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Dyson’s Supersonic costs £299 but looks like no hair dryer before it

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The new Dyson Supersonic hair dryer runs almost silently but it will cost you a pretty penny

Dyson has just branched out with its first personal care product, the Supersonic hair dryer. First thing’s first, the Supersonic hair dryer will cost a pretty penny at £299. This is more than most Salon-grade, commercial hair dryers out there, but what you’re getting is a pretty radical departure from every hair dryer you might have seen before.

The wand-like design should hopefully help with manoeuvrability, especially in reaching the back of your head without too much awkward contortion. The motor is housed inside the handle, which is meant to help with balance. The Supersonic uses Dyson’s air multiplier technology as seen in the company’s bladeless fans and more recently in the Pure Cool Link air purifier.

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Dyson says this enables the Supersonic to multiply the air it takes in three-fold, in order to produce a high-pressure, high-velocity jet of air, which should both dry your hair quicker, supposedly up to eight times faster than rivals, but also aids styling due to its more targeted control of airflow. 

Dyson Supersonic air flow

The Supersonic uses a specially-designed V9 digital motor. Importantly, the Supersonic will run almost silently. Well, technically, not completely silently, just that the motor operates at a single tone frequency outside of human perception. Finally, then, you’ll be able to dry your hair without annoying everyone else in the household. Temperature control is included to avoid potential hair damage from excessive heat. 

An array of attachments will also be included that attach through magnets and make the Supersonic resemble a more traditional hair dryer. These include diffusers and smooth nozzles. As the hot air passes through a layer of cold air, the surface of each attachment remains cool to the touch. The Dyson Supersonic will launch initially in Asian markets before reaching the UK in June and will cost a significant £299. Dyson, then, is banking on there really not being a price you can put on looking good.

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