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Cuisinart Deep Stuff Sandwich Maker review: Deliciously deep-filled toasties

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With extra-deep removable plates and a variable temperature setting, the Cuisinart Sandwich Maker allows for total toastie customisation


  • Deep fill
  • Removable non-stick plates
  • Temperature control dial


  • Expensive for a sandwich toaster
  • Toasts slowly at medium or lower

The Cuisinart Deep Stuff Sandwich Maker is a prime example of what a good sandwich toaster can be. While you might traditionally associate toastie makers with small, plasticky appliances that produce simple cheese sarnies, the quality of more premium sandwich makers has increased in recent years and Cuisinart wants to prove that.

If you’re a serious sandwich aficionado, then the Deep Stuff Sandwich Maker will likely be right up your alley. With deeper plates that allow for ingredient-stuffed sandwiches and thicker breads, and a temperature control dial for customisable browning, this maker expands your at-home sandwich making possibilities infinitely.

Cuisinart Deep Stuff Sandwich Maker review: What do you get for the money?

At £80, the Cuisinart Deep Stuff is at the more premium end of the price scale for sandwich makers. However, if you’re serious about your toasties, you’ll find it to be packed with excellent features that more than justify its price. It has a stainless steel body which measures 12 x 28 x 24cm (HWD) and weighs 2.4kg. On the outside of the toaster you’ll see two lights, a red power light and a green light indicating that the machine has reached the desired temperature. On the front of the device is the temperature control dial, which has markings for low, medium and high heat. Inside, the maker has twin non-stick cooking plates, which measure 14 x 13.5cm and are removable, as well as dishwasher-safe. When taking them out for cleaning, you’ll notice the plates feel notably thick and sturdy, especially compared to cheaper models.All that said, if you still find the Cuisinart Deep Stuff a little pricey, there are some solid alternatives available at lower price points. If you’re willing to forgo the stainless steel body and temperature controls, the Breville Deep Stuff Sandwich Maker is a great straightforward option, producing reliably tasty toasties and boasting removable plates for easy clean-up, all for around £30. Jettisoning deep-fill options and removable plates, Breville’s 2 Portion Sandwich Toaster is the best barebones sandwich toaster we’ve tried. This budget model will set you back just £17, and allow you to make two modestly-sized toasties at a time.

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Cuisinart Deep Stuff Sandwich Maker review: What’s good about it?

The first positive to notice about the Cuisinart Deep Stuff Sandwich Maker is its outward design: the sandwich toaster has an appealing silver body, making it an aesthetically pleasing addition to your countertop. It also generally feels sturdy and well put together for the price, though it’s a little larger and heavier than other sandwich makers we’ve tested. Despite this, it’s still relatively compact when compared to broadly similar appliances such as tabletop grills or air fryers, and I had no trouble finding the necessary counter space for it.Included in the box is a straightforward user guide and a recipe booklet. While many companies choose not to include recipe guides or just throw in a small token booklet, I found the one Cuisinart included to be thorough and filled with creative ideas that I wouldn’t have thought to try with this appliance. Some fun suggestions include Moroccan veg and feta flatbreads, mushroom and egg frittatas, prosciutto calzones and some sweet recipes like chocolate and berry turnovers.

For testing purposes, I focused on one savoury and one sweet recipe, using a bit of trial and error to get the best results. For my savoury sandwich, I used two slices of thick tiger bloomer bread filled with generous helpings of grated cheddar, grated parmesan and thickly-cut fried mushrooms, shallots and garlic. I suggest applying a liberal coat of softened butter to the outside of your bread to get the most of your sandwich in terms of taste and colour.

After taking just over three minutes to come up to temperature, I set the toastie maker sandwich on medium-high. Despite its thickness, the sandwich fit well inside the appliance’s roomy plates, with the handle of the sandwich maker locking shut to help tamp it down and create a seal. After about five minutes and thirty seconds my sandwich had taken on a lovely golden brown colour, with an audibly crisp exterior. The design of the plates also worked well to seal the sandwich around the edges and divide the middle into two neat triangles.

To assess the appliance’s dessert credentials, I decided to try out the French toast recipe from the booklet. The Deep Stuff took roughly three and a half minutes to come up to temperature and produced two slices of deeply golden French toast within the guide time of five to six minutes. Well crisped on the outside and nicely sweet and zingy, I have to praise Cuisinart not only for the appliance’s cooking performance, but also for the well thought-out recipes. My only note would be that for a recipe like this, I’d suggest buying your own loaf so that you can cut thick slices to achieve the gooey centre texture one looks for in good French toast.Cooking tests out of the way, I moved on to clean-up. If you’ve read any of my reviews before, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of removable plates on appliances like this, as they allow for simpler and more thorough cleaning. The plates on the Cuisinart Deep Stuff get two thumbs up in this regard, popping out easily with a press of a side button and being safe to pop in the dishwasher, as well as wipe down in the sink.

Cuisinart Deep Stuff Sandwich Maker review: What could be better?

Besides its admittedly steep price, there’s not a lot to complain about. The only real fault that I can attribute to the appliance is that the Medium-Low temperature range tends to be a little slow to toast and cook things.When cooking a toasted sandwich on Medium, it took around eight minutes to get a nice golden colour on the outside, despite the included recipe suggesting a cook time of about five minutes. After a little trial and error, I mostly found myself sticking with a temperature setting between Medium and High.

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Cuisinart Deep Stuff Sandwich Maker review: Should you buy it?

If you’re happy to splash out on your sandwich toaster, then there are plenty of reasons to recommend the Cuisinart Deep Stuff Sandwich Maker. The appliance’s deep plates can accommodate even the thickest of sandwiches, with the adjustable temperature dial allowing you to achieve the perfect level of browning, whatever your preference. As well as sandwiches, the included recipes booklet showcase the wide and versatile range of items you can cook up including turnovers, calzones, frittatas and more. To top it off, the dishwasher-safe, removable plates make clean-up a non-issue.

If you’re looking for a well-built sandwich toaster that will see daily use, instead of ending up stuffed down the back of a cupboard, then look no further than the Cuisinart Deep Stuff Sandwich Maker.

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