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Best combination microwave 2023: Grill, roast, bake and microwave

Looking for a microwave that does more? These are our top-rated combi models for grilling, roasting, baking and, of course, microwaving

A good combination microwave is the pinnacle of culinary convenience. As well as microwaving meals in the usual fashion, these appliances – also known as combi microwave ovens – offer additional cooking modes such as grilling and convection heating. The key benefit here is that instead of having both a microwave and an oven, you can have one machine that has just about everything (except a hob). This can save space and simplify a kitchen setup.

In this article, we’ll introduce you to several of the finest combination microwaves currently available in the UK. We’ve included a good mix of innovative new models and more established alternatives that have already proven a hit with buyers. We’ll also provide advice on what to look for in a combi microwave, and what to consider before you buy one. We hope that by the time you finish reading this article, you’ll feel ready to buy the ideal combi microwave for you.

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Best combination microwave: At a glance

How to choose the best combination microwave for you

Is capacity important?

One of the key decisions involved in choosing a combination microwave is how much capacity the appliance should have. Combination microwaves vary widely in this regard: capacities from 20 litres to 50 litres are commonplace.

As a rule, if you’re going to cook for larger groups, or cook large meals for just a few people, you’ll be best served with a relatively high-capacity combi microwave. These appliances can be quite large – perhaps larger than they appear in online images – so we suggest you check the dimensions and do some figuring out with a tape measure before making a purchase.

Lower-capacity combi microwaves tend to have the benefit of being relatively small, which makes them ideal for buyers who want to be space-efficient. The big drawback to a smaller option is that you may struggle when using it to cook large meals such as Sunday roasts.

What kind of cooking modes do I need?

Cooking modes are an important factor to consider when choosing an appliance. However, this is not necessarily the case with combination microwaves, as these machines can be quite similar to each other in terms of the modes they offer.

Most combination microwaves have a range of cooking modes that include convection heating, grill, microwave and a mode combining grill and convection heating. It’s obviously a good idea to check whether your preferred combi microwave does indeed have all of these cooking modes before you buy it, but you can be pretty sure that it will.

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What about cooking power?

It’s also worth noting that most combi microwaves are also similar in terms of their power and temperature ranges. Usually, there are only slight differences between models in the microwave wattage and cooking temperature ranges available.

Countertop vs built-in combi microwaves

Countertop combination microwaves are freestanding appliances, designed to be situated on a kitchen work surface. They can be moved around as required.

It’s generally agreed that countertop combi microwaves offer optimal ease of use and flexibility, but some buyers would prefer an appliance that blends more discreetly into a kitchen design. If this sounds like you, we suggest you consider buying a built-in combination microwave (sometimes referred to as an integrated microwave). This type of appliance is designed to be built into your kitchen units, so the front is the only part that’s on display.

This article features a mix of countertop combination microwaves and built-in combination microwaves.

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The best combination microwaves to buy in 2023

1. Sharp R959SLMAA: Best all-round combi microwave

Price: £349 | Buy now from AO

This clever countertop cooking machine performs excellently across its full range of functions, including grilling, convection cooking and, of course, microwaving.

The key to this appliance’s success is that its design seems equally well suited to all of its modes. The inside is nice and spacious, ideal for cooking a variety of foods. And getting up to cooking temperature is reliably speedy, whatever the setting, up to a maximum temperature of 250°C.

The R959SLMAA does the basics brilliantly – and for users who like to explore more advanced features, it does even more. We were particularly impressed with this appliance’s automatic programmes, which can calculate the perfect cooking method based on the type and weight of the food you put in. Add some great bonus features, such as the bundled pair of baking trays, and you have a recipe for the ideal combination microwave.

Key specs – Functions: Microwave, grill, convection, combi; Max microwave power: 900W; Capacity: 40 L; Dimensions: 36.8 x 55 x 53.7cm

Buy now from AO

2. Russell Hobbs RHM3002: The best affordable combination microwave

Price: £175 | Buy now from Amazon

At under £150, this microwave with grill and convection oven is a good value combination model. In addition to a whopping 10 microwave power levels, there are 10 auto cook menus as well as weight and time defrost settings.

The fan assisted oven and grill offer the flexibility to brown and bake foods just like in a regular oven, perfect for reheating pizzas or pastry dishes. Users rate its large 30 litre capacity and 31.5cm turntable which is big enough for larger dishes and it’s praised for being very simple to use.

The stainless steel exterior is inoffensive and easy to clean and in addition to the removable glass turntable, it comes with a grill rack which means you can place food just beneath the grill for best results.

Key specs – Type: Turntable; Dimensions: 340 x 520 x 500mm; Stated volume: 30l; Turntable diameter: 31.5mm; Stated power output: 900W; Convection oven/grill: Yes/Yes

3. De’Longhi Enamel Cavity Combination Microwave: Best cheap combi microwave – and it’s stylish, too

Price: £125 | Buy now from Argos

Smart and chic in black, De’Longhi’s Enamel Cavity Combination Microwave is one of the best-looking combis we’ve come across. Its design is practical, too, with user-friendly controls that manage to condense a wide range of options into a few simple buttons and dials. More advanced features, such as auto programmes, are there for users who need them – but equally, simpler manual operation is available via a few short button presses.

One of the highlights of this appliance is its enamel interior. Not only is the cavity impressively durable, it’s also very easy to wipe clean – a real help when you’re cooking lively ingredients within the relatively compact dimensions of a combi microwave. And the 220°C maximum convection cooking temperature should be more than a match for most recipes you’ll encounter – unless, perhaps, you’re a baker or pizza chef.

Bear in mind, though, that this appliance requires a clearance of at least 30cm above the top of the oven.

Key specs – Functions: Microwave, grill, combi, convection; Max microwave power: 900W; Capacity: 25 L; Dimensions: 31 x 51.3 x 50.9cm

Buy now from Argos

4. Samsung Easy View™ MC28M6075CS: High-end features for less

Price: £239 | Buy now from AO

This Samsung combi microwave has some really smart, technologically advanced features that set it apart from the competition.

We were particularly impressed with this microwave’s humidity monitoring, which enables the appliance to optimise its settings during cooking. This is the sort of sensor-based tech we’re used to seeing in dishwashers and washing machines; not so much in combination microwaves.

Another highlight of the Easy View™ MC28M6075CS is its impressively clear glass door. As the appliance’s name suggests, this feature makes it much easier to check on food during cooking, without opening the door and letting some of the heat out.

Key specs – Functions: Microwave, grill, convection, combi, “HotBlast”; Max microwave power: 900W; Capacity: 28 L; Dimensions: 31 x 51.7 x 46.3cm

Buy now from AO

5. Candy MIC440VTX: Best built-in combi microwave

Price: £549 | Buy now from AO

We love the minimalist, ever-so-slightly retro design of this inbuilt combi microwave from Candy. Never mind the fact that the controls don’t give you many visual clues on how to get started; once you’ve been using MIC440VTX for a little while, you’ll be away.

The MIC440VTX is a relatively straightforward appliance in terms of its features: beyond your cooking times, temperatures and methods, there’s only a handful of auto programmes to dig into. Similar to the BOSCH CMA583MB0B, this is a combi microwave designed with a focus on performing its core functions superbly well.

Please note: this is an in-built combination microwave, designed for integration into a kitchen unit. It is not suitable for use as a freestanding appliance.

Key specs – Functions: microwave, grill, combi, convection; Max. microwave power: 900W; Capacity: 44 L; Dimensions: 45.5 x 59.4 x 57.7cm

Buy now from AO

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