Draytek Vigor120 review

Kat Orphanides
28 Mar 2010
Draytek Vigor120
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This simple modem does exactly what it's supposed to – it's just a shame it isn't cheaper.


Although ADSL is the most popular type of internet connection in the UK, its users often have to wait a long time for compatible routers which support the latest features - like dual-band wireless. One alternative is to use a stand-alone modem, such as Draytek's Vigor120 ADSL, which you can combine with any router you want.

All you need to do is connect the ADSL port to a phone socket via an ADSL microsplitter (not provided) and connect the 10/100 Ethernet port to the WAN input on your router (or directly to a single PC if you prefer). A simple web interface allows you to enter the account details for your ADSL connection.

Buying two devices to do the job of one is understandably more expensive. In fact you can get a fully-featured ADSL router for the same price as this modem. For this reason it won't appeal to most people, even if you only have one PC you need to connect to the internet. Still, it's good choice for home or business users who require specialist routers that aren't available with built-in ADSL.