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iPhone prices slashed in pre-Prime Day sale at Carphone Warehouse

Carphone Warehouse is hosting a pre-Prime Day sale to help you find the iPhone of your dreams

Amazon’s Prime Day bonanza has a curious effect on other retailers. Carphone Warehouse is the latest company to begin rolling out a collection of pre-Prime Day deals; there are savings to be had on a tempting selection of smartphone contracts, particularly if you’re an Apple fan on the market for a new iPhone.

We reckon your best bet is to explore the pay-monthly contracts on Apple handsets from the iPhone 6s to the iPhone XR – there are some great discounts to be found.

We’ve picked out our favourites, but if none of these catch your eye, you can find the full list over at the Carphone Warehouse website. Just don’t forget to select the “total cost of ownership” option on the left-hand side of the page, so you can do some savvy shopping.

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Best pay-monthly deals

1. iPhone XR 64GB – 60GB data for £49/mth, £9 upfront (EE)

This is certainly the best of the high-data pay-monthly deals on Apple’s most popular current-gen handset; 60GB of data is frankly more than anyone could ever possibly need. While you might think £50 per month is a bit steep, the low upfront cost is a huge boon – and after all, this is a handset worth £750.

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2. iPhone 8 64GB – 30GB data for £37/mth, £29 upfront (O2)

Even at 30GB, you’ll never run out of data, but it’s nice to have the security. Apple’s iPhone 8 is still a thoroughly relevant handset, and for £37/mth plus a reasonable upfront fee, this deal from O2 is a nice halfway house between the bookends in price and age offered by the iPhone XR and iPhone 6s.

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3. iPhone 7 32GB – 12GB data for £29/mth, £0 upfront (O2)

If you’re looking to keep the cost down, but don’t want to compromise on the choice of handset, you won’t do much better than this pay-monthly deal on a 32GB iPhone 7 from O2. It’s great value at the outset, but just to sweeten the deal, O2 is offering a £1 discount AND a whopping 9GB of extra data per month over the 24-month period.

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4. iPhone 6s 32GB – 10GB data for £24/mth, £0 upfront (O2)

If that last one was still a bit expensive for you, this £24/mth contract on O2 might be just the ticket. Another pay-monthly contract with added perks, the offer includes an extra 5GB of data, and a discount of £1 per month. Just don’t expect that iPhone 6s to perform miracles.

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