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Best Nintendo Switch case 2021: Keep your Switch, Switch OLED and Switch Lite safe with these brilliant travel cases


Your Nintendo Switch deserves the best. Here's our pick of the safest, most durable and best-looking Nintendo Switch, OLED and Lite cases

So, you’ve just bought a Nintendo Switch, Switch OLED or Switch Lite. Congratulations, you’ve made a fantastic purchase – Nintendo’s latest console is a brilliant platform, whether you’re at home or on the go. However, portability comes with risks: when your Switch isn’t sat snugly in its dock by your TV, you’ll want to keep it protected in a sturdy Nintendo Switch case.

As with any purchase, there are a few things to note, and some questions you’ll want to ask yourself. The first one is just how much you want to be carrying with your Nintendo Switch: some pouches let you take the kitchen sink with you, whereas others just protect the Switch console itself so you can chuck it in a bag with little concern. After that, it’s really just the matter of whether you want a soft or hard Switch case, and how many game cards you’d like to carry around with you. It's also worth noting that the new Switch OLED shares exactly the same dimensions as the original Switch, so it should fit in existing cases.

Thankfully, you don’t have to think too long and hard about buying the right case for you – because we’ve put together a list of our favourite Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite cases available in the UK right now.

The best Nintendo Switch cases

1. Official Switch Accessory Set: Best all-round Switch case

Price: £17 | Buy now from Nintendo

You can’t go wrong with the official Switch carry case from Nintendo. Bundled as part of the Nintendo Switch Accessory Set, this soft-shell case comes with a built-in Switch stand, a soft fabric lining and a divider to keep your screen protected while transporting your console. It also has a mesh pouch, which can store a couple of Joy-Con straps, and space for up to five Switch game cartridges. It comes with a Hori screen protector too, ensuring your screen stays scratch-free.

2. Waterfield Designs Slip Case: Best Nintendo Switch Lite case

Price: $59 (£48) l Buy now from Waterfield Designs

Following the launch of the slimmed-down Switch Lite, you're going to want an appropriate-sized case for Nintendo's dinky handheld – the regular cases are simply too big. Thankfully, Waterfield Design's new range of Switch Lite Slip Cases are just the ticket, with a plush inner lining for added screen protection and two interior pockets for game cards, charging cables, headphones and the like. Available in a variety of colours, the Slip Case is coated in a water- and stain-repellant 'Nanotex' finish, for added peace of mind while you're out and about.

Buy now from Waterfield Designs

3. Waterfield Designs Pouch: Best pouch case

Price: $49 (£34) | Buy now from Waterfield Designs

Successfully melding style and practicality is no mean feat, but this simple pouch from Waterfield Designs (a familiar face in this roundup) manages it very well indeed. Available for both Switch and Switch Lite in a variety of different materials, this pouch is fairly straightforward: it has a main pocket for your precious console plus a second slot for game cartridges or even a spare pair of Joy-Cons/Joy-Con straps. The main pocket is lined with a soft, plush fabric that cushions your device and keeps the screen looking fresh.

Buy now from Waterfield Designs

4. Hori Switch Tough Pouch: Best slim hard case

Price: £25 | Buy now from Amazon

If protection is your number one concern, the Hori Switch Tough Pouch could be the answer. It’s hardy enough to keep your Switch safe from bumps and knocks - yet also slimmer than most other hard cases on the market. This means you can’t store much more than you’d be able to in the Official Nintendo Switch carry case – a couple of Joy-Con straps and five games – but it’s a stylish and hardy case that ensures your console will remain safe.

5. Waterfield Designs City Slicker Case: Best luxury Switch case

Price: $79 (£62) l Buy now from Waterfield Designs

San Francisco-based Waterfield Designs offers a wide range of premium, leather-bound Switch cases. They aren't the cheapest cases, not by a long shot, but there's a wide variety of cases on offer, suiting every need. Our particular favourite is the luxurious City Slicker case – it's the best looking of the bunch, with a lavish leather exterior (with a choice of four colours), plush interior, optional game card holders and a zip pocket at the back for extra cables. Not only is your Switch well-protected, but there's simply nothing else quite as stylish as this.

Buy now from Waterfield Designs

6. Subsonic All in One Armour Case: Best Switch case for those who leave nothing behind

Price: £17.38 | Buy now from Amazon

Subsonic’s All in One Armoured carry case is ideal for those who like to take it all with them. Capable of carrying your Switch, Joy-Cons, Joy-Con Grip, power pack, spare USB Type-C cable and five games, it’s the most capacious of the carry cases on our list. Inevitably, therefore, it’s also one of the bulkiest: if you’re happy to chuck your case in a bag and head out, it’s fine, but if you’re looking for something handheld, this might not be the case for you.

7. RDS Industries Traveller Deluxe Case: Best Switch case for the damage-conscious

Price: £20 | Buy now from Amazon

RDS Industries’ case is slightly bulkier than the Hori Tough Pouch, but it offers even sturdier protection against bumps and drops. It also comes with two game-card storage cases, so you can carry up to eight game cards at once - plus two spare microSD cards for those who use multiple cards for their Switch.

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