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Taika Waititi hits out at Apple’s “horrendous” keyboards after Oscar win

The Jojo Rabbit creator is no fan of Mac inputs

I’m not a movie buff, but I’m pretty sure it’s not common for Oscar FAQs to turn into discussion on the merits of different types of keyboard. And yet that’s what happened when a seemingly unrelated question was asked to Taika Waititi, fresh from scooping an Oscar for writing and directing Jojo Rabbit.
Asked what he thought writers should be requesting in the next round of talks with producers, his answer was as clear as it was unexpected: Apple needs to up its keyboard game.
“Apple needs to fix those keyboards,” he said. “They are impossible to write on, they’ve gotten worse. 
“It makes me want to go back to PCs, because PC keyboards – the bounce back for your fingers is way better. It’s a way-better keyboard. Those Apple keyboards are horrendous.”

Waititi then explained that as a sufferer of Occupational Overuse Syndrome – known over here as Repetitive Strain Injury or RSI – using said keyboards is extremely uncomfortable. “They’ve just got to fix those keyboards – the WGA [Writers Guild of America] needs to step in and do something.”
What Apple does with keyboards is, of course, beyond the remit of the WGA, though you’d imagine for Waititi there’s now no shortage of offers arriving in his agent’s inbox providing free laptop and keyboards to fix things.
One of those could potentially be Apple itself, which made a big deal about the improvements to the keyboard with the 16in MacBook Pro, released late last year. Apple finally ditched the widely disliked butterfly keyboards in favour of something better and more reliable. 
Of course said MacBook also sets you back at least £2,399 – small change for an Oscar winner perhaps, but a big investment for the rest of us. Hopefully this kind of very public and embarrassing criticism will push Apple into upping its keyboard game for the more affordable members of its Mac family. 

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