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Best patio heater 2021: Keep yourself cosy with our pick of the warmest patio heaters available to buy this Black Friday


Our pick of the best patio heaters available to buy in the UK to keep you warm as the weather starts getting cold

Whether you're looking for a traditional gas patio heater, an electric one or a discreet wall-mounted one, we've compiled a list of the best patio heaters available to buy. The good news is that many of our favourite models are still in stock as the weather is still relatively warm.

We highly recommend investing in a good patio heater today because as it starts getting colder, our top-rated models tend to quickly go out of stock, which means you'll either have to wait weeks until fresh stock arrives, or be forced to settle for lesser-rated units that we don't recommend.

Last winter saw a surge in demand for patio heaters as lockdown rules relaxed, allowing groups of people to meet safely indoors, where patio heaters were your only respite from the evening chill. As you may have heard, staying outdoors is also a great way to lessen your chance of contracting the virus that's soon becoming part of our everyday lives.

With our guide to buying a patio heater, a variety of great deals and picks of the best buys on the market, you’re sure to now find a heater to suits your needs and budget with ease.

The Luxeva Carbon Infrared patio heater is now just £105 for Black Friday

Our favourite small patio heater, the Luxeva Carbon Infrared, is currently discounted as part of Amazon's Black Friday sale. Previously costing£160, you can now pick up this compact heater for just £105.
Was £160
Now £105

Big discount on the Devola Electric Infrared this Black Friday

In the roundup below, we name the Devola Electric Infrared as the best wall-mounted patio heater that you can buy, and right now you can pick one up at a discount in Amazon's Black Friday sale. Previously £150, this heater will now cost you just £115.
Was £150
Now £115

The best electric patio heater is now even cheaper for Black Friday

With adjustments for height and heat settings, the Freestanding Electric Quartz took the crown as our favourite electric patio heater, and now you can add well-priced to the list of positives thanks to Primrose's Black Friday sale. Previously £60, one of these freestanding heaters will now set you back just £50.
Was £60
Now £50

Best patio heater: At a glance

How to choose the best patio heater for you

Patio heaters are available in several types. The simplest options are typical electric models, as they quickly heat up and don’t usually require professional installation. A gas heater will warmer a larger area, but these can be more finicky as they require you to deal with fuel canisters, plus they have higher running costs.

Then there are solid fuel burners, which are generally more aesthetically pleasing and atmospheric but aren’t very family-friendly from a safety perspective and often will produce large quantities of smoke, which can be irritating. There’s a good spread of different designs to choose from too. The most popular types are:

Freestanding heaters: Often seen in the outdoor areas of pubs and restaurants, this type of heater is usually quite tall and heavy, with a compartment in the base for a gas canister. Some have wheels to make them more manoeuvrable; you can also get more lightweight electric models, though these don’t give off as much heat, and of course, require a nearby electric socket (or extension cable).

Tabletop heater: Small, transportable heaters of this type can be either electric or gas-fuelled, with the latter having a compartment to hold the tank. They’re convenient, but they won’t give you as much heat as a free-standing unit – and again, if you go for an electric model, you’ll need a nearby electricity supply.

Mounted heater: A mounted heater usually attaches to a wall (inside or out), so it’s a sturdy long-term solution, though obviously once it’s installed you can’t move it around. You can also get heaters that attach to a parasol pole, so everyone around the table stays warm.

Hanging heater: If you don’t have a suitable wall to attach a heater to, a hanging design could be the solution. Most are electric and are intended to be suspended from the roofing over a deck or a conservatory.

Freestanding fire pits and chimineas: Simple fuel-burning heaters that come in a variety of traditional and modern designs. Some are portable, so you can easily take them on camping trips and picnics. These are the least safe types of heater, however, thanks to the naked flames and hot casings – something to bear in mind, especially if you have young children.

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Best patio heaters to buy

1. Freestanding Electric Quartz Bulb Patio Heater: The best electric patio heater

Price: Single for £65 | Set of two for £120

Most patio heaters are only meant to be used outdoors, but this twin set from Primrose UK is IPX4-rated meaning you can safely use it both indoors and outdoors. You can either buy one unit individually or purchase them as a set if you need to heat a larger space. The unit is sturdy, easy to carry and well made, with an adjustable head that can be tilted by 45-degrees. The heater has an energy-efficient bulb with up to 2,500 hours lamp life and its costs less than 10p an hour to use, making it highly cost-efficient.

The best feature of these electric patio heaters is that you can adjust their height from 5ft 9inch up to 6ft 11in and they have three heat settings depending on how much warmth you need. At present, if you order these patio heaters, you can expect to receive them within a few days, which is faster than most other heaters. We've listed both buying options in case one goes out of stock.

Key specs – Dimensions: 47cm x 50cm x 174-210cm (Adjustable height); Type of heater: Freestanding; Type of fuel: Electric

Buy set of two now

Buy single now

2. Outdoor Gas Patio Heater: The best gas patio heater

Price: £150 | Buy now from eBay

Among all the patio heaters available to buy, there seems to be a higher demand for gas patio heaters. This is not surprising given the value for money they provide in keeping larger spaces warmer for longer periods of time. With relaxed lockdown rules, a heater like this is probably your best option to host friends and family in your backyard or garden long after its dark and cold outside.

Among all the gas patio heaters that we've featured on this page, this unit seems to be in stock the most. It comes with a one-year warranty and there are a range of different credit and debit card payments options available. The pyramid-shaped metal heater itself weighs 17kg and comes with a gas regulator and hose. The unit also comes with a free cover to protect your heater from outside elements, including UV rays, rain, snow, dust and wind.

Key specs – Dimensions: 46cm x 46cm x 221cm; Type of heater: Freestanding; Type of fuel: Gas

Buy now from eBay

3. Dawoo Fire Pit with BBQ Grill: The best fire pit

Price: £90 | Buy now from Amazon

This fire pit can also be used as a BBQ grill. It has a nice 32in wide tabletop square design with space around the pit for your food or drinks, and the unit comes with a secure mesh lid to prevent embers blowing, and a poker that can be used to remove the lid and stroke the wood or charcoal.

The Dawoo Fire Pit needs some basic assembly out of the box, but it’s easy to follow using the manual provided. The heat-resistant basin is able to withstand temperatures of 500 degrees celsius, making it an ideal option for barbeque, roasts or even just to sit around the pit. The unit also comes with a range of waterproof accessories to ensure that it doesn’t rust.

Key specs – Dimensions: 81cm x 81cm x 45cm; Type of heater: Fire pit; Type of fuel: Wood and logs

Buy now from Amazon

4. Luxeva Carbon Infrared Thermostat: The best patio heater for smaller spaces

Price: £180 | Buy now from Amazon

If you’re looking to stay outside in your balcony or conservatory longer during the colder months, then you should consider buying this Luxeva Carbon Infrared floor heater because it can be used safely both indoors and outdoors. People who have used it say that it instantly starts delivering heat, unlike other units that usually take a while to start dispensing it.

Its 2000W capacity means that it can heat up a small room in minutes and the fact that it weighs means 6kg means that you can swap it between rooms or outdoor areas quickly depending on where you need the most heat. It’s definitely more efficient than a radiator and its powerful gusts of air and efficient design means that it can be a good replacement for other outdoor heaters that aren’t as versatile.

Key specs – Dimensions: 7.5cm x 18.5cm x 98cm; Type of heater: Freestanding; Type of fuel: Electric

Buy now from Amazon

5. Devola Electric Patio Heater: The best wall-mounted patio heater

Price: From £155 | Buy now from Amazon

This outdoor and indoor patio heater from Devola comes in three different power wattages - 1,200W, 2,000W and 2,400W - so you can buy the one that best suits your patio, balcony or garden. Its four-heat settings can be controlled remotely via Wi-Fi via a timer and you can even set a child-lock if you want. The entire unit is waterproof IP65-rated to protected it against outdoor elements and it comes with a two-year warranty to guarantee peace of mind.

The heater also comes with a few smart features, including a mode where it will automatically turn on when a moving object is detected, based on changes in the ambient temperature and automatically shut down when the temperature drops below a few degrees. This is useful if you're using it indoors and you've mistakenly forgotten to close a window. The app lets you set a shutdown timer in 1-24hr increments, which is handy if you need to warm up an area before you actually use it.

Key specs – Dimensions: 8cm x 87cm x 16cm; Type of heater: Wall-mounted; Type of fuel: Electricity

Buy now from Amazon