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Save £20 on the iPhone 12 mini for Cyber Monday

A small saving on the brand new diddy iPhone

The iPhone 12 mini was only released a couple of weeks ago, but you can already make a modest saving on it this Cyber Monday.
At Amazon, you can save £20 on both the 64GB and 128GB black iPhone minis, making them £679 and £729 respectively
Okay, that’s not the biggest discount in the world – Amazon helpfully points out that it accounts to just a 3% reduction – but considering the recent nature of the handset, any discount is worth celebrating. 
What’s slightly more of a problem is that it seems to be back ordered, with Amazon saying it’s “usually dispatched within one to two months” with a projected delivery date of December 23 to January 19 – which is obviously quite a big window. I’d be very surprised if it does take that long, but you never know.
It’s up to you as to whether you can wait or if you’d rather just absorb the extra £20 hit to get it earlier. Alternatively, we’ve seen some pretty decent iPhone 12 mini contracts, including this one featuring 250GB of monthly data on O2 for £41 per month
You’re probably familiar with the iPhone 12 mini if you’re reading this, but just in case you’re not, it’s a hell of a smartphone in a teeny-tiny shell. Despite measuring just 64.2 x 7.4 x 131.5mm and tipping the scales at 133g, the 4.7in iPhone 12 mini has exactly the same internals as the larger iPhone 12, and the same super-fast processor as the iPhone 12 Pro. That means it makes mincemeat out of all Android rivals in terms of benchmarks, and for the first time on an Apple handset you can also benefit from 5G speeds.
As our Head of Reviews Jonathan Bray wrote in his review: “There isn’t anything that’s remotely as good or as small with as good a camera as this on the smartphone market today.”   
And if you can wait a little while, you can save £20 SIM free.
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