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Why the Nokia 8.1 and Nokia 3.1 Plus are perfect phones for your kids

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Nokia’s latest handsets offer the perfect blend of features for them and peace of mind for you

We didn’t have smartphones when we were kids, which means that your children are growing up in a very different world to the one you did. A world where the technology lets young, creative minds do things that were impossible when we were young, but with a freedom that can be intimidating to worried parents.
So how do you give your kids the right balance of freedom to enjoy the amazing technology and protection from its worst excesses? Strangely, it’s a 154-year-old brand that may well offer the best balance. In fact, the company probably made your first phone: Nokia.  
After three years away, Nokia is back and it’s making some excellent smartphones for every budget. Now free from making exclusively Windows phones, Nokia is working closely with Google to make some of the most stylish and feature-packed Android phones around.
The Nokia 3.1 Plus and Nokia 8.1 are the Finnish company’s latest, and they’re ideal for your children. This is why:

Great for them

A stylish design that’s sure to turn heads

First off, these are phones that your kids will want to use. Whether you opt for the more-powerful Nokia 8.1 or the entry-level Nokia 3.1, the Finnish company has the same stylish design aesthetic: a precisely crafted metal frame with smooth corners and a slightly curved glass front.  

Versatile cameras for making vivid memories

The Nokia 3.1 Plus and 8.1 both have three cameras each, and while the latter offers a bit more, your kids will be delighted with the results of either – especially for selfies.
The Nokia 3.1 Plus has a wide-angle, 8-megapixel camera for getting more of their friends in shot, while the Nokia 8.1 has an incredible 20 megapixels with enhanced low-light capture for detailed pics whatever the conditions. The 8.1 also includes Nokia’s innovative “Bothie” technology, allowing your kids to capture shots from the front and back cameras at the same time.

No need to worry about space

Unlike some expensive Android handsets, both the Nokia 3.1 Plus and 8.1 offer support for microSD cards of up to 400GB in size, meaning your kids have plenty of space to play with.
But you probably won’t need to splash out on a huge card, because both come with unlimited high-quality uploads to Google Photos, meaning your kids’ snaps can be off the phones and into the cloud, free of charge.

Great for you

But that’s only part of the picture. As a parent, both the Nokia 3.1 Plus and Nokia 8.1 offer some very welcome peace of mind…

Help develop healthy digital habits

Google’s own Family Link app is a great way to instil healthy digital habits in your children. Simply download the app to your child’s Nokia handset and your own phone and you’ll be in control, without limiting their ability to get the most out of their new device.
You’ll have a veto over any apps they download (and what addons can be bought), you can keep tabs on their screen time with handy breakdowns by app, and you can see where they are if you’re worried. You can even apply set times where the phone is locked, so they’re not up all night or uncommunicative at dinner.

The latest Android nasties kept at bay

 The Nokia 3.1 Plus and Nokia 8.1 come with Android One: the purest version of Google’s operating system available. Not only does this mean you won’t be bogged down by useless apps from day one, but you’re guaranteed monthly security updates for two years. In other words, your kid’s phone will be at the front of the queue for malware protection.

They’re always reachable with outstanding battery life

There’s nothing worse than not being able to reach your kids, and Nokia’s long-lasting batteries should ensure that won’t be a problem. Both the Nokia 3.1 Plus and Nokia 8.1 come with big 3,500mAh batteries that promise up to two days’ worth of stamina, so your children should always be reachable when you need to check in.

In other words, both the Nokia 3.1 Plus and Nokia 8.1 offer great features for them and peace of mind for you. Both are available now from the Carphone Warehouse.

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