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Football Manager 2017 release date CONFIRMED – plus how to play the game two weeks early

Football Manager 2017 release date CONFIRMED

Bad news... there's still a bit of a wait for the Football Manager release date

I’ve got a flight to New Zealand coming up in a few months. Usually, I’d be dreading the 32-hour journey. However, with the Football Manager 2017 release date on the way, I’m oddly looking forward to sitting on a plane and not interacting with real humans for 1.5 days straight (while grazing on airplane food/booze). Perfect. With some decent work in the transfer market, I’m hoping I can Sheff Wed to the Europa League by the time I touch back down in Heathrow after Christmas.

I digress.

What I’m trying to say is: I’m excited about this charming little video game. Even though Sports Interactive, the game’s developer, hasn’t said anything revealed a single new feature about the game. But, I’ll come to that later. First…

Football Manager 2017 release date

Friday 4th November, 2017- that’s the official word from the developers. It’s also worth noting that a slimmed-down version of game is expected be released on the Apple and Android app stores a couple of months later too.

If you were wondering… there are two reasons why FM 2017 comes out after the season starts. First is that the transfer window isn’t closed when the football season starts, meaning the game would be almost immediately out of date as soon at it launched. The second is due to game testing. Football Manager is essentially a data-management game. Consider the sheer amount of data that needs to be inputted after the transfer window closes. Releasing a game 9-weeks later is a good turnaround.

How to get Football Manager 2017 two weeks early

If you’re a super fan of the game you can pre-order the game here and automatically qualify to try a beta version of the game two weeks before it goes on general sale. Currently, it’s unclear if you can carry your data/progress over to the full version of the game once it’s released. Let us know in the comments section below if you have any info on this.

Football Manager 2017 new features

As I mentioned above, there’s been precisely nothing said on this subject yet. However, like anyone else who has recently played the game, I find the new features tend to be more gimmicky than revolutionary. The most important thing is still to buy the right players and develop a wicked formation. Oh and sensible squad rotation.

The last few releases of Football Manager has seen new features that focus on the effects of a manager’s personality on the game. Encouraging users to consider if they prefer a tracksuit or tactical manager style, having to go through actual job interviews and pondering post-match press comments and the effect their words will have on the team.

It’s safe to assume Sports Interactive will continue with this theme as it tries to persuade users to spend another £35 on a new version of the game.

The one snippet of information that has been confirmed is that, as before, there will be a light version of Football Manager bundled in with full game. This will be called Touch and it’s aimed at fans of the game who aren’t unable to dedicate several hours of their day to the game anymore, because, life.

We expect the developers to release some details about the game’s new features closer to the release date. When that does happen, rest assured that we’ll be straight into our website’s CMS to frantically update this article with the news.

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