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Best iPhone 12 case 2022: Protect your Apple smartphone from £10

As iPhones increase in price and power, protection is more important than ever. Here's our roundup of the best iPhone 12 and 12 Pro cases

Apple may have launched a new line of smartphones, but the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro aren’t out of the game just yet. If you do decide to opt for a previous generation Apple handset, you’re going to want to find the best iPhone 12 or 12 Pro case that you can find, in order to protect your investment for years to come.

With so many variations of iPhone on the market now, it can be difficult to find the best case for your new iPhone 12 or 12 Pro, let alone one that you find aesthetically pleasing. There are several features to bear in mind when shopping for an iPhone 12/Pro case, including what protection it offers, whether it includes a stand and, of course, how much it’s going to cost.

To save you from trawling through the pile and sorting the worthwhile cases from the cheap rubbish, we’ve collected together the best iPhone 12 and 12 Pro cases, with options to suit all needs and budgets. You can peruse the list below for a quick overview of the benefits of each, otherwise, scroll on for full details of why these are the best iPhone 12 and 12 Pro cases to buy right now.

Best iPhone 12 and 12 Pro case: At a glance

The best iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro cases to buy

1. Spigen Liquid Air: The best affordable iPhone 12/ 12 Pro case

Price: £12 | Buy now from Amazon

With many smartphones these days being slick due to their sleek brushed metal or glass bodies – the iPhone 12 being no exception – accidental drops are a real risk. To avoid a disaster, you could invest in Spigen’s Liquid Air case. Spigen has a great reputation for a reason; slender cases with a thick, but non-obstructive, grippy surface.

There is a slightly raised bevel across the whole design that adds a small lip to the edges of the phone, keeping the screen and cameras safe from scratching when on level surfaces. The Liquid Air is also very light and flexible, so it’s built to survive drops and falls, as well as being dust and water-resistant. For a small cost, it’ll ensure that your new iPhone is far less likely to fall out of your hands.

Key Specs – Colours: Black, navy blue; Material: Silicon, TPC; Weight: Not given

2. Humixx Shockproof Case: Lightweight Military-grade protection for your iPhone 12/ 12 Pro

Price: £13 | Buy now from Amazon

If the affordable asking price and near-unanimous five star ratings on Amazon are anything to go by, then this military grade shockproof case is one to watch. Humixx claim that its cases are drop tested from 2m (or roughly 7ft) in the air 3,000 times to thoroughly put each them through paces before they go to market.

This high level of protection is achieved using a nano oleophobic coating, which lasts roughly two years and provides the handset with 9H hardness. The protection extends to the cameras and screen too, with a 1.6mm and 1.2mm bezel respectively. Magsafe wireless charging is also fully supported.

Key Specs – Colours: Black, Pacific blue; Material: Polycarbonate, TPU; Weight: 20g

3. Lanhiem Heavy Duty iPhone 12 case: The best armoured iPhone 12/ 12 Pro case

Price: £23 | Buy now from Amazon

iPhones have always been expensive, delicate devices and that’s more true than ever with the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. So why not upgrade your protection to resemble that of a tank. Lanhiem has a solid track record of providing secure armoured shells for all kinds of phones over many years, and that reputation extends just as much to its iPhone 12 line.

It may look a bit unwieldy, but this case is fully waterproof as well as dust, shock and drop-resistant, making sure that an accidental fall or use in the rain is unlikely to total your flagship phone. The cameras are fully protected too, with a 2.5mm raised bevel, so your sensors won’t become scratched or cracked on impact – very reassuring, considering the photographic prowess of the latest iPhones.

Key Specs – Colours: Black; Material: Aluminium, plastic, glass; Weight: 180g

4. UAG Metropolis Rugged iPhone 12 case: The best flip-cover iPhone 12/12 Pro case

Price: £40 | Buy now from Currys PC World

If you’re looking for a stylish way to keep your iPhone 12 safe then the UAG Metropolis is well worth a look. Not only is it made of an impact and drop-resistant rubberised plastic, but there is also a handy flip-cover feature that protects the screen should your handset fall face down on the ground.

Another neat touch is the cardholder that allows your phone to act as a wallet, with space enough to contain essentials like your ID and credit/debit for when Apple Pay doesn’t suffice at the till. For the price, you’re getting a well-built case that serves multiple purposes but which also doesn’t take away from the high-tech sleek design of the handset itself.

Key Specs – Colour: Black; Material: Polyurethane; Weight: 65.2g

Buy now from Currys PC World

5. Ted Baker Spiced Up iPhone 12 case: The prettiest iPhone 12/12 Pro case

Price: £40 | Buy now from Ted Baker

One of the staples of any good high street, Ted Baker is known for its leather goods, but now it’s branched out to phone cases, where the results speak for themselves. The company’s Spiced Up print covers the front and back, but there is substance to this style, too.

The standout feature, however, has to be the built-in mirror on the inside of the flip case; ideal if you want to give your makeup another glance while on the go. It’s worth noting that, when it comes time to clean the case, soap and water will do the job just fine; chemical cleaners are likely to bleach and score the print.

Key Specs – Colours: Black; Material: Faux Leather; Weight: 110g

Buy now from Ted Baker

6. Mous – Limitless 4.0: Sophisticated iPhone 12/12 Pro cases with impressive protection

Price: £45 | Buy now from Amazon

Despite being a lesser-known name in handset accessories, Mous’ stellar reputation has been steadily growing in recent years, and the Limitless 4.0 range should tell you why. Available in several striking versions, including wood grain finishes (like the Bamboo featured here) and real leather, there’s no question that these cases are distinctively different from many others on the market.

Of course, nobody wants a stylish case if it can’t protect your iPhone 12. Fortunately, this sentiment is shared by Mous itself, as the Limitless 4.0 range includes what the company call its ‘AirShock’ technology which basically boils down to a machine-engineered method of crafting cases that can survive events like being dropped out of a helicopter, hit with hammers and being thrown off of cranes. If the extensive torture-testing videos available online are any indication of their toughness, where the iPhones did in fact survive intact, then we’re confident recommending them for daily use.

Key Specs – Colours: Black; Material: Wood, Carbon Fibre, Plastic, Leather; Weight: 33g

7. Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe: The best official iPhone 12/12 Pro case

Price: £38 | Buy now from Amazon

If you prefer to protect your iPhone 12 or 12 Pro with official accessories, this is the case for you. Apple states that the integrity of these cases is verified with thousands of hours of testing through the design and manufacturing process, so you can feel confident that it will protect your phone from drops and scratches.

The banner feature here is the inclusion of strategically placed magnets that line up perfectly with both the iPhone 12 and the 12 Pro. With these, you can easily attach and detach your phone to a MagSafe charger, or a Qi-certified charger, allowing for faster and more convenient wireless charging.

Key Specs – Colours: Black, (Product) Red, Amethyst and six others; Material: Silicon; Weight: Not given

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