style our hair and meant that the Unplugged’s short 20-minute battery life went far further than we thought it would.

Even better for travel, these straighteners charge via a handy USB-C cable. So, you can charge from any place with a USB socket, such as your laptop, or car. To cut a long story short, the ghd Unplugged are great compact cordless straighteners that we’re happy to recommend.

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Key specs – Plates: Ceramic-coated, “floating spring” plates; Heat settings: 185ºC; Maximum temperature: 185ºC; Voltage: Universal; Cord length: N/A; Automatic shut-off time: 3 minutes; Warranty: 2 years

7. Cloud Nine Original Iron: Best hair straighteners for healthy hair

Price when reviewed: £199 | Check price at Amazon
Cloud Nine Original Iron Hair Straighteners product image

  • Great for: Regular styling
  • Keep in mind: Less intelligent than Cloud Nine’s other straighteners

Launched by one of the founders of GHD, Cloud Nine’s Original hair straighteners glide easily through the hair without any pull or drag. During tests, they left our hair feeling silky, looking shiny and – most importantly – poker straight.

Hair health is a key drive of this product’s design: the ceramic plates are mineral-infused to reduce snagging, leaving hair with extra shine and there are six heat settings, from 100ºC to 200ºC. We found the plates perform well at lower temperatures, which means less risk of damage to hair.

Ergonomically, the Cloud Nine Original are comfortable in the hand and lightweight at just 247g. We think the slim, curved barrel is easy to use for flicking and curling, as well as for straight styles. The unit heats up in just 20 seconds and shuts off automatically after 30 minutes for added safety. Controls on the inside surface of the straighteners can be a little fiddly to access but overall, this is an excellent product that gives GHD a run for its money.

Key specs – Plates: 4cm mineral-infused ceramic plates; Heat settings: Five temperature control options; Maximum temperature: 200°C; Voltage: Universal; Cord length: 2.6m; Automatic shut-off time: 30 minutes; Warranty: 1 year

8. BaByliss 3Q Hair Straighteners: Best Cloud Nine and GHD Alternative

Price when reviewed: £105 | Check price at BootsBaByliss 3Q Hair Straighteners product image

  • Great for: High quality features at a lower price
  • Keep in mind: Buzzing noise

BaByliss has a history of producing must-have hair tools that dates back to the 1960s, and many of its inventions – including the Perfect Curl and Big Hair – are cult favourites.

We love how the 3Q hair straighteners heat up quickly and transform frizz into fabulous smoothness. In addition, they even protect damaged hair with the aptly named Protect button, which switches temperature accurately to one suited to your hair in just a few seconds. In fact, the BaByliss 3Q Hair Straighteners boast many of the features of their high-end contemporaries, using sensors to work out the correct temperature for your hair, maintaining heat and leaving a salon-shine finish.

If you have more delicate or damaged hair, then the lower temperatures will certainly help keep your hair healthy. The 3Q straighteners aren’t the quietest in operation and sometimes make a rather disconcerting buzzing noise but they represent good value for money in the middle of the market.

Key specs – Plates: 2.8cm quartz-ceramic plates; Heat settings: 12 digital options; Maximum temperature: 235°C; Cord length: 3m swivel cable; Automatic shut-off time: 72 minutes; Warranty: 5 years

How to choose the best hair straighteners for you

What size heating plates are best for you?

Plates of around one inch are perfect for most types of hair and far better for curling and shaping the hair. Short hair will get on best with thinner plates because they allow you to get close to the root.

The best hair straighteners for thick hair are those with large, wide plates. However, plates that are over an inch wide make it more difficult to achieve curly and wavy styles.

Which materials and coatings are best on the heated plates?

Straighteners with non-metallic plates – such as ceramic or tourmaline – typically heat more gently and evenly, producing a shinier finish. Tourmaline plates specifically achieve optimum results at lower temperatures, resulting in less heat damage with regular use.

Plates might also be coated in titanium, which heats up very quickly. This not only cuts the overall time required for styling, it reduces the amount of time that the hair is exposed to heat.

What other features should you look out for?

Plate size and material are of most importance when it comes to choosing hair straighteners, but there are some other features to consider, too.

  • A long cable is a godsend if you don’t want to be stuck next to the plug socket, especially if there isn’t a socket close to your mirror.
  • If you can, get a rotating swivel cord, too. Some swivel through 360-degrees, which can make all the difference when attempting to style hard-to-reach areas.
  • Straighteners with curved edges are great if you want to create curls, waves and flicks as you can shape your hair around the body of the iron.
  • Some irons automatically switch off after a certain period of inactivity, which greatly reduces the risk of accidental fire and is a must for forgetful types.
  • A quick heat-up time of under 30 seconds will be welcome for those who are often in a hurry.

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How do you use hair straighteners?

Hair straighteners are simple to use. Simply clamp a section of hair between the two plates of a straightener and drag the iron down the hair’s length. Follow these steps to ensure you get the best results every time:

  • Always ensure hair is completely dry before straightening
  • Spray hair with a heat-protective product before you begin styling to keep heat damage to a minimum
  • Section hair prior to styling, starting with the bottom layers of hair at the nape of the neck, working your way up to the crown in small sections
  • Straighten the hair in inch-wide sections for the best results

Depending on the thickness of your hair and the level of practice you’ve had, a straightening routine can take anywhere between 10 to 30 minutes.

Which temperature setting should you use?

Most manufacturers recommend styling at 180˚C for the healthiest finish. However, you’ll achieve better results on textured hair at temperatures up to 210ºC. Those with fine, damaged or colour-treated hair should stick to lower temperatures of around 165ºC.

Exercise caution when choosing a heat setting, since high heat can frazzle and even break fine hair. The keratin protein that makes up your hair starts to melt at 233˚C, so avoid going up this high.

How do hair straighteners work?

So how does heat styling cause the natural shape of hair to change? Heat causes the hydrogen bonds in the hair to break. Once a straightener is passed over the hair, the hair cools and the hydrogen bonds re-form into a new, straight position. If the hair is wrapped around the tool, rather than held straight while cooling, then the hair will take on a loose curl shape instead.

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