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Motorola Edge Plus: Specifications and renders leak ahead of release date

Motorola is planning a return to flagship territory

For phone enthusiasts, Motorola hasn’t exactly gone away, but it has been more prominent at the low to mid-range section of the market. While we have nothing but good things to say about the Moto G8 and E6 series, there hasn’t been a flagship-level phone since the Moto Z3 in 2018 – ludicrously expensive folding Razr aside, of course.

That looks set to change with the Motorola Edge Plus.

Motorola Edge Plus: Everything we know so far

Motorola Edge Plus specifications: What’s rumoured to be inside?

We have a pretty good idea of this because, as often happens, somebody uploaded Geekbench test results without thinking. Unusually, the phone doesn’t have a code name and the listing actually puts the full name in the results:

This, and the impressive multi-core result of 12,378, gives us a pretty clear idea of the specs. You’re looking at a Snapdragon 865 powered phone with a whopping 12GB RAM running Android 10.

This has been built on further by XDA Developers’ Mishaal Rahman, who added that the handset will be a 6.67in device with a 1080p, 90Hz curved display and a battery of over 5,000mAh. He also included a look at the logo, for those that are interested in marketing fonts:

More recently, a collaboration between Onleaks and Pricebaba adds a few more details to this, without contradicting what’s gone before. That battery will be 5,170mAh apparently, and there will be 8- or 12GB RAM variants available.

Motorola Edge Plus design: What will it look like?

Thanks to said collaboration, we also have renders of what the handset will reportedly look like. If they’re accurate, then Motorola has a good looking smartphone up its figurative sleeve.

As you can see from the pictures, the 6.7-inch screen is virtually bezel free and gently curves around the sides. A small pin-hole camera in the top left-hand corner negates the need for a notch of any kind.

The rear of the device houses a slightly raised triple camera and a Motorola logo with LED lighting around it – possibly hinting that it could moonlight as a notification indicator. There’s even room for the now unfashionable 3.5mm headphone jack, which is always a plus in our book.

Motorola Edge Plus price: How much will it cost?

That’s a mystery right now. While Motorola has done a good job of keeping prices competitive at the budget end of the market, there’s no guarantee it’ll manage the same trick with a Snapdragon 665-powered device.

It’s finger in the air stuff, but my guess is that it’ll come in somewhere between £650 and £800. But again I should add that this is pure, unadulterated speculation on my part.

Motorola Edge Plus release: When can you buy one?

No word on this either. But there’s a limit on the amount of time that the Snapdragon 665 will be top of the range for, so you’d imagine it’d be at some point in 2020.
If I were a betting man, I’d say this will emerge by the summer but we’ll have to wait and see – especially with smartphone supply chains disrupted with the ongoing fallout from the coronavirus.

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