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Black Friday deal: iPhone 11 with FREE AirPods Pro

Buy an iPhone 11 with Virgin Media and you can score a freebie of epic proportions

Have you been eyeing up iPhone 11 deals this Black Friday, waiting for the opportune moment to make your move? This is that moment. As a part of its early-ish Black Friday sales event, Virgin Media is running a typically impressive promotion: buy an iPhone 11 on contract with Virgin Mobile and get a free pair of Apple AirPods Pro earbuds.

In case it isn’t quite clear how much of a steal this is, consider this: the AirPods Pro usually cost £249. Even after the recent £50 discount available at Laptops Direct, you’re still taking advantage of a £200 saving; if you’re in need of an iPhone to replace your existing handset, there’s really no reason NOT to take advantage of this deal. 

Buy now from Virgin Mobile

It’s fortunate that Virgin Mobile comes with a solid recommendation from us. We gave it four stars when we reviewed it, praising the competitive prices and high network speeds – Virgin piggybacks on EE’s infrastructure, meaning you benefit from the same strong coverage and industry-leading performance.

The only thing worth watching out for is contract length. Virgin Mobile will try and hook you on a 36-month contract that appears cheaper than its 24-month offerings. Don’t be fooled: a three-year contract is unusual and will for most people be too restrictive. For the most part, however, Virgin Mobile’s 24-month contracts are the same price or cheaper than rivals, so we’d urge you to nab one of those instead. 

No matter which contract you go for, the iPhone 11 must be your phone of choice. And that’s no bad thing: we gave it five stars and a Best Buy award when we reviewed it, complimenting the amazing dual rear cameras, the much-improved battery life and the stellar performance. Sure, it isn’t the latest iPhone, but it remains one of Apple’s best and should be at the top of any iPhone lover’s wishlist. 

Add to this the five stars and Best Buy award we gave the AirPods Pro – Nick Harris-Fry described them as “a brilliant set of headphones” – and you’ve got a fantastic lineup of products, one of which is coming to you completely free of charge. What’s not to love?

Buy now from Virgin Mobile