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Best iPhone 14 Pro case 2023: Protect your new phone with these tough and trendy cases

Do the smart thing and get your new phone some protection with one of the best iPhone 14 Pro cases

After splashing out on a new iPhone 14 Pro, it’s time to start thinking about the best case to pair with it. A great case not only helps to ensure your phone survives the rough and tumble of everyday life – saving you from any costly repairs – but can also add some colour, style and a range of handy features to boot.

As with every Apple phone, the market for cases is crowded and there are heaps of choices to sift through. Naturally, there are a ton of elements to consider when making a decision but whether you want heavy-duty protection or slimline subtlety, cool colourways or a smarter, simpler look, there’s a case out there for you.

If figuring it all out for yourself feels a bit overwhelming, or if you just don’t fancy spending hours flicking through reviews, then this is your lucky day. We’ve selected our top cases and given you a bit of everything to pick from.

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The best iPhone 14 Pro cases to buy

1. Apple iPhone 14 Pro Silicone Case with MagSafe: Best official iPhone 14 Pro case

Price: £49 | Buy now from Apple

When you’ve just unboxed your new iPhone 14 Pro, the simplest option is probably to protect it with an official case that you know is sure to fit and function perfectly around it. Apple is known for its super-sleek designs and their silicone case with MagSafe retains the phone’s original style whilst offering you the opportunity to add some jazzy colour.

Although it doesn’t offer the most protection of the cases on our list, it still promises a decent level of insurance against knocks, plus the silicone exterior feels satisfying and adds grip to help prevent you from dropping it.

As you would expect from an official case, it’s also fully MagSafe compatible.

Buy now from Apple

2. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Case: Best value iPhone 14 Pro case

Price: £17 | Buy now from Amazon

If you’re searching for a case that won’t break the bank but can still be relied on to provide your phone with some serious drop protection, the Spigen Ultra Hybrid is a great choice.

It might not boast the flashy colours or handy extras of some other cases on our list, but it will provide shock-absorbing air cushion technology and raised bezels to lower the likelihood of damage and cracked screens. Spigen has also infused the case with blue resin which should help prevent discolouration of the clear material.

All this is packaged in a transparent and minimalist design and can be yours for less than half the price of all of the other cases on our list.

3. Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case: Best wallet case for the iPhone 14 Pro

Price: £54 | Buy now from Mujjo

For a case that effortlessly blends a mature and refined look with the utility of a cardholder, the Mujjo full leather case is our top choice.

The highlights are the beautiful Ecco leather exterior – available in three equally elegant and understated colours – and the card pocket sewn to the back. It should be noted that the pocket only comfortably holds two to three cards but this should work for most users on the go with some shuffling occasionally required. Machined metal buttons are satisfyingly tactile and raised edges will minimise the risk of direct impact damage to your screen and camera. Mujjo also promises that the leather will develop a pretty patina as it ages.

The high-quality nature of the materials means this Mujjo offering could also make a thoughtful gift for someone in need of an attractive case.

Buy now from Mujjo

4. Totallee iPhone 14 Pro Clear Case: Best subtle iPhone 14 Pro case

Price: $39 | Buy now from Totallee

Whilst the previous case on our list is designed to draw attention, the Totallee iPhone 14 Pro case excels in being hardly noticeable.

A super lightweight and incredibly thin transparent case, it shows off the natural style of the iPhone 14 Pro and still manages to offer some protection in the form of a raised lip around the camera. Although you might want something with a bit more heft if you’re prone to dropping your phone, this case is a neat option if you’re confident in your ability to keep your valuables in good working order and don’t want to do anything to distract from Apple’s original design.

Being so thin, it also works with MagSafe and shouldn’t interfere with wireless charging.

Buy now from Totallee

5. Casetify Bounce Case: Best protection for the iPhone 14 Pro

Price: £77 | Buy now from Casetify

Casetify’s Bounce case is an impressive product that fuses the company’s usual array of cool and quirky designs with some serious heavy-duty protection. It’s not a subtle piece of kit – featuring some sizable bumpers on each corner – nor is it cheap, but it will help reduce the risk of damage and won’t require you to compromise hugely on visual appeal like some other ultra-protective cases.

As you would expect from Casetify, there are heaps of patterns to decide between, from cosmic vistas to colourful animal characters, plus everything in between. With its raised bezel and corners bumpers, this is a case that should have you covered for most eventualities, including a drop from up to 21.3ft. Plus, it’s wireless charging and MagSafe compatible.

Buy now from Casetify

6. Mous Limitless 5.0 MagSafe compatible case: Most unique iPhone 14 case

Price: £50 | Buy now from Mous

If you’re after something with a fairly unique design, Mous’s Limitless 5.0 case is a great choice. It’s completely MagSafe compatible and comes in a range of finishes, with bamboo and walnut being our favourites. What’s cool about this case is that it helps your phone stand out without being overly colourful if that’s not your style. It’s a slim, functional option with more than a touch of class.

Sturdy construction and a raised lip around the camera, plus some grippy portions on the sides, will also help reduce the likelihood of any damage to your phone.

Overall, this is a perfect case if you’re after some decent protection coupled with a sophisticated appearance.

Buy now from Mous