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Best hand massager 2023: Ease arthritis and hand pain

For sufferers of carpal tunnel, arthritis and other forms of hand pain, the best hand massager can deliver much-needed relief

Hand massagers can bring immense relief to those who are suffering from finger, wrist and hand pain. Whether you’re looking to treat issues such as repetitive strain injury, arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome, or hoping to prevent such issues from occurring, the best hand massagers can help.

Even those who play sports such as tennis, hockey or baseball – where hand grip and strength plays a major role – can use a hand massager as a post-training treatment. And office workers who type on a keyboard for hours on end, or those who play instruments, can find a hand massager relaxing.

It’s important to note that hand massagers aren’t a substitute for medical treatment, so if you have a condition such as arthritis or repetitive strain injury, make sure you speak to your doctor first to ensure that a hand massager is the right choice for you.

If it is the tool of choice, then choosing a hand massager doesn’t have to be a daunting task. There are options for every budget and the type of treatment you’re looking for. Continue reading to learn more about how to choose the best hand massager for you, and then on for our favourite options.

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Best hand massagers: At a glance

How to choose the best hand massager for you

What types of hand massagers are available?

The majority of hand massagers on our list are electric, but there are other types available. Electric hand massagers offer a number of benefits, such as heat and effortless massage; but if an electric hand massager doesn’t appear right for you, there are self-massage options that tend to come in at more affordable prices. These include smooth and spiky roller balls, as well as handheld rolling massagers that can loosen knots and relax the hands.

How does a hand massager relieve pain?

Hand massagers use a combination of technologies, depending on the model, to soothe and relax muscles. A good hand massage improves circulation, boosts relaxation and endorphins, reduces inflammation and pain, and so much more. This means that a hand massager can bring you comfort, improve your mood, and help to build physical strength, too.

What features should I look for in a good hand massager?

When shopping for a hand massager, here are some things to consider.

Temperature – Some hand massagers deliver heat and/or cold therapy. Each has its benefits: heat therapy increases blood flow and reduces stiffness, while cold therapy can reduce inflammation and general swelling. A hand massager with a heating option is a common option, since it offers the widest range of benefits for hand pain. However, massagers without such functionality can still deliver deep massage, and are often more affordable.

Power – Most hand massagers will run either on electricity or on a rechargeable battery. Keep in mind that a battery-powered hand massager is a portable option, and you can even use it while travelling. As such, this is likely to be a more convenient option in the long run; but it will require charging every so often.

Budget – There’s no need to break the budget when shopping for a hand massager. While more expensive models may come with all the bells and whistles, there are certainly many quality options that work just as effectively that are more reasonably priced.

Massage type – Different massagers offer different types of massage. For example, a spiky ball massager requires manual input, but it provides myofascial release to reduce tension and improve blood flow. Electric massagers may use compression massage, vibration massage, rolling massage or a combination of the three to loosen tension and provide relaxation and relief.

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The best hand massagers you can buy in 2023

1. Lunix L3 Cordless Electric Hand Massager: Best overall hand massager

Price: £207 | Buy now from Amazon

One of the most highly recommended models available, the Lunix L3 has just about everything one would want in a hand massager. It offers six levels of intensity, so the user can personalise the massage to their comfort and needs. It combines acupressure compression with both heat and vibration to mimic all the benefits of an in-person hand massage.

This massager covers the entirety of the hand, from the fingers right down to the wrist. Both lightweight and cordless, this model is perfect for taking on your travels, and is easy to store. Users can choose between pulsing or continuous vibration, and six different massage combinations.

The slight niggle is that the unit is charged via an electrical outlet; a USB option would have delivered more convenient charging. That said, this is the only con we can find with this machine, and it certainly isn’t a deal breaker.

Key details – Weight: 1kg; Powered by: Battery; Intensity levels: 6; Modes: 6; Vibration: Yes

2. Comfier Cordless Hand Massager with Heat: Best hand massager for finger pain

Price: £70 | Buy now from Amazon

Whether a result of arthritis, constant typing or excessive knitting, fingers can become stiff and sore surprisingly easily. This hand massager puts the focus on the fingers, helping to loosen and relax your digits. Using compression to massage all five fingers (thumb included), it offers three different levels of intensity – and it doesn’t only work the fingers; it massages the palm of the hand, too.

Alongside three levels of compression, the massager also offers three heat settings to help relax the hands and improve blood flow. The machine is lightweight, therefore easy to take anywhere, plus it has an automatic shutoff after 15 minutes for safety.

Charged via USB, the Comfier Cordless takes three hours or so to reach full charge; it delivers about an hour and a half of use from a single charge. It’s simple to use, controlled by just a couple of buttons.

Key details – Weight: 0.9kg; Powered by: Battery; Intensity levels: 3; Modes: 3; Vibration: No

3. Belmint Hand Massager: Best vibrating hand massager

Price: £40 | Buy now from Amazon

Vibration is a helpful way to relieve tension and stimulate nerves in the hands. The Belmint hand massager offers two vibration modes – pulse and continuous vibration – that work alongside compression and heat to bring relief.

This model’s six modes each handle a separate area of the hand, from the fingers to the wrist, while its six intensity levels deliver a variety of powerful massage options. Both heat and vibration are sufficiently mild for you to remain comfortable throughout the duration of a massage, but can be turned off if preferred.

A soft lining on the interior of the massager adds a layer of luxury for the hand, while rubber feet ensure it doesn’t slip on flat surfaces. A cordless model with a USB port for quick and easy charging makes this a great option to take with you when you’re out and about.

Key specs – Weight: 1.3kg; Powered by: Battery; Intensity levels: 6; Modes: 6; Vibration: Yes

4. Cincom Hand Massager: Best hand massager for massage heads

Price: £90 | Buy now from Amazon

If you’re looking for a hand massager that can easily be customised to deliver a massage experience catered to your personal preference and comfort, then Cincom’s model does the job. It uses four kneading massage heads on acupressure points, while its upper and lower airbags work rhythmically against the hand, fingers and wrist. Offering three modes, three intensities and two levels of heat, this massager offers plenty of options.

The Cincom massager does require a wall socket to top up its built-in battery – there’s no USB option here – but since it delivers several hours of use off a single charge, this may counter that inconvenience for some. A cordless unit, it’s easily portable and even comes with a storage bag.

Note that this model runs very quietly, so there won’t be any undue stress from a noisy massage. Overall, it offers the ideal mix of rolling and compression massage for the entire hand.

Key details – Weight: Not specified; Powered by: Battery; Intensity levels: 3; Modes: 3; Vibration: No

5. Murlien Massage Ball Set: Best non-electric hand massager

Price: £8.99 | Buy now from Amazon

For anyone who doesn’t want the cost and hassle of an electric massager, this set of two massage balls – a roller ball and spiky ball – is an ideal alternative. Each type offers its own benefits, but used together they’ll prove super helpful for your mitts.

The roller ball has a handle that’s easy to grip, and it rotates a full 360 degrees for simple use. It can also be used for cold therapy; simply pop the ball into the freezer for a couple of hours, and the roller will help to numb pain and reduce swelling in the hands.

Meanwhile, the spiky ball delivers a stronger massage to relieve tension. It treats the myofascial system, massaging the muscles in the hand and improving blood circulation. One extra convenience of this set is that users aren’t limited to use on the hands – if need be, these massage balls can be used anywhere on the body.

Key specs – Weight: 0.12kg, 0.06kg; Powered by: N/A; Intensity levels: N/A; Modes: N/A; Vibration: N/A

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