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Samsung Food app launched at IFA 2023

samsung logo with samsung food application icon

The brand new app, dubbed Samsung Food, is compatible with your phone as well as your Samsung fridge

The main focus for Samsung this year at IFA was, unmistakably, highlighting the brand’s environmental focus. They highlighted how the brand’s home appliances, TVs, new heat pumps, fridges, mobile phones and more can work together to make your life more efficient – both energy-wise and effort wise. With so much to process, it would have been easy to miss one of Samsung’s latest releases – an application called Samsung Food.

Samsung Food is an app designed specially with food lovers in mind, and Samsung claim it will help its users “connect to the joy of cooking and eating”. As you might expect, the app comes jam-packed full of 160,000 recipes, as well as the option to add your own recipes into the app.

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The app also allows those with Samsung appliances to preheat ovens automatically with the perfect settings for each recipe. During cooking, users can also track the progress of their dish on the app, which supposedly removes the need to time your cooking manually.

samsung food application

It also has built-in social features, which allow users to share recipes they love with family and friends. Users can even become a creator on the app to share recipes more widely, should they wish to.

Further to this, the app uses AI to check the nutritional information of the food you’re cooking and eating from home, which Samsung claim can help users live a healthier lifestyle. Its AI can also suggest changes to any recipes users upload or cook, to help tailor the recipe to the user’s dietary requirements, or what they have in their fridge. Samsung also have plans to connect Samsung Food to the Samsung Health app by next year.

samsung food application

Samsung gave an example of how the AI might work in real life situations: “users can convert a recipe into a vegan or vegetarian version or make other changes to create a recipe that is more nutritionally balanced or incorporates in-stock ingredients.”

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But how does the app know what’s in the fridge, we hear you ask? Well, the app is not only mobile-based, but it’s also compatible with Samsung fridges, many of which come with a built-in interactive screen. These fridges can keep track of the food that’s in them, as well as freshness statistics and more. Samsung Food claims it will seamlessly integrate these features to help make weekly meal plans, keep healthier, and start enjoying cooking again.

We haven’t had a chance to test the new app out yet, but it’s free for everyone, even iOS users, to download now.

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