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How to watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars in the UK, US and abroad

Good soldiers follow... our guide to watching The Clone Wars wherever you are

After almost exactly six years, Star Wars: The Clone Wars is back. The animated series bit the dust in 2014 to make way for the sequel film trilogy and animated Star Wars: Rebels TV show, and was confined to the archives until June 2019, when Lucasfilm announced the imminent release of the seventh and final season at San Diego Comic-Con.

Set in the period between the live-action Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones and Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars: The Clone Wars is all about filling the gaps.

Featuring existing Star Wars characters – Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, C-3PO, R2-D2 and many, many others – as well as newcomers such as Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano and Captain Rex (plus the rest of the 501st Clone Battalion), the series documents the war that rages for three years between Republic and Separatist forces.

Of course, we all know how the war ends (provided you’ve seen Revenge of the Sith, that is) but if you want to know how the war progresses from that epic first conflict on Geonosis in Episode II to the frantic rescue mission above Coruscant in the opening minutes of Episode III (and beyond), The Clone Wars series is the answer.

Below, you’ll find our guide to watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars, from the 2008 movie to the new 2020 season. We’ll begin by explaining how to watch every episode of The Clone Wars – whether you’re in the UK, US or elsewhere – and then move on to the correct order in which to watch them.

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How to watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars in the UK and US

Surprise, surprise: The Clone Wars is only available to watch on Disney Plus. The fact that Disney purchased Lucasfilm in 2013 was actually one of the reasons The Clone Wars went on hiatus. Ironic.

Disney Plus has been available in the US, Canada and the Netherlands since 12 November 2019 and is now available in the UK. Seasons 1-7 of The Clone Wars (plus theatrical releases) are currently available on both the US and the UK version of the streaming service.

In terms of prices, Disney Plus will set you back $6.99/mth or $69.99/yr in the US and £5.99/mth or £59.99/yr in the UK.

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How to watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars in order

The Clone Wars has a tendency to hop between time periods and episode formats, which can be confusing to newcomers. You can of course just watch the whole thing in order of release date, but there is a better way.

Here’s the correct order to watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars, according to

  1. S2E16 – Cat and Mouse
  2. S1E16 – Hidden Enemy
  3. The Clone Wars film
  4. S3E01 – Clone Cadets
  5. S3E03 – Supply Lines
  6. S1E01 – Ambush
  7. S1E02 – Rising Malevolence
  8. S1E03 – Shadow of Malevolence
  9. S1E04 – Destroy Malevolence
  10. S1E05 – Rookies
  11. S1E06 – Downfall of a Droid
  12. S1E07 – Duel of the Droids
  13. S1E08 – Bombad Jedi
  14. S1E09 – Cloak of Darkness
  15. S1E10 – Lair of Grievous
  16. S1E11 – Dooku Captured
  17. S1E12 – The Gungan General
  18. S1E13 – Jedi Crash
  19. S1E14 – Defenders of Peace
  20. S1E15 – Trespass
  21. S1E17 – Blue Shadow Virus
  22. S1E18 – Mystery of a Thousand Moons
  23. S1E19 – Storm over Ryloth
  24. S1E20 – Innocents of Ryloth
  25. S1E21 – Liberty on Ryloth
  26. S2E01 – Holocron Heist
  27. S2E02 – Cargo of Doom
  28. S2E03 – Children of the Force
  29. S2E17 – Bounty Hunters
  30. S2E18 – The Zillo Beast
  31. S2E19 – The Zillo Beast Strikes Back
  32. S2E04 – Senate Spy
  33. S2E05 – Landing at Point Rain
  34. S2E06 – Weapons Factory
  35. S2E07 – Legacy of Terror
  36. S2E08 – Brain Invaders
  37. S2E09 – Grievous Intrigue
  38. S2E10 – The Deserter
  39. S2E11 – Lightsaber Lost
  40. S2E12 – The Mandalore Plot
  41. S2E13 – Voyage of Temptation
  42. S2E14 – Duchess of Mandalore
  43. S2E20 – Death Trap
  44. S2E21 – R2 Come Home
  45. S2E22 – Lethal Trackdown
  46. S3E05 – Corruption
  47. S3E06 – The Academy
  48. S3E07 – Assassin
  49. S3E02 – ARC Troopers
  50. S3E04 – Sphere of Influence
  51. S3E08 – Evil Plans
  52. S1E22 – Hostage Crisis
  53. S3E09 – Hunt for Ziro
  54. S3E10 – Heroes on Both Sides
  55. S3E11 – Pursuit of Peace
  56. S2E15 – Senate Murders
  57. S3E12 – Nightsisters
  58. S3E13 – Monster
  59. S3E14 – Witches of the Mist
  60. S3E15 – Overlords
  61. S3E16 – Altar of Mortis
  62. S3E17 – Ghosts of Mortis
  63. S3E18 – The Citadel
  64. S3E19 – Counter Attack
  65. S3E20 – Citadel Rescue
  66. S3E21 – Padawan Lost
  67. S3E22 – Wookiee Hunt
  68. S4E01 – Water War
  69. S4E02 – Gungan Attack
  70. S4E03 – Prisoners
  71. S4E04 – Shadow Warrior
  72. S4E05 – Mercy Mission
  73. S4E06 – Nomad Droids
  74. S4E07 – Darkness on Umbara
  75. S4E08 – The General
  76. S4E09 – Plan of Dissent
  77. S4E10 – Carnage of Krell
  78. S4E11 – Kidnapped
  79. S4E12 – Slaves of the Republic
  80. S4E13 – Escape from Kadavo
  81. S4E14 – A Friend In Need
  82. S4E15 – Deception
  83. S4E16 – Friends and Enemies
  84. S4E17 – The Box
  85. S4E18 – Crisis on Naboo
  86. S4E19 – Massacre
  87. S4E20 – Bounty
  88. S4E21 – Brothers
  89. S4E22 – Revenge
  90. S5E02 – A War on Two Fronts
  91. S5E03 – Front Runners
  92. S5E04 – The Soft War
  93. S5E05 – Tipping Points
  94. S5E06 – The Gathering
  95. S5E07 – A Test of Strength
  96. S5E08 – Bound for Rescue
  97. S5E09 – A Necessary Bond
  98. S5E10 – Secret Weapons
  99. S5E11 – A Sunny Day in the Void
  100. S5E12 – Missing in Action
  101. S5E13 – Point of No Return
  102. S5E01 – Revival
  103. S5E14 – Eminence
  104. S5E15 – Shades of Reason
  105. S5E16 – The Lawless
  106. S5E17 – Sabotage
  107. S5E18 – The Jedi Who Knew Too Much
  108. S5E19 – To Catch a Jedi
  109. S5E20 – The Wrong Jedi
  110. S6E01 – The Unknown
  111. S6E02 – Conspiracy
  112. S6E03 – Fugitive
  113. S6E04 – Orders
  114. S6E05 – An Old Friend
  115. S6E06 – The Rise of Clovis
  116. S6E07 – Crisis at the Heart
  117. S6E08 – The Disappeared
  118. S6E09 – The Disappeared: Pt. II
  119. S6E10 – The Lost One
  120. S6E11 – Voices
  121. S6E12 – Destiny
  122. S6E13 – Sacrifice
  123. S7E05 – Gone with a Trace
  124. S7E06 – Deal No Deal
  125. S7E07 – Dangerous Debt
  126. S7E08 – Together Again
  127. S7E01 – The Bad Batch
  128. S7E02 – A Distant Echo
  129. S7E03 – On the Wings of Keeradaks
  130. S7E04 – Unfinished Business
  131. S7E09 – Old Friends Not Forgotten
  132. S7E10 – The Phantom Apprentice
  133. S7E11 – Shattered
  134. S7E12 – Victory and Death

The point of this order is to group related story arcs together and give us, the hapless viewers, an easier time remembering who said what and when.

All of the above episodes and films are available to watch on Disney Plus US and Disney Plus UK also.

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How to watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars abroad

Picture this: You’re heading abroad for a week or two and would like to binge-watch The Clone Wars. Sadly, it’s not simply a case of navigating to the Disney Plus website and entering your details. The service is geo-blocked, meaning you’ll be prevented from streaming your favourite animated Star Wars TV show anywhere other than in your country of origin. This is probably why Obi-Wan hates flying.

So what do you do? The simple solution is: use a VPN (virtual private network). Doing this lets you trick your internet service provider into thinking that you’ve connected from your country of origin, and carry on your Clone Wars binge unimpeded. Hold the thunderous applause, please.

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