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Nintendo brings Super Mario Run to iPhone 7 with December release date

In a surprise announcement, Nintendo brings Mario to iOS devices. Here's all we know so far about Super Mario Run

Shigeru Miyamoto has just announced that its most famous mascot Super Mario will be coming to iOS devices. Speaking on stage at Apple’s iPhone 7 launch, iOS users will be the first to get their hands on one of Nintendo’s brand-new apps, Super Mario Run.

An auto-runner at heart, Super Mario Run is (presumably) one of the three apps Nintendo previously said would be announced and released during 2016. It’s also worth noting that Miyamoto only said it would be coming to iOS first, not that it was an exclusive, so I’m expecting it will be announced for Android devices as well in due course – most likely for a launch early next year. 

In terms of actual gameplay, Super Mario Run uses the same graphical style as the New Super Mario Bros. games. Mario runs automatically to the right and simple taps will make him jump. The longer you tap, the higher he jumps, which will be key in getting high scores. Later on, certain blocks will be able to change the direction Mario travels, while others will affect your timing.

As with all Mario side-scrolling games, the goal is to get to the end with the highest number of points possible. You’ll be able to play it one-handed too, making it perfect for playing on the tube, or – as Miyamoto was keen to demonstrate – eating an apple (sorry). 

Within the app, you’ll also find a Battle Mode called Toad Rally. This lets you compete against your friends’ scores as well as scores from players around the world. The first thing you do is choose an opponent, and the aim is to try and beat their high score in a set amount of time. Victory is based on how many coins you collect and how many Toads you impress, which appear when you perform daring feats of skill. At the end of Battle Mode, Toadette will appear to give you a score and declrae who won. 

Unlike Nintendo’s other current app, Miitomo, Super Mario Run will be available for a set price, so you don’t need to worry about microtransactions or paying more to keep on playing. In-app purchases will be available, according to Super Mario Run’s app page, but it’s not yet clear what these will involve.

Nintendo didn’t announce how much Super Mario Run will cost yet, but you’ll be able to get your hands on it this Christmas, as it’s due to launch sometime in December. In the mean time, Nintendo will also be releasing a new Super Mario sticker set for iMessage, which will be available with the launch of iOS 10

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