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Amazon’s spring sale is serving up a brilliant saving on the four-star George Foreman Immersa Grill

Amazon is bringing back it’s lowest-ever price on the George Foreman Immersa Grill, but only during the spring sale

Just £39 for a George Foreman? Banging bargain, that. Usually found on Amazon for £70, you can now order the George Foreman Immersa Grill for £39, which is a very tidy 44% price cut. When we reviewed it, its price was a sticking point and we gave it four stars. However, now, at £39, it’s far easier to recommend.

Amazon’s spring sale is nearing its end, though, so you’ll have to get a move on if you want to up your meat-grilling game. This decent George Foreman Immersa Grill deal will be over at 11.59pm on Monday 25 March.

Did the George Foreman Immersa Grill get a good review?

In our full George Foreman Immersa Grill review, we gave the grill four stars out of five.
Its high price caused it to miss out on one of our awards. But guess what? If we re-reviewed it at this price, it might win one.

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What’s so good about the George Foreman Immersa Grill?

  • The two non-stick metal grill plates fitted to a floating hinge meant our tester’s chicken breast and rump steak were served up with some sexy grill lines, while retaining their juices and flavour.
  • Handily, the post-cook wash was a doddle. We tested the individual model of the Immersa and found it easy to stick the whole grill in the sink for a nice scrub.
  • We found the Immersa preheated quickly, indicated by a red and green light.

Are there any disadvantages to this George Foreman Immersa Grill deal?

  • Other than a red and green light indicating the end of preheating, there’s no visible temperature indicators.
  • Similar to above, there are no settings buttons or tweakable controls.
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How has the George Foreman Immersa Grill’s price changed over time?

  • Amazon’s spring sale price of £39 is the joint-lowest we’ve seen this grill.
  • When we first reviewed the Immersa, it retailed with an £80 price tag.

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