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Best magnetic knife block 2023: The safest storage solution for all your kitchen knives

Keeping good-quality knives to hand can be the difference between a pleasurable cooking experience or a nightly slog in the kitchen

For fast chopping, effective slicing and all manner of culinary cutting tasks, it is necessary to have a range of knives – usually a paring knife, a chef’s knife, a carving knife and a bread knife at the minimum. And it goes without saying that storing these knives in a drawer is a big no-no. Aside from the safety aspect – nobody likes accidentally slicing a knuckle – lumping your precious wares in with other kitchen utensils could dull or damage the blades. A great way to store your knives safely, hygienically and tidily is to invest in a knife block, or rack.

Below, you’ll find our pick of the best magnetic knife blocks you can buy today. If you’re not sure where to start, check out our detailed buying guide.

Best magnetic knife blocks: At a glance

How to choose the best magnetic knife block for you

Why magnetic?

The best knife storage solutions are often magnetic as this allows air to circulate around the knife, rather than it being trapped in narrow, dark crevices where bacteria can breed. Whether as a rack, stand or block, magnetic sets allow knives to dry faster, too, which means the blade will retain its sharpness for longer.

How much should I spend?

Basic wall-mounted magnetic racks can be picked up for around £10-20, and these will do the job perfectly well. Generally available in stainless steel, black or wooden finishes, there’s sure to be a rack that will work with your kitchen style. The great thing about these is that they can work with all manner of kitchen tools, so you can hang your ladles, peelers and more; just select the right size for your requirements. These are usually available as a standalone item, too, if you already have knives and are just looking to store them properly.

At the other end of the cost spectrum you have fully stocked premium knife blocks or racks, where you’re primarily paying for the craftsmanship of the knives. The premium item included in our roundup is the very best we’ve found in this format and is worth splashing out on if you’re ready to really invest in your kitchen equipment.

Between these two extremes there are many options and most can be had for under £200.

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Does material matter?

This is really a matter of personal preference and aesthetic. Traditionally, stainless steel was considered the most hygienic, but today’s technology allows wooden styles to be just as safe.

What should I look for?

Consider the size of your kitchen. If you’re short on cupboard space and counter surface area is at a premium, then wall-mounted racks are probably the best bet. Wall-mounted racks mean that knives and other utensils are convenient to grab in the middle of cooking, yet they also have the bonus of being out of reach of small hands. Some people find them a bit messy-looking, so may prefer a countertop block or stand. With blocks, bear in mind that these are often best used with the knives designed for the block, so if you have extra knives to store, then a stand may be better suited.

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The best magnetic knife blocks to buy in 2023

1. TOG Knives Kyūkyoku Set: Best premium magnetic knife block

Price: £1,280 | Buy now from TOG Knives

Kyūkyoku means “ultimate” in Japanese, and that really is what you’re getting with this beautiful and practical knife block from TOG. At once rustic and sleek, stylish and classic, this set includes four high-performance Japanese-made knives, a ceramic sharpening rod, and a large, sturdy (4kg!), double-sided knife block that is handmade, in small batches, from American black walnut, stainless steel and goat leather. The goat hide is a by-product sourced from the UK food industry that would otherwise go to waste and has the advantage of keeping blades protected from hard surfaces.

The block will hold around ten knives, including the paring knife, utility knife, vegetable knife and chef’s knife included in this set. All TOG knives are made in Seki – the Samurai sword-making capital – from layers of antimicrobial copper and stainless steel for strength and razor-sharp edges. And if you’re happy with your existing knives? Then just buy the block alone for £350.

Key details – Block or rack: Block; Knives included: Four; Sharpener: Yes

Buy now from TOG Knives

2. Robert Welch Signature Magnetic Knife Rack Set: Best wall-mounted magnetic knife block

Price: £185 | Buy now from Robert Welch

This limited edition set from the Cotswold-based, award-winning design studio Robert Welch is every bit as stylish and contemporary as its other pieces. A wall-mounted magnetic rack from the Signature kitchen range, this set features three essential knives (bread knife, cook’s knife and paring knife) along with its innovative hand-held knife sharpener (and a space-saving clip to attach it to the rack). Made from durable black ABS with stainless steel fixings, the rack is sleek and robust and will hold up to eight kitchen knives while looking great on the wall and freeing up your counter space.

Robert Welch knives have been designed in collaboration with professional chefs and have undergone years of testing and development: these are fully forged, German stainless steel with a hand-applied 15° Japanese-style edge. We found these knives extremely comfortable to hold, and the clever sharpener is a real bonus. A brilliant and beautiful set.

Key details – Block or rack: Wall-mounted rack; Knives included: Three; Sharpener: Yes

Buy now from Robert Welch

3. ProCook Nihon X50 Knife Set and Magnetic Knife Block: Best-value magnetic knife block

Price: £169 | Buy now from ProCook

ProCook kitchen equipment is generally well priced and good quality, and this knife set and block is no exception. Included in the set are five kitchen knives from the Nihon range – you’ll find a paring knife, utility knife, chef’s knife, bread knife and large 25cm carving knife – all of which can be comfortably, and attractively, housed on the American oak magnetic stand. The flat-lying stand is a good compromise between rack and traditional block, and it has the benefit of being slot-free which makes it easy to clean, keeping your new knives hygienic.

The knives are designed in the Japanese style, with razor-sharp, stone-ground edges. The blades are forged from German X50 steel and, thanks to the addition of 0.5% carbon, which is known for better edge retention, we flew through everything we tried to cut. Even the serrated bread knife is pleasingly non-snagging for precise, smooth cutting through troublesome foods. Handles are weighty and comfortable, crafted from carbonised ash wood. The knives are guaranteed for 25 years, and the block for 10.

Key details – Block or rack: Block; Knives included: Five; Sharpener: No

Buy now from ProCook

4. IKEA KUNGSFORS Magnetic Knife Rack: Best basic magnetic knife block

Price: £15 | Buy now from IKEA

Good old IKEA, coming up with the goods for those on a tight budget. This utility-style stainless steel rack is what you need in small kitchens as it’s wide enough to hold all sorts of utensils, including many knives, which then frees up your drawers and worktops for other essentials. Potentially, you could buy several and mount them next to each other.

Pleasingly, the wall brackets are hidden in this easy-to-mount magnetic rack, which keeps things looking neat and tidy. There are also other matching items – including shelves, hooks, racks and more – in the KUNGSFORS kitchen series, as designed by Ehlen Johansson, for open storage and easy-access workflow. What more do you need?

Key details – Block or rack: Rack; Knives included: No; Sharpener: No

Buy now from IKEA

5. Messermeister Next Level Magnetic Knife Block with UV Lights: Best looking magnetic knife block

Price: £140 | Buy now from Sous Chef

This female-owned, German company, Messermeister, has been handcrafting high-quality steel knives for over 40 years, and here they have produced the perfect block to display them in. Super-stylish and made using sustainably-sourced Acacia, this clever and eye-catching design will become a talking point on your kitchen counter. Unlike standard slotted knife blocks, this open-panel design keeps the storage sections well-ventilated and makes it easy to clean and maintain (you may want to occasionally apply mineral oil to retain its lovely sheen and water-resistance).

Each section is then also lit with UV light, with the dual purpose of illuminating the knives – it can hold up to 16 knives, up to 10.5 inches long – while leaving no dark corners for bacteria to multiply. This block makes a stunning addition to any rustic or contemporary kitchen.

Key details – Block or rack: Block; Knives included: No; Sharpener: No

Buy now from Sous Chef

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