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Shark announces HUGE line-up of new products for 2024

A robot vacuum, air purifier and cordless fan were revealed at SharkNinja’s latest event

Shark has unveiled a multitude of new products for 2024 at its first big launch of 2024. The line-up sees Shark stepping into a few new spaces with the Shark FlexBreeze fan, the Matrix robot vacuum and the NeverChange 5 air purifier.

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Cooling – Shark FlexBreeze

The FlexBreeze is Shark’s first step into the cooling sector after seeing success with its vacuums and hairdryers, and like the majority of SharkNinja’s products, it isn’t just your bog standard fan. The FlexBreeze works both corded and cordless, and Shark claims it has a 20-hour runtime on a single battery charge while on its lowest speed setting and without oscillation.

With five speeds, 180ºC rotation, a 55ºC tilt and a “Breeze Mode” which mimics natural wind flow, the FlexBreeze appears to offer plenty of features for most people’s needs. It can be used in both pedestal and tabletop form and most interestingly, is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use – though the latter won’t be much use in the UK most year round.

The FlexBreeze also comes with built-in “InstaCool misting”, which essentially allows you to add water to the fan by attaching it to a hose, offering a cooling spritz of water on hotter days.

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Air purifying – Shark NeverChange 5

Another new one for Shark, the NeverChange 5 air purifier, offers four layers of filtration to capture dust, odours, pet dander and other allergens. Shark claims its HEPA filters will only need to be changed out every five years, unlike other air purifiers, which generally need to be changed out far more regularly – as often as every six months — which should save you a fair bit of money over time.

The NeverChange will also come with an air quality monitor, which shows you how good or bad the air quality is in your room. This means its speed will automatically increase and decrease based on this number throughout the day. And for odour control, the purifier is also designed to release a clean scent via the filter.

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Available in two sizes, the HP300 model will offer “large room coverage”, while the HP150 is designed with smaller rooms in mind. No word on price just yet but we’re expecting to see this on the Shark UK store in Spring 2024.

Cleaning – Shark Matrix Robot Vacuum

After Shark’s success with its cordless and corded vacuum line-up it makes sense to see Shark Matrix launching in the UK. The Matrix is primarily a robot vacuum but doubles as a mop, cleaning both carpet and messy hardwood floors using grid movement designed to reach into every nook and cranny. Most impressively, this robovac has a self-emptying station that’s both bagless and has a HEPA filter, which Shark claims can hold up to 60 days worth of dirt.

While we don’t have any specs for the Matrix’s suction power to confirm this, Shark also claims the Matrix’s suction power is twice that of the iRobot J7+. We’re expecting it to come with some pretty standard accessories including two side brushes and two mopping pads. You can also expect to see a remote for manual control, as well as app-based controls and scheduling.

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With precision grid movement and a very clever self-emptying bin, this is a mid to premium model that currently retails for $500 in the US. While there’s no word on a UK price yet, we’re expecting it to retail for around £450+ based on US pricing and should see it in stores in Spring 2024.

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