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Best front doors 2023: Stylish and secure entrances to your home

Our front doors not only set the tone of our property’s exterior, but play a vital role in keeping our homes secure and energy efficient

The majority of folk probably don’t think about their front door much from day to day, but choosing the best front door for your home is an important decision. A front door is the first thing that visitors will see, setting the tone of your property’s exterior. It could even add to the value of your home.

However, a decent front door contributes more to your home than simply giving it kerb appeal. It plays a vital role in keeping your home secure, too, so it’s essential that you choose one with a decent locking system. In addition, an old and poorly fitting front door could be the cause of heat loss – definitely a no-no in a time of rising energy bills. A new front door could save you money on heating costs by helping to increase your home’s thermal efficiency.  

Below you’ll find our pick of the best front doors, covering entrances of different styles, sizes and budgets. If you’re not sure where to start, then check out our handy buying guide that’s packed with useful information about how to choose the best front door for your home.

How to choose the best front door for you

As with many purchases in life, it helps to do your research before you buy a front door so that you can be sure you have the right one for your requirements. The door you choose will have a direct impact on the look and feel of your home.

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Types of front doors

There are four main options when it comes to door materials. 

uPVC (PVCu) – Plastic doors are the most affordable option. They’re durable, sturdy and easy to maintain, they don’t rot or rust, and are ideal for the inclement British weather. Modern uPVC doors also come in a range of colours and designs. However, the downside is that they have a shorter lifespan and aren’t easily recycled.

Wood – Wooden doors are a classic. They don’t date and can be eco-friendly, if you source them from sustainable materials. And, of course, there are a huge variety of different woods and tones available, although we’d recommend hardwoods for toughness. Timber can last for years, but it does require maintenance to keep it in top condition. Expect to have to treat wooden front doors with oil or paint every six to eight years to withstand the weather.

Aluminium – Aluminium doors are becoming increasingly popular, with the material strong and secure while also being lightweight. It will be resilient to the British weather, too, offers good sustainability credentials and is easy to recycle. Aluminium doors are usually treated with a powder-coated finish that means they don’t require maintenance. You’ll pay more for them, however.

Composite – As you might expect, composite doors are made up of several different materials. All have a reinforced frame core with a thermally efficient layer, meaning they’re strong and efficient. The outer material can be made of different materials such as uPVC, timber or glass-reinforced plastic. They’re also available in a huge range of colours and finishes, and can usually be kept clean using a cloth and warm soapy water.

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How big should my door be?

Of course, the cheapest door option is a standard single fronted door (which you’ll find fronting the majority of houses). But larger front doors are worth considering, particularly for those with young children and therefore prams, or if someone in your family uses a wheelchair. However, available space will also be a key factor for determining the size of door you can have. The most important thing is to measure your door frame very carefully to ensure you get the right-sized door for your home.

Should I fit a new door myself?

Unless you’re a DIY expert and have the skills required, we’d leave it to the professionals. This door provides most of the security for your home and you want it to be fitted perfectly. Incorrect installation could compromise the door’s integrity and void a guarantee. In many cases, you may find that installation is included in the cost of your door.

Finishing touches

Don’t forget to think about the extras. The handle on the door is the part you’ll touch the most, so make sure it’s easy to grip and turn. A letterbox needs to be energy efficient, although you might want to consider a wall-mounted option that ensures your front door remains completely draft-proof. And lastly, remember that your lock needs to conform to British Standard 3621 to satisfy most home insurance policies. 

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The best front doors you can buy in 2023

1. Wickes Carolina External Oak Door Glazed 4 Panel: Best budget door

Price: £250 | Buy now from Wickes

If you’re on a tight budget, Wickes’ door is hard to beat in terms of price. The Carolina door has a classic panelled design, with fanlight windows at the top. It’s made from timber, but also contains oak veneer and some man-made materials, all of which help to keep the price low.

Wickes says that the door has engineered stiles and rails to help prevent it from warping – a possibility with pure timber doors. However, at this extremely reasonable price, we wouldn’t expect this door to last as long as some of its more expensive counterparts. The important thing is that the Carolina door will easily stay looking fresh and attractive for its natural lifespan. 

The door will need to be either painted or stained before use, so you’ll need to factor this into the cost. It’s available in several different sizes, and you can trim it (equally) by up to 24mm in height and width. While the Carolina won’t last as long as its more expensive competitors, it’s a good basic door that should provide decent insulation. 

Key details – Sizes (cm): 1,981 x 762 / 1,981 x 838 / 2,032 x 813; Thickness: 4.5cm; Material: Oak veneer

Buy now from Wickes

2. Anglian Home Improvements Composite Door: Best bespoke door

Price: From £1,900 | Buy now from Anglian Home Improvements

Anglian makes a highly customisable range of front doors, meaning you can design the perfect fit for your home. We particularly like the Madrid door – a composite door with a solid timber core. The core is vacuum-moulded with a water-tight skin to deliver a door that’s very low maintenance.

As you’d expect, Anglian’s external doors are designed to cope with the changeable British weather and have a long lifespan. They’re also impressively thick at 4.8cm. The Madrid door comes complete with a glazed window and brushed steel handle and letterbox, and you can choose from over 30 colours (our favourites are the Duck Egg Blue and Pastel Blue). 

Each door is made to measure so you can achieve an exact fit. We also love the fact that delivery, installation and aftercare are all included in the price.

Key details – Sizes (cm): Bespoke/made to measure; Thickness: 4.8cm; Material: Solid timber

Buy now from Anglian Home Improvements

3. B&Q Linear 5 Panel Frosted Anthracite Timber Front Door: Best modern front door

Price: £549 | Buy now from B&Q

B&Q’s door is a solid and well-constructed piece that remains reasonably priced compared to competitors. Made from timber with an insulated core, it helps to reduce heat loss and makes it more thermally efficient. 

The five-panel door is factory-finished in anthracite, while the frosted glass has been factory-glazed. The glass is also double-glazed and made from toughened glass for added security. All of this adds up to a hefty door that’s a great buy for the security-conscious.

It’s also a great choice for those looking to put a modern stamp on their home. The sleek grey door would suit newer architecture with its matte finish and minimalist features. Do note, however, that there’s no frame supplied with the door and it’s only guaranteed for a year. Much like the Wickes Carolina door at the start of our list, we wouldn’t expect this door to last forever considering its cheaper price. 

Key details – Sizes (cm): 1,981 x 838; Thickness: 4.8cm; Material: Timber

Buy now from B&Q

4. Anglian Home Improvements uPVC door: Best double door

Price: From £1,600 | Buy now from Anglian Home Improvements

One of the big advantages with doors from Anglian is that they’re all custom-made to fit your exact specifications. This means that it can produce doors such as this uPVC double door, whose elegant design would look perfect in any number of homes.

This particular door is finished in grey, but you can choose from nine different colours and finishes. The door is extremely low maintenance – it can be easily wiped clean and has a weather-resistant finish. It’s also extremely energy-efficient and long-lasting. 

Anglian’s double door would also be a great choice if you need an accessible door for wheelchair use, or you have young children and babies that require pushchairs. And as with the Anglian composite door on our list, delivery, installation and aftercare is included in the price.

Key details – Sizes (cm): Bespoke/made to measure; Thickness: 2.8cm; Material: uPVC

Buy now from Anglian Home Improvements

5. Domadeco Sta Pegasus Modern External Single Door: Best quirky front door

Price: £1,130 | Buy now from Domadeco

The Sta Pegasus door from Domadeco is a bit different. With curving lines and glazing on the front, it’s ideal for homeowners looking for a quirky door that’s bound to be a talking point.

Made from stainless steel filled with PUR polyurethane foam and wood, this door has a tough and durable design. It’s available in a choice of 13 colours (we particularly like the dark anthracite, which we think matches the modern design), and it has a dual sealing system to reduce vibration and heat loss.

We like the fact that you can further customise the door to make it unique: you can opt for a T-bar long handle, add a letterbox, choose different glass and add a rain deflector (which we’d say is pretty much essential in the UK!), for example. The door comes ready hung on its frame, meaning those who are confident in their DIY skills could fit it themselves.

Key details – Sizes (cm): Customisable height from 20.3-20.9, customisable width from 8.7-10; Thickness: 5.5cm; Material: Stainless steel and timber

Buy now from Domadeco

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