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Best doormat 2023: Keep your floors clean with these top indoor and outdoor mats

Check your mucky shoes at the door with the best doormats made from coir, cotton, rubber and more

Choosing the best doormat to suit your home is about more than keeping dirt and dust from sullying your floors – it’s about making a first impression. As the classic welcome mat is now just the tip of the iceberg, what exactly that impression will be is entirely up to you.

With branded options for all manner of films, TV shows, video games, comic books, airports (seriously), and much more, your doormat can tell visitors plenty about you before they ever even see your face. All that, and they let you walk all over them – the doormat truly is the unsung hero of your entryway.

And that’s before we even get to the doormat’s actual function: cleaning shoes. There are several different materials, each of which is best suited for certain conditions, so whatever your needs, this list will have something for you. If you’d like to read more about material types before you make a choice, our buying guide below has more in-depth information.

You can click here to jump straight to the buying guide. Otherwise, read on and discover the best doormats that you can buy right now.

Best doormat: At a glance

  • Best indoor mat: Microfibre Super-Absorbent Door Mat | Buy now
  • Best outdoor mat: John Lewis & Partners Arch Door Mat | Buy now
  • Best for dog owners: Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Runner | Buy now
  • Best personalised option: Getting Personal Tattoo Heart | Buy now
  • Best budget option: Argos Home Coir and Rubber Mat | Buy now

The best doormats to buy in 2023

1. Microfibre Super-Absorbent Door Mat: The best indoor mat

Price: £20 | Buy now from Lakeland

With the traditionally dismal British weather being what it is (heatwaves notwithstanding), chances are you will regularly come in the house with wet shoes. Claiming to absorb up to 750ml of water, this microfibre doormat is exactly what you need to keep that moisture from venturing any further into your home.

The mat is machine washable – which we recommend doing regularly to keep it fresh – and comes with the standard Lakeland three-year guarantee, so you can be sure of its longevity. As a final bonus, grey goes with pretty much everything, so whatever your interior decor, this slate mat will fit in perfectly.

Key specs – Dimensions (LxW): 60 x 40cm; Material: Microfibre; Base: Non-slip; Suitable for: Indoor use

Buy now from Lakeland

2. Argos Home Coir and Rubber Doormat: The best budget doormat

Price: £7.50 | Buy now from Argos

For something inexpensive that you can quickly scrape your shoes on as you come in the door, Argos’ coir and rubber mat is a solid choice. Despite costing less than half the price of other entries on this list, this is a classically good-looking doormat, with the coir centre being bordered by rubber, cut in a wrought iron-inspired design.

As well as producing a classy aesthetic, the combination of coir and rubber also gives this mat more versatility, as you can scrape the arches of your shoes on the border before brushing them off on the coir. The rubber also gives the mat a decent weight, so it won’t slide around while you use it, and it’s durable enough to comfortably sit outside in all weather conditions.

Key specs – Dimensions (LxW): 75 x 45cm; Material: Coir, rubber; Base: Non-slip PVC; Suitable for: Outdoor use

Buy now from Argos

3. Getting Personal Tattoo Heart: The best personalised doormat

Price: £27 | Buy now from Getting Personal

If you’d rather avoid the traditional rectangular doormat, there are few choices that stand out more than Getting Personal’s tattoo-inspired mat. Drawing from the classic arrow-pierced heart design that adorned the arm of many a sailor, this mat is especially great for showing your love of ink. For personalisation, you can choose any name of up to 25 characters to appear on the banner – “Mom” is completely optional.

As far as its actual functionality goes, the mat is made from resilient UV fabric, which is coarse enough to give your shoes a decent clean, and will also keep its colour in the face of the sun. The use of recycled car tyre rubber for the backing is not only eco-friendly but also durable enough to keep it from cracking when the weather turns cold.

Key specs – Dimensions (LxW): 57.5 x 51cm; Material: UV fabric; Base: Recycled car tyre rubber; Suitable for: Outdoor use

Buy now from Getting Personal

4. John Lewis & Partners Arch Door Mat: The best outdoor mat

Price: £20 | Buy now from John Lewis

This solid rubber mat is the best thing you can have outside your door if you regularly come home with boots caked in mud. Whether you’re a hiker, a farmer, a dog walker or just a mud enthusiast, a few scrapes on this mat will keep all that muck outside where it belongs.

The intricate design is working double duty here, with the ridges and holes giving your shoes a more thorough cleaning, while also presenting a classic aesthetic that will complement any entryway. If you have steps leading up to your door, you can also pair this mat with matching step mats, for a slip-free and stylish walk into your home.

Key specs – Dimensions (LWD): 75 x 45 x 1cm; Material: Rubber; Suitable for: Outdoor use

Buy now from John Lewis

5. Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Runner: The best doormat for dog owners

Price: £60 | Buy now from VioVet

Since it’s difficult to teach even the youngest dogs to politely wipe their feet as they come in the door, it’s a good idea to invest in an absorbent mat that can draw dirt and moisture off their paws as they excitedly bound past. Depending on the size of your dog, that bounding could quickly clear a regular-dimension doormat, so we recommend choosing a runner such as this one to give your floors a fighting chance.

The absorbent microfibre claims to soak up to seven times its own weight in mud and water and is machine washable for convenient cleaning. As the shag is soft and plush, dogs can quickly take a liking to it, which is great for keeping them sat still while you towel them off, but also brings the risk of them relieving themselves on it. The plastic base will keep stains off your floor, and a quick wash will clear any smell, but this is still worth watching out for.

Key specs – Dimensions (LxW): 152 x 76cm; Material: Microfibre; Base: Non-skid; Suitable for: Indoor use

Buy now from VioVet

6. Natural Seagrass Leaf Doormat: The best doormat for rustic charm

Price: £32 | Buy now from Graham and Green

Woven completely from natural seagrass, this leaf-shaped mat will add a bohemian flair to any hallway it graces. The braided style has plenty of bumps and ridges for knocking loose dust and debris, and the natural scent of the leaves provides an earthy aroma that should fend off offensive odours. While strong enough to handle foot traffic, the weave of this mat wouldn’t survive a washing machine, so this one is to be hand-cleaned only.

As the most attractive feature of this mat is its design, we would advise against relying solely on it for excessive mud or moisture, as the seagrass isn’t as absorbent or durable as some other entries on this list. For the best results, pair this mat with a more rugged outdoor one made from rubber, coir, or a combination of both.

Key specs – Dimensions (LWH): 80 x 52 x 3cm; Material: Seagrass; Suitable for: Indoor use

Buy now from Graham and Green

7. Prime Linens Runners Mat: The best runner doormat

Price: £8 – £46 | Buy now from Amazon

If you have a long enough hallway, a runner mat will give you more surface area for moisture and debris collection, while adding a strong accent piece to the room. This non-slip runner from Price Linens comes in an array of colours meaning it will slot in nicely with any colour scheme in your home. The raised nylon stripes are bordered by non-slip PVC rubber, the same material used for the base, to keep the whole thing from shifting around underfoot.

The close-knit and durable fibres promise to absorb moisture and repel dust, so a good shuffle over the runner should clear most debris from your shoes. For cleaning, you can vacuum this mat easily enough, but if that isn’t doing the trick, you can also soak it with a hose to get out any deep-set dirt. It even comes in a number of different size configurations, from 40 x 60cm all the way up to 80 x 300cm, so there should be at least one that suits the door frame size and hallway length found in your home.

Key specs – Dimensions (LxW): Variable (40 x 60cm, 45 x 75cm, 50 x 90cm, 60 x 180cm, 80 x 150cm, 80 x 300cm, 120 x 150cm); Material: Nylon; Base: Non-slip PVC rubber; Suitable for: Indoor use

8. The Overlook Hotel Doormat: The best doormat for bringing out your shine

Price: £19 | Buy now from EMP

All work and no play may indeed make Jack a dull boy, but the iconic pattern on this Overlook Hotel-branded doormat will do quite the opposite to your entryway. As well as showing your love for the timeless classic that is The Shining, this coir mat will effectively clean moisture, dirt and dust off your shoes. It will even clear snow, if you ever happen to go trudging around a hedge maze in the middle of winter.*

The underside is PVC, which is textured enough to keep the mat from slipping around, and because it’s only on the bottom, cold weather shouldn’t dramatically affect its integrity. As an added bonus, this mat gives you the perfect opportunity to yell “here’s Johnny!” whenever you get home.

*Axe not included, Expert Reviews accepts no responsibility for sudden snaps of homicidal rage.

Key specs – Dimensions (LxW): 60 x 40cm; Material: Coir; Base: PVC; Suitable for: Outdoor or indoor use

Buy now from EMP

9. Dunelm Marvel Mats Washable Doormat: Best cotton mat

Price: £12 – £30 | Buy now from Dunelm

As we mentioned in the buying guide, cotton is a truly great material for a rug due to its absorbency qualities and relatedly, the speed it dries at. This primary layer of this mat is made from 90% recycled cotton (and 10% polyester) and is coupled with a non-slip foam backing made from natural latex with recycled plastic for that added comfort and security. Cotton isn’t necessarily the best on this list for dealing with dust and dirt, but it makes the perfect indoor mat to welcome guests at the front entrance or to park up muddy shoes against the back door.

It looks good too, coming in three colour shades of dark grey, light brown and silver as well as in four sizes between 50 x 75cm to 80 x 150cm. Plus, for that extra convenience when things get a little messy, you can machine wash at 30 degrees and even tumble dry on low temperatures.

Key specs – Dimensions (LxW): Variable (50 x 75cm, 50 x 150cm, 80 x 95cm, 80 x 150cm); Material: Cotton, Polyester; Base: Non-slip natural latex/plastic; Suitable for: Indoor use

Buy now from Dunelm

How to choose the best doormat for you

As a prominent part of your household, aesthetics will naturally play a big part in choosing your doormat – you’re going to have to look at it every day, after all – but there are several other factors to consider. Here, we’ll break down the main ones, and also give you an idea of what sort of prices you should expect for each type.

What different types of doormat are there?

Most doormats are the traditional rectangular shape and made from a coarse material that is hardy enough to be placed on either side of the door. Some feature more unusual shapes, such as a semi-circle or a leaf, which is useful for curved porches or just making a bit more of a statement.

Among these shapes, you’ll find a range of materials, with some being better suited to outdoor use than others. These will tend to be heavily weather-resistant, as well as non-slip to keep you from dancing a jig at the door during rain or snow. You can also get made-to-measure mats, ideal for a more complete fit or awkwardly shaped entryways.

As well as the myriad different branded designs from all your favourite media, there are also plenty of companies that offer personalisation services. Whether it’s a favourite quote, a groan-worthy pun or simply your family name, getting a custom-designed doormat is just another way to imprint your personality on your home.

Which material is best?

As mentioned, each material is useful for different circumstances, be it the softness of the mat or weather resistance, so this will depend on exactly where you plan to put the mat. Some materials are used almost exclusively in large traffic public areas, such as hotels and offices, but for home use, most mats are made from one or more of the following:

Coir: If you’ve ever touched a coconut, chances are this classic matting material will be very familiar to you. Made with coarse fibres from the outer husk of the coconut, coir was the most commonly used doormat material for a long time, before being supplanted by cheaper synthetic fibres. Still, this material was top of the game for a reason, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more effective material for removing dirt and debris.

Cotton: This is another natural fibre but with very different properties. The key thing here is the absorbency and drying speed, which is why cotton is also a popular choice for making towels. While not as well suited to dealing with dust and dirt as coir, cotton mats are better for wet conditions, making them the best choice for an indoor mat. As a bonus, most are machine-washable, so keeping them clean is a breeze.

Microfibre: Made from synthetic fibres that are finer than human hair, these mats are woven to have a larger surface area, making them better at trapping dirt and moisture. Microfibre is also very effective at scraping and cleaning shoes, as movement along the surface creates a static charge among the fibres, effectively drawing particles into the mat, ready to be vacuumed up later.

Natural rubber: The superior choice over synthetic PVC due to its durability in the face of harsh weather conditions, natural rubber is the best material for a rugged outdoor mat. Less prone to cracking than its manmade counterparts, a natural rubber mat is heavy enough to not shift around and resilient enough to survive cold snaps. The top surface will usually either be textured or feature open holes, which serves the dual purpose of more efficient cleaning of shoes and providing decent traction for stability.

Nylon: Hard-wearing and resilient, this synthetic plastic is often chosen over cotton due to its durability and flexibility. Nylon is also inherently water-resistant, so instead of absorbing moisture, it pushes it to the surface, where it can be wiped down or vacuumed up. This is great for avoiding mould and mildew build-up, which can be a problem with more absorbent materials if they aren’t cleaned regularly.

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How much should I be spending?

As with most home accessories, the price of doormats can vary wildly. If you just want something simple to scrape your boots on, you can pick up a perfectly serviceable mat for under £10. For more high-quality materials or personalised options, prices usually fall anywhere between £20 and £50. At the top end, you can find mats that cost well over £100, with the extra pennies usually indicating a designer brand or higher-quality materials.

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