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Samsung Galaxy S23 Deal: Get 100GB data and FREE Galaxy Buds2 Pro

Protect your wallet and your peace with this Samsung Galaxy S23 deal that gets you a free pair of noise-cancelling headphones worth £219

If you’re hoping to upgrade to the latest Samsung phone but don’t want to break the bank, this Samsung Galaxy S23 deal is not one to miss. Not only are there no upfront costs and a low cost of £37/mth for 100GB data, but you will also get a free pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro noise-cancelling headphones thrown in.

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Samsung Galaxy S23 hands-on review is the most affordable phone in the S23 range, with the same technical spec as the S23 Plus, minus its bigger battery and screen. While some phone fanatics may want to upgrade to have the biggest screen and best battery life, the majority of users will be perfectly satisfied with the standard S23, especially when you consider that this smaller design will fit easier into jean pockets, smaller hands, and is much lighter to carry around all day.

This specific deal is available on the 256GB model, which retails at £899. Luckily, the lifetime cost of this Vodafone deal is just £888 over 24 months, which means you will essentially get 100GB data for free, £11 off the phone itself, as well as a brand new shiny pair of headphones. If you don’t need 100GB data, you can opt for a 50GB plan, which costs £36/mth, or a 25GB plan for £35/mth, all of which come with the same headphones and no upfront costs.

Freebies can often be disappointing; luckily that’s not the case with the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro, which were described by our reviewer, Andy White, as, “Samsung’s best true wireless earbuds yet.” You would hope so too, considering they retail at a whopping £219. He also said that the headphones are “crammed full of features”, so while we can’t cover them all here, you can check out our full Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro review to uncover the juicy details.

The highlights, however, include a comfortable design, 360 audio and head tracking that help bring music to life and are exclusive to Galaxy devices, as well as improved active noise cancelling compared to its predecessor. These are only a few of the reasons why we awarded the Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro four stars and a recommended award. As a freebie, they’re some of the best you can get alongside a new phone.

No matter how good your phone is, it’s useless without a suitable network provider. Luckily, according to our 2022 Mobile Network awards survey, Vodafone is the third-best UK provider in terms of UK 4G and 5G performance. Its customer service and support have crept up the rankings and it offers a few good mobile phone contracts, as evidenced by this very deal. In our latest Vodafone review, we gave the network a middling three stars, which is less reflective of the network’s performance, but rather the outstanding performance of other networks last year.

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