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Moto G7 Power: Our favourite budget phone is now even cheaper

It was already a bargain at £180, at £130 it’s a no brainer

The Moto G series – barring a brief lapse with the underpar Moto G5 – has always been our budget pick, and this year the company spoiled us with four of them. Conveniently, our favourite happens to be the second cheapest, the Moto G7 Power.
At £180, this offers almost the same performance as the £230 Moto G7, only with an enormous 5,000mAh battery powering everything, hence its name. It’s currently our favourite phone for buyers on a small budget.

Well, it’s now even cheaper. Right now at the Carphone Warehouse, you can buy a Moto G7 Power for £129.99. Yes, you have to buy a £10 EE top-up SIM at the same time, but you can cancel that after using the (reasonably generous) 4GB of data and 100 minutes of talk time, should you wish.
The Moto G7 Power is far better than you have any right to expect from a sub-£200 phone. The Snapdragon 626 processor and 4GB RAM perform admirably, making this a phone that doesn’t chug too often. Gaming performance isn’t amazing, but it’s not terrible either, and should be fine as long as you’re not doing anything too demanding.
The real selling point is the camera, though. We said in our Moto G7 review that it has the best camera in any sub-£300 phone, and the Moto G7 Power’s is barely distinguishable for £60 cheaper.
Oh, and then there’s the battery. That 5,000mAh cell lasted an incredible 26 hours and 22 minutes of video on a loop. So long, in fact, that we had to restart our 20-hour clip.
As I wrote in my review: “The Moto G7 Power may have a lower resolution screen, a (slightly) weaker camera setup and video recording limited to 1080p but the 66% bigger battery is certainly hard to argue with.
“In short, all this for £179 is a complete steal. The Moto G7 is dead, long live the Moto G7 Power.”
For £130 plus a £10 top up, it’s pretty hard to argue with.
Buy now from Carphone Warehouse

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