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The best salt and pepper grinders to buy in 2023

Get the most out of your seasoning with the best salt and pepper grinders to buy right now

Salt and pepper are mealtime essentials, and with our pick of the best salt and pepper grinders, you can make sure your dinner is perfectly seasoned every time. While buying the pre-ground stuff may be easier, using a mill to freshly season your food has plenty of advantages.

For starters, the essential oils in peppercorns are greatly affected by oxygen and light, and these deteriorate even more quickly once crushed, meaning you’ll be left with all the spice and none of the fragrance. Another bonus is that most mills come with an adjustable grind setting, which is important if you want to season your food in different ways. In the culinary world, it’s recommended that the grind of your salt and pepper is matched to the meal. A coarser grind is good with vegetables and salads, while a finer grind ensures a more even spread over foods like meat or soup. Whatever your preference, it’s important to have the option of variety at your fingertips.

Salt and pepper grinders might seem like basic kitchen accessories, but there’s plenty to consider when investing in this staple. That’s why we’ve compiled a straightforward buying guide on what to look for when choosing your mills. Alternatively, you can skip straight to our reviews of the most practical and stylish grinders below.

Best salt and pepper grinders: At a glance

How to choose the best salt and pepper grinder for you

How much should I spend?

Most of the time you can save money by buying salt and pepper mills as a part of a set. On average, the sets in this roundup cost between £20 to £70. A higher price tag usually (but not always) means the mills are more robust, and often come with longer guarantees in case of faults.

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Do I need to buy different mills for salt and pepper?

Peppercorns are harder to break down than salt and therefore, need a more robust grinder. Salt can also corrode certain metals, which is why you’ll usually find that matching sets use a stainless steel mechanism for pepper and a ceramic one for salt. Alternatively, you can buy an all-in-one grinder, as long as they have separate compartments for each condiment.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that some types of salt and pepper aren’t suitable for grinders at all. This includes flaky salt such as Maldon salt and pink peppercorns, which are softer than black pepper.

Anything else to consider?

In terms of practicality, transparent elements make it easy to tell at a glance which grinder is which. However, if you keep your seasonings in a bright kitchen, you’re better off choosing an opaque grinder, as prolonged exposure to sunlight can alter the flavour of pepper.

Functionality is important too. Most mills are easy to use and feature a manual twisting mechanism, which shouldn’t require much wrist strength. If twisting is a problem for you though, there are plenty of button-operated and electric varieties that are very simple to use.

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The best salt and pepper grinders to buy in 2023

1. Latent Epicure battery-operated Salt and Pepper Grinders: Best budget salt and pepper grinders

Price when reviewed: £27 | Check price at AmazonIf you’re looking for an affordable pair of mills that look and feel premium, this battery-operated set from Latent Epicure is ideal. Grinding is as easy as pressing one button and each mill comes with a tray to catch excess seasoning. There’s also a handy light on the bottom, meaning you can see exactly how much salt or pepper you’re adding, which is useful if you’re prone to overseasoning.

As they’re battery operated, you will have to replace or recharge batteries occasionally. But if you’re looking for an affordable, simple to use set, these grinders are definitely worth your consideration.

Key details – Height: 22cm; Colours: 1; Material: Stainless steel; Grinder material: Steel; Batteries required: Yes, Guarantee: 1yr

2. Peugeot Lacquered Paris U Select: Best classic salt and pepper grinders

Price when reviewed: £80 | Check price at PeugeotWhile they may seem a little pricey, Peugeot’s grinders are well worth the price. Expect good quality components, straightforward refilling, a classic, sleek shape, as well as a beautiful lacquered finish. They operature smoothly, too, making them the perfect package for anyone looking for a functional yet classically stylish set of salt and pepper grinders.

Better still, each mill comes with a lifetime guarantee. So, if you’re looking for a quality investment that will last for years to come, you can stop right here.

Key details – Height: 18cm; Colours: 6; Material: Wood; Grinder material: Steel; Batteries required: No, Guarantee: Lifetime

3. Le Creuset Mini Set: Best colourful salt and pepper grinders

Price when reviewed: £51 | Check price at Le CreusetThis dinky seasoning set is a must-have for any stylish kitchen in need of a pop of colour. Le Creuset rarely fails to disappoint when it comes to creating aesthetically pleasing kitchenware and these mills are no different.

They’re available in a wide variety of eye-catching colours, but aren’t all style over substance. Featuring a robust yet lightweight body with an adjustable grind, they’re also fun and simple to use. What’s more, each Le Creuset mill has either an S or P stylishly carved into the body, so you’re not constantly confusing your salt with your pepper.

If you prefer your mills on the larger side, you can also buy full-sized versions of these in the same colours. However, they are sold separately and will set you back £33 each.

Key details – Height: 12.1cm; Colours: 8; Material: ABS plastic; Grinder material: Ceramic; Batteries required: No, Guarantee: 10yrs

4. Cuisinart Style Collection seasoning mill: Best combined electric salt and pepper grinder

Price when reviewed: £50 | Check price at LakelandLike most electric mills, the Cuisinart Style Collection grinder is easy to use: simply push a button and the seasoning comes out. Unlike most of its competitors, though, it uses a rechargeable dock, rather than batteries, making it cheaper, easier and more eco-friendly to run. What’s more, the charging dock doubles as a handy tray to catch excess seasoning.

Each end has a transparent glass unit, which is ideal if you want to keep an eye on how much salt and pepper is left. Though it’s worth noting some users reported the glass being a tad fragile, so you’ll need to be careful when cleaning it.

Despite this, we found it easy to use and while this mill is substantial in size, it’s not so heavy it can’t be used with one hand. If you’re looking for an elegant, all-in-one solution to storing your salt and pepper, this is the answer.

Key details – Height: 25.5cm; Colours: 1; Material: Stainless Steel; Grinder material: Steel; Batteries required: No, Guarantee: 3yrs

5. Cole & Mason Derwent Salt and Pepper Grinders: Best salt and pepper grinders for functionality

Price when reviewed: £73 | Check price at AmazonWhile these Derwent grinders may appear less showy than some of the other options on this list, they offer unbeatable quality. The design is straightforward and functional, with a grind-size dial on the bottom and a manual twisting mechanism on the top.

A large, transparent section lets you keep an eye on how much seasoning is left, as well as helping you to distinguish between your salt and pepper easily. However, it’s best to keep them away from direct sunlight to avoid impairing the seasoning’s flavour.

Consistently reliable, this set is ideal for those who favour practicality above all else.

Key details – Height: 19.1cm; Colours: 1; Material: Stainless Steel; Grinder material: Steel; Batteries required: No, Guarantee: 3yrs

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