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Uncharted: Golden Abyss (PS Vita) review

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More death-defying leaps and gun-based diplomacy from cheeky chappy Nathan Drake. It's a great example of the Vita's potential


Graphically, Golden Abyss is easily among the top three best-looking Vita games. Character models look stunning, levels stretch off into the distance and water effects glisten in the sunlight. There are a few noticeable gaps in the visual spectacle, most notably the static skyboxes and single-texture background landscapes, but for the most part it’s incredibly absorbing. This is an even bigger success than it initially appears, as it’s a launch title – usually it takes several development cycles to create something as visually impressive as this. We’ve got high hopes for the future of the console if this is what we can expect from developers on their first attempt.

Uncharted Golden Abyss

We were also impressed with sound quality – each character has been fully voiced, including Nolan North’s perfect presentation of Drake, and the sound effects pop out of the Vita’s speakers. They sound even better through a decent pair of headphones, so we’d definitely recommend using some when playing.

It isn’t perfect – the newly introduced supporting characters aren’t quite as lovable (or evil) as in previous games, and there’s a much greater emphasis on collecting objects and taking pictures rather than purely focusing on a well-told story, but Golden Abyss is still a blast to play, either in short bursts or long sessions.

Considering how much of a spectacle the PS3 Uncharted games have become, it’s difficult not to want more from Golden Abyss. Even though it’s an impressive technical achievement to squeeze such a large adventure onto a handheld console, the lack of huge set-pieces feel more like a step back for the series. However, if you’re a die-hard fan of Nathan Drake, this is still going to top your list of must-have Vita games.

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