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Save £150 on the SIM-free Pixel 3: One of our favourite phones of 2018

The Google Pixel 3 has seen its £739 launch price slashed

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there’s something about the Pixel 3 which is just really satisfying, as phones go. Somehow, Google’s flagship device is greater than the sum of its parts and just feels really nice – from the core Google integration to the superb camera. Plus you get new versions of Android first, of course, which is quite a big selling point.
But despite really liking it as a handset, even I have to concede that £739 is just too much for a phone where the innards are pretty much the same as the earlier flagships from 2018 which are now considerably cheaper. Fortunately, in the Boxing Day Sales, the Pixel has taken a bit of a price tumble, dropping from £739 to £589 at both The Carphone Warehouse and Currys.
That makes it a lot more competitive. Yes, not quite as cheap as you can get the Samsung Galaxy S9 for, but then the Pixel 4 is a lot further off than the Samsung Galaxy S10.
Even at full price, we gave it five stars in our review, with Nathan concluding that “The Pixel 3 is still waving the flag for Android, delivering a further knockout blow to Apple, and it will be rocketing to the top of our smartphone hierarchy very soon.”
The Pixel 3XL is also reduced if you think you need a bigger screen, but with the same innards and a much higher base price it’s still difficult to endorse even with the sales. Still, if you have the extra cash you can get the Pixel 3 XL for £719 – £150 off the RRP.  
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