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LG G3 Quick Circle case review – hands on: flip covers done right?

We get an early look at the Quick Circle flip cover case for the newly-announced G3 smartphone, and find out why it could be the best of the bunch

LG just revealed the G3 smartphone, but the QHD screen- and laser autofocus camera-packing handset itself wasn’t the whole story; the company also revealed a range of official accessories, including the rather fetching Quick Circle flip cover case. This isn’t just another generic accessory, however; we think LG might have the best flip cover on the market. Find out why below.

First impressions: LG G3 Hands-on review

LG G3 Quick Circle case

No added bulk
There are plenty of third party flip covers for Apple’s iPhone 5s, but all of them add unwanted bulk to the handset. Although the Quick Circle case does add a little extra to the size and weight of the G3, it isn’t significant, and doesn’t spoil the beautiful design. It has a slightly different texture on the back from the G3’s standard metal-like finish, but looks almost identical and still lets you access the phone’s instantly recognisable rear-facing power and volume keys. It replaces the removable back cover, rather than clipping over it, again to save weight and unwanted bulk.

LG G3 Quick Circle case

No cheap perspex
Samsung’s Smart View covers for the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 3 all use a layer of perspex which you have to swipe in order to interact with your device when the cover is closed. This is nowhere near as responsive as touching the screen itself, so LG has done away with the perspex in order to provide the best possible feeling and response. Tapping the screen results in instantaneous feedback, with no need to swipe multiple times to change a track or dismiss a notification. Admittedly it means that particular area of the screen isn’t protected, but with Gorilla Glass protecting the handset it should survive a journey in your pocket or handbag next to your keys.

LG G3 Quick Circle case

Form AND function
Unlike HTC’s Lite Brite-style flip cover case for the HTC One (m8), the Quick Circle case lets you access the phone’s functions without flipping open the cover – as well as providing at-a-glance notifications, time and weather information. The default screen shows this information, illuminating when you tap the screen or press the rear-facing sleep button, but tapping it again will take you to a circular menu which lets you do a whole lot more without opening the cover.

LG G3 Quick Circle case

From here you can control music playback, take photos, check unread text messages, review your call logs, make and receive calls, and check on your exercise, with daily step totals counted by the G3’s built-in accelerometer. The circle motif is carried across from the flat UI custom Android interface, and looks slick through the circular viewport.

LG G3 Quick Circle case

The Quick Circle case should be arriving at the same time as the G3 handset itself, meaning some time in July for us here in the UK – LG has yet to announce specific dates, or an estimated price, but if you’re looking to keep that stunning QHD resolution screen safe from scratches, it could be worth the investment when the phone finally goes on sale.

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