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iPhone 7 colours: Snap up the iPhone X’s predecessor in these dreamy hues

Here are all five iPhone 7 colours

What with the release of the iPhone X, the iPhone 7‘s been relegated as Apple’s flagship. It is, however, still a stellar handset, and at a much more reasonable price. Yes, you’ll have to fare without wireless charging or Facial ID, but at a cut-down price the iPhone 7 is worth some serious consideration. With Christmas just around the corner, the sleek iPhone 7 could make the perfect gift for just about anyone – the romantic (rose gold), the suave (jet black), or the downright brazen (gold). 

If you do decide to go with this highly commendable phone, you have one more decision to make: what iPhone 7 colour do you pick? Here we’ll lay out the five colour options available for the iPhone 7 right now. In no particular order, by the way.

Jet Black

By far the best looking finish you can get, Jet Black is also one of the most fragile. Jet Black iPhone 7’s were hard to get a hold of at launch, and even though they’re more popular now, they still scratch very easily. If like me, you prefer form over function, you’ll always want a Jet Black handset.


The iPhone 7 comes in a conventional Gold colour, but it’s more of a champagne if we’re being honest. Either way, it’s a little flashy, but if you’re spending over £500 on some hardware, you’ve got an excuse.

Like the Rose Gold handset, the antenna lines show up quite a bit on the Gold iPhone 7.


There’s not much to say here, is there? If you go for a silver iPhone 7, your handset won’t stand out, but it’s not something you’ll grow to hate either. Silver has always looked great on Apple products, and that doesn’t change with the iPhone 7.

Rose Gold

If you’re after an interesting new tinge to your iPhone 7, it’s worth checking out Rose Gold. Pictures make it look quite pink, but in reality, it’s a more muted.

The effect? The iPhone’s white antenna lines are quite prominent which isn’t actually a good or a bad thing. They’re pretty much invisible on the silver model, so it’s something to think about.


If you’re after a no-nonsense colour, Black is the one to go for. It makes the iPhone 7’s screen appear to over the rest of the handset, and although it might not be as eye-catching as the other colours here, it’s a solid choice. Unlike Jet Black, the Black iPhone isn’t too prone to scratching either – something to consider for more clumsy owners.

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