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Reviewer reports new Samsung Galaxy Fold screen defect

After several months, the Galaxy Fold is available to purchase – but one reviewer has already discovered an issue

Samsung definitely doesn’t need a second Galaxy Fold fiasco. By now, we’re all painfully aware of the original story: tech journalists who got their hands on the folding handset back in April swiftly found that an easily removable protective layer was the only thing keeping the Fold’s display from breaking.

The Korean firm cancelled the launch, and spent the ensuing months fixing their phone. It officially relaunched on 19 September in the UK. 

Unfortunately, it looks like Samsung hasn’t quite ironed out every wrinkle. US-based site Tech Crunch reported that after one day of use, a small bubble appeared in the crease of the Galaxy Fold’s display. At under one centimetre across, it’s hardly catastrophic, but it’s existence is sure to cause no end of grief.

Here it is (look closely):

Fortunately for Samsung, the teeny tiny bubble incident remains the only one of its kind. In fact, other reviewers have thus far been complimentary of the Fold, if not a little skeptical of its ability to usher in a new era for the smartphone industry. 

Tech Crunch staff writer Brian Heater reports that the imperfection appeared after around 27 hours of use, under pretty ordinary circumstances (A CVS queue, to be precise). Heater suggests that the issue occurred after repeated application of pressure to the Fold’s fold; Samsung instructs users to handle the display with care, for obvious reasons. 

Ironically, Heater was one of the many journalists to receive press samples of the Fold back in April, and reported no issues with the display at the time. 

Samsung offers a $149 display replacement service for anyone afflicted by Fold screen problems. So far, however, it’s unclear whether the “amorphous blob” found by Tech Crunch is included under the Galaxy Fold warranty terms, which apply to products used within the parameters set in Samsung’s user guide.

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