Advent Sienna 700 review

Barry de la Rosa
1 Jan 2011
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It may have a fast Core i7 processor, but there are issues with this budget laptop.



15.6 in 1,366x768 display, 2.5kg, 2.66GHz Intel Core i7-620M, 4.00GB RAM, 250GB disk, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

It's rare to see an Intel Core i7 processor in a laptop at this price, but Advent has managed just that. Although the Core i7-620M has only two cores as opposed to the four cores of the top-end Core i7s, it's still a fast chip and not a component you'd expect at this price.

Advent Sienna 700

Predictably, performed well in our benchmark results. An overall result of 105 is impressive, and makes it faster than laptops costing up to £300 more. A result of 130 in the single-threaded Image-editing test shows that when there's only one application running, it's incredibly quick. If you're into photo or video editing, you'll appreciate this processor's performance.

Predictably, Advent has cut corners to accommodate a Core i7 into the Sienna 700's budget. There's a measly 250GB of hard disk space and although it's easy enough to add external storage, there are no eSATA or USB3 ports, and only three standard USB slots.

There's also no dedicated graphics card, so the Sienna 700 relies on the Core i7's integrated graphics chip, which managed only 12.3fps in our Call of Duty 4 benchmark. It's also worth pointing out that the faster processer means higher power draw, and the battery struggles to cope, lasting just over two hours in our tests showed.

Advent has used the entire width of the case to fit in a full keyboard and numeric keypad. It's incredibly firm with no bounce at all and each separated key has a light action. There aren't any surprises in the layout, except that the numeric keypad has only three columns and so lacks dedicated page navigation keys.

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