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The 256GB iPhone 11 is now cheaper than ever

Still pricey, but if you want maximum storage, this is as cheap as it gets

Apple iPhones are never cheap, unless you’re prepared to drop back a generation or two. But in this year’s Boxing Day sales, the iPhone 11 is certainly cheap-er, even if it’s not the dictionary definition of good value.
We’ve already covered the fact that you can get the 64GB iPhone for under £700, but for some people, that may be a little restrictive. A few apps, a couple of Netflix downloads and suddenly you’re bumping up against your capacity. And iPhones don’t let you add more space: what you buy is what you get.
That’s why it’s good news that the 256GB iPhone 11 has also had a £30 reduction. Right now, at John Lewis, you can get the biggest capacity model in black for £849
Yep, it’s still expensive, and this deal certainly won’t be for everyone. But if only an iPhone will do for you, then the iPhone 11 is a good compromise that’s a lot cheaper than the Pro model, without compromising that much of what makes it great. 
As Jon wrote in his review: “Yes, while you certainly can buy an Android phone that can do most of what this can with better battery life and more cameras for the same or less, the iPhone 11 still holds its own when it comes to outright performance and camera quality.”
Yes, the screen and camera performance isn’t as impressive as the Pro model, but otherwise it’s much of a muchness. “It’s miles better than the iPhone XR and not massively more expensive, even now that Apple has reduced the price of the XR to £629,” Jon added.
We’re still some way away from the iPhone 12, so this price is likely as good as it gets iOS lovers for the foreseeable future.
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