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Samsung stirs up ‘iSheep’ controversy with new Galaxy teaser video

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World's largest handset maker pokes fun at world's second largest handset maker

Samsung has launched a teaser video, see below, to promote the launch of its new Galaxy smartphone in which potential Galaxy owners are urged to “stand out from … everyone else”. The video frame which includes the last two words is a shot of a field full of bleating sheep, with the obvious implication that owners of rival phones are simply following the crowd. This follows on from previous ads mocking those standing in line to get the latest iPhone.

The teaser starts with a night-time shot of a seaside town with northern lights in the sky above it, and pulls further and further out until whole galaxies are flying by. The text reads, “Truly smart technology becomes a natural part of life. Where a galaxy fits perfectly in your hand.” It ends with the line, “With technology that fits in this easily, you can now stand out from… everyone else.”

The irony is that Samsung is now considered to be the largest phone manufacturer in the world, surpassing Nokia in phone shipments last year and selling more phones than Apple – although the Californian company still makes more profit per phone. It’s clear however that Apple is Samsung’s chief rival going forward, and the ad is a dig at Apple users who have a reputation for being fiercely loyal.

The new Galaxy promises to be a fantastic phone, rumoured to have a powerful quad-core processor, a bright OLED screen and an ultra-thin body. Our only concern is what Samsung has done with the software: the company has a reputation for changing standard Android icons, adding it’s own “TouchWiz” interface on top of the stock Android interface and installing its own software, which can’t be uninstalled. It’s due to be launched in the next few weeks and we’ll have full coverage.

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