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This is our best look yet at the Xbox Series X

The new Microsoft console is revealed in all its glory on Twitter

The Xbox Series X isn’t exactly a secret – after all, Microsoft officially revealed its next-gen games console last year. But a new set of leaked images that cropped up on Twitter today have sent the internet into a frenzy, thanks to the fact that they represent our clearest-ever look at the new Xbox machine.

Posted by Twitter user @Doug_DragoX, the images are of the front and back of the Xbox Series X console, recognisable by its chunky rectangular design. Mercifully, they’re in a high enough resolution to make out every important detail.

The front of the console houses the power button, disc drive, a USB port and the Xbox logo (which helpfully lets us know which way up the console will stand). On the rear, we can see 2 USB ports, 1 HDMI port, 1 ethernet port, 1 digital audio port, a figure-of-eight power connector and – intriguingly – one mystery port.

Nothing that we see here represents a particularly large deviation from the basic connectivity options offered by the Xbox One, Xbox One S and Xbox One X. It’s perhaps a little disappointing not to see a DisplayPort option for hooking up the console to PC monitors, and we can’t help but wonder whether one front-facing USB port might be too few, but this is nitpicking.

It’s clear that Microsoft wants the internal hardware to do the talking this time around. The Xbox Series X is rumoured to have a super-fast 1TB SSD, alongside 16GB of VRAM, an AMD Zen 2 processor and an AMD Navi graphics card capable of outputting over 12 teraflops of power. In short, the Xbox Series X is more than capable of running games in gorgeous 4K at a smooth frame rate – Microsoft even claims the console will be able to handle 8K at 120 frames per second.

The Xbox Series X is rumoured to be launching in the autumn of 2020. For the latest rumours, feel free to check out our dedicated article.

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