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Best desk 2022: Work from home in comfort with these stylish and practical workstations

Create a workspace in your home that works for you with our pick of the best desks

With a decent percentage of the country’s workforce working from home for some or all of the week, the demand for good, affordable home office furniture has never been higher. Second only to an office chair, a practical office desk is a key investment that could make all the difference to your comfort and productivity.

You may already have seen our rundown of the best office chairs, newly updated to include the latest affordable buys. But don’t overlook the humble desk. It’s far more than just a flat surface: when you spend hours at that desk, ergonomic details such as the height of your monitor and the option to stand while working are vital for health and productivity (Ergotron’s Workspace Planner helps you suss out your perfect setup). You may also want useful features such as built-in drawers and shelves to fit the way you work or study. And, of course, a desk that looks good in your home.

In a moment we’ll reveal the best desks you can currently buy. First, here’s a quick round-up of desk types and factors to consider when choosing your ideal working surface.

Get this spacious corner desk for just £330

With a reversible orientation and plenty of storage options, this L-shaped desk from Wayfair is a great workstation. And right now, you can save £50 on the Belfield, down from £380 to £330.

Wayfair Was £380 Now £330 Buy Now

Save on the Loaf Den desk

Also discounted is this desk from Loaf, made from solid wood and a sturdy metal frame. At £795, it’s one of the most expensive desks on our roundup, but it’s currently on sale for £635.

Loaf Was £795 Now £635 Buy Now

Best desks: At a glance

How to buy the best desk for you

What shapes of desk are there?

Corner desk: Handy for rooms where you’re short of space and don’t want to give up a whole wall.

Straight desk: The most common type of desk, this type is available with or without drawers or cupboards, but all sport a simple rectangular desktop. They’re usually made from wood or – increasingly – glass.

Wave desk: Similar to corner desks, these desks are slightly curved at one end to enlarge the workspace

Curved desk: Often used by the Big Cheese in workplaces, you can also buy statement versions for the home to sit either at the centre of a room or against a wall.

What size desk should I buy?

Shape aside, this is your most important consideration. Do you often spread out large pieces of paper such as maps or architect plans, or need to have lots of books open at one time while you work? Or are you simply after a modest space on which to pop your laptop? Also, think about what needs to sit on your desk. Do you have a large computer, paper trays and a pen, for example?

Perhaps you want to brighten up your desk up with plants and framed photos, too. The size of the room will be significant, too; it’s helpful to mark out the template of the desk on the floor using a tape measure or paper. If you’re likely to be working at the same time as your partner or child, you might need a desk for two or more people to work at simultaneously.

How much should I spend?

You could spend anywhere between around £50 and £650 on a new desk. When it comes to price, some key factors to consider are size, material, and any extra features such as drawers and cable tidies. Some of the more expensive entries in our roundup are made from solid wood rather than cheaper manufactured materials such as MDF. While it’s not essential to its performance, we’d argue that the quality and feel of a solid wood desk is well worth the investment if you’re going to be working at your desk frequently and for long periods of time. Some desks, such as the Vox Lori featured below, are also customisable – allowing you to add extra storage options such as desk tidies at incremental costs. Ultimately, with the variety of desks available, you should easily be able to find the right desk for your budget and needs.

What else do I need to consider?

Think about whether you want drawers and/or cupboards. A sliding drawer for your keyboard and cut-outs for cables can be useful. Is the height right for you? And don’t forget to get the right office chair – click here to find our pick of the very best.

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The best desks to buy

1. Cubiker Computer Home Office Desk: Best all-round desk

Price: From £144 | Buy now from Amazon

This inexpensive desk ticks all the boxes for us. It looks great, it’s small enough to fit into your home but big enough to work on comfortably, and it has a clever design that includes a riser for your monitor or monitors. There’s also shelf space for books and computer accessories or cables. It’s extremely sturdy but lightweight and easy to assemble, with tools included in the box. It also comes in black, but that model is currently a little bit more pricey.

Key features – Dimensions: 75 x 120 x 60cm (HWD); Main materials: Metal and particle board; Colours available: 2

2. Sogesfurniture Computer Desk: Best desk under £100

Price: From £46 | Buy now from Amazon

This minimalist budget beauty is the perfect writing table for composing your modern novel while gazing out the window. Like many desks in this list, it doesn’t include a riser of any sort. So, if you use a monitor, you may need an additional riser (or pile of books) on top of the sleek wood-effect surface for maximum comfort in your neck and shoulders. There are no drawers, either, but that does at least make the whole thing easy to assemble, and the two open shelves do give you some storage options. The simple frame is stylish, uncluttered, and sturdy enough to support a riser section if you prefer. Plus, it currently costs the bargain price of £46.

Key features – Dimensions: 75 x 120 x 60cm (HWD); Main materials: Steel frame, MDF surface; Colours available: One

3. Argos Home Malibu 3 Drawer Office Desk: Best budget desk with storage

Price: £85 | Buy now from Argos

This desk from Argos is made from chipboard and MDF wood, so the material quality isn’t going to be as good as some of the more expensive solid wood products on our list – and it’s worth pointing out that there are no cable tidies or holes.

Nevertheless, you still get some decent storage options, including a set of three drawers and three fixed shelves. At this price, there’s not much to complain about. In fact, judging by the army of four and five star customer reviews on Argos, very few people have.

As a simple WFH option, or as a teenager’s study desk, this should more than suffice. If your remote working needs are fairly basic, you don’t need to spend hundreds of pounds on a desk – save the money for a decent chair instead.

Key features – Dimensions: 72.1cm x 120cm x 49 cm (HWD); Main materials: chipboard, MDF; Number of colours available: Four

Buy now from Argos

4. Hashtag Home Floating Desk: Best desk for small spaces

Price: £116 | Buy now from WayfairFor something a little bit different, this floating desk from Wayfair is a pretty quirky piece and is still very affordable at just north of £100. You get a modest amount of storage space, with one full-length drawer as well as an upper shelf.

The desk has just two slanted legs and you’ll need to put it together yourself, which might be a tricky task for some – particularly as you’ll need to fix it to the wall for stability. Once assembled, though, it’s a stylish desk and one that is very economical in terms of space.

Key features – Dimensions: 91 x 94 x 50cm (HWD); Main materials: Chipboard, solid wood base; Number of colours: Four

Buy now from Wayfair

5. John Lewis & Partners Mix it Dressing Table/Desk: Best sleek desk to fit any room

Price: £109 | Buy now from John Lewis

For a sleek and affordable option, consider this desk from John Lewis. Designed as both a dressing table and a work desk, it’s simple and unassuming, but looks pretty good as a piece of minimalist furniture.

Be warned, though: that’s one big drawer, not two. So if you’re looking for plenty of conveniently-arranged storage, you may prefer a desk with more drawers and cubby holes. But this is a lovely, tidy option that’s easy to assemble and will suit any room of the house. It also comes in a stylish ash finish or matt white, as well as the pictured oak effect.

Key features – Dimensions: 76.5 x 100.2 x 43.8cm (HWD); Main materials: Foil-wrapped MDF; Number of colours: Three

Buy now from John Lewis

6. Nazanin Kamali for Case Celine Desk: Best stylish retro desk

Price: £540 | Buy now from John Lewis

John Lewis has one of the widest selections of attractive desks on offer, to fit every style of home and budget – but this is our firm favourite. Available in walnut or oak, both with a single white drawer, it’s a delicate-looking statement desk that’s functional, too. The slight tapering of the legs, unfussy storage areas and the slimline look give it a designer aesthetic, while the drawer and laptop compartment make it more than just a showpiece as it’s purposeful too. Ultra-stylish, this looks a picture in homes where space is at a premium.

Key features – Dimensions: 75cm x 110cm x 55cm (HWD); Main materials: tempered glass; Number of colours available: Two

Buy now from John Lewis

7. Brayden Studio Belfield L-Shape Desk: Best corner desk

Price: £380 | Buy now from Wayfair

If you’ve got a spare corner in your home office, an L-shaped desk can do wonders to maximise workspace and storage options. Our pick from Wayfair delivers on this promise while looking pretty stylish to boot.

The Belfield is made from manufactured wood, and comes in a choice of two colours: “Sanremo Oak” or “Riviera Oak White”. There’s plenty of storage space from the desk’s smaller unit, including an open shelf as well as a spacious cupboard and drawer.

Another great feature is that it can be constructed in a left-handed or a right-handed orientation, to suit the layout of the room and your work setup. Bear in mind, though, that you may want to enlist the help of a friend when assembling it.

Key features – Dimensions: 76 x 140 x119cm (HWD); Main materials: Manufactured wood; Number of colours available: Two

Buy now from Wayfair

8. Loaf Den: Best statement desk

Price: £795 | Buy now from Loaf

Made from solid reclaimed fir recovered from old buildings, this is great for a modern, industrial look, with the metal frame adding a slightly vintage feel. The drawers can be assembled on the left or right to suit your room, and you can match the desk with Loaf’s shelves in the same range. With a working area of 140cm x 65cm, there’s less width on offer here than with some, but plenty of depth. For a quirky take on a wooden desk, this is a great buy – although it’s on the pricey side. That said, Loaf’s folk assemble it for you on delivery.

Key features – Dimensions: 74cm x 140cm x 65cm (HWD); Main materials: wood and metal; Number of colours available: One

Buy now from Loaf

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