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Motorola MotoLuxe review

Motorola MotoLuxe
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Motorola takes a middle line between the tough DEFY and the sleek RAZR

We’ve been big fans of Motorola’s handset range of late, with both the Motorola Defy+ and Motorola RAZR winning awards. We were keen then to get our hands on the upcoming Motorola MotoLuxe, a reasonably priced handset with a couple of distinctive features.

The MotoLuxe isn’t an expensive super phone, and you won’t have to wait ages to get your hands on one either, they should be shipping imminently on contract for under 20GBP per month.

Motorola MotoLuxe

The handset may not be expensive but it doesn’t make any serious sacrifices. There’s a [CORRECTION] single-core processor, which runs at a very-modest 800MHz, and the 4in display has a reasonable 854×480 resolution. There’s a front-facing camera for video chat, and an 8-megapixel front facing one for snaps.

The exterior is wrapped in a curvaceous soft black finish, making it easy and comfortable to grip. The rear is largely comprised of a single metal-backed plate, which slides down to reveal a 1,400mAh battery. Given the low clock speed, this should last for some time.

Motorola MotoLuxe

At the bottom left is a slot that cuts through the phone, you could either use this to attach the handset to something larger (to secure it) or to hang whatever you wish from it to decorate your phone. The MotoLuxe’s notification light is built into the slot, so it glows different colours to inform you of messages and the like.

Motorola MotoLuxe

Disappointingly, the handset will be shipping with Android 2.3.5, with an update to Android 4.0 in the very near future (no date yet though). Some customisations have been made, most notably an app that provides a ‘pile’ of most-used contacts which switch places dynamically based on how much you call, text or share with them.

Motorola MotoLuxe

A handset like the MotoLuxe will live or die based on its price. Given the early indications on this we can see it doing quite well, as it feels great in the hand and though not the fastest handset, feel goes a long way at lower prices.

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